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 Post subject: A Hero strikes a blow against the Infernal
PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:03 am 
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From the fireside tales of Astra Tonsoria Ursula.


Blocking the flames with her tower shield, Astra protects the others as much as possible.

"I'll hold him while you slip past," and steps up to meet the challenge, manifesting a Gladius of Light. Holding the creatures gaze in a classic dueling position she waits for it to commit while the others bypass it through the Kazorlith gauntlet.

One moment passes, then another, then striking without thought, the Gladius of Light shifts and strikes, passing through its weapon, yet failing to hit the creature. Its mighty blow that started the attack, crumples upon Astra's shield parry, causing a large crack to appear. While it recovers, she follows up with a kick and readies for another attack.

Waiting for it to strike first, Astra easily avoids this blow in its entirety and steps in for another strike which scores its belly and a green ichor drips burns into the ground in smoky wisps. Forgoing defence this time, she spins and strikes at its eyes barely scratching it enough for a single drop to touch its left eye, reducing its vision.

Another mighty blow swings wide giving the opening that her previous offensive attack tried to make. Lunging forward a light gash opens in its thigh and Astra spins around its left flank into a blind spot and Stabs upwards where the energy disappears up to the fist. Not yet mortally wounded it swings a claw behind it and slides around Astra's shield as she was not defending as she should. The gong of striking armour is the only thing keeping Astra standing.

With fatigues setting in on both duelists, a final swing from both will decide the issue. The Demonius' blade comes down in a high overhead strike as Astra's higher quickness snakes her glowing blade towards its mouth. A slight miscalculation causes her fist to ricochet off its jaw instead.

Finding it worked more effectively last time, the Demonius attempts to grab her, but the counterstroke deflects the claw enough to prevent this change of tactic. The fiend tries to backswing and drives Astra to her knees. One final strike of Fate from Astra removes the creatures hand as she attempts to pull its sword from her shoulder before collapsing, vanquished atop her also vanquished foe.

From a current pbp game on Mythweavers.
OOC: Oops, probably shouldn't have attempted that with only 18 stamina to start with...

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