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Folly and Fortune pt. 7

Talendos and Vincens looked at each other, one shrugging to the other having no clue what just occurred nor why.

The darkness spread out a few feet more and from it emerged a large, dark skinned, leg shortly followed by a pair of clawed hands grasping the darkness, spreading it as the creature forced itself out, revealing a twenty foot tall infernal once it stood fully erect. Its presence destroyed part of the structures from where the demon emerged from, its hair blazed wildly like a rabid fire heat could be felt from its location. The smell of brimstone engulfed the immediate area. It looked down on the Elorii and Val as it grinning heinously. ‘Thank you, Cadican. Were it not for your accidentally precise strike, I would have remained an eternal slave to that prison of a bracer. For that, I shall ensure you quick and painless deaths.’ Its grin widened into a maleficent smile.

Talendos and Vincense looked at each other again. With a nod, they both lunged at the beast. Using the local structures and buildings about, they leaped up, ready to strike. The infernal raised its hand and slapped them both in mid leap, slamming them both forcefully onto the ground. It bellowed a hearty, evil, laugh as it did so. ‘Now what, diminutive ones?’ it taunted.

‘Your name, foul one, what it is? I wish to know who we face.’ demanded Vincens.

‘It is barely pronounceable in your tongues, but I shall indulge you as you will not live long enough to benefit from it. You face Kiztzetamuragoriianikumundrelak. Now, come to me, it will be less terrifying if you do so.’ the beast replied arrogantly.

‘You didn’t listen well, did you Kiztameowgorilla-whatever?’ Talendos teased.

The demon looked curiously at the Elorii.

‘I said you didn’t listen well and it’s going to cost you demon, for you see …’

‘Enough of your banter.’ the demon interrupted, raising its arm once more, swiftly striking down on Talendos and Vincens. Its mid-swing began to slow down more and more till it stopped short of its intended target, the sounds of rattling could be heard as ethereal chains appeared and wrapped themselves around the infernal repeatedly, slowing it dead in its tracks.

‘As I was saying, you don’t listen well. I did say I never am alone.’ closed Talendos, as Dessa val’Mehan made her appearance, hand held out gesturing holding onto some sort of invisible reigns or sorts. ‘He’s a tough one’, she stressed, ‘I don’t know how long I can hold him.’

‘Sariiisshaaaan’ the creature cursed, focusing its hateful gaze on the val’Mehan.

‘Do this old school?’ Vincens addressed Talendos. The Elorii nodded back. Both the val and Elorii wasted no time, both taking advantage of the creature being bound. They landed several well placed strikes on its legs. The demon howling in pain from the barrage both of them performed on it.

The demon once again focused on Dessa. ‘You’re going to need more than that, SARISHAN!!’ it yelled, breaking some of the chains forced on it and charging toward the she who would dare bind it down. Its movement thwarted as Vincens hamstrung its left leg.

‘Where do you think you’re going? We’re your targets, or are you afraid of us now, Frightened Kizzy Cat.’ Talendos taunted hard.

‘You will pay for that, snake-slave. I shall slowly feast on your flesh as I dine on your soul.’ It spun about and slammed its fists where Talendos stood. The Elorii dodging easily as the beast’s swiftness was still hampered by the Sarishan’s chains.

Vincens quickly closed in, spinning about as he sliced deeply into the demon’s leg, followed by a second slice as he concluded his spin. Talendos ran up the infernal’s arm, leaping off backwards off its shoulders as the creature attempted to swat him in mid-air. As he dove back, he threw his blade at him landing square in the foul being’s eye. It roared in pain, grasping its eye. ‘You will pay for that, Elorii!!’ attempting to pull out the sword in its eye. Talendos whispered ‘Osalian’ as he landed. A bolt of lightning thundered down onto the creature’s eye, bursting it to oblivion. Its black, ichor-like, blood spilling throughout the ground, steam rose where it landed. The creature roared even louder in pain. ‘I WILL KILL YOU, ELORII!!’ it yelled even more fiercely.

‘Do it, Dessa, now!’ yelled Vincens.

The val’Mehan began a series of chants. The chains changing into some sort of wrapping, as if mummifying the demon. Still in pain, it laughed a little, looking at Talendos as the wrappings covered the last parts of it. ‘The Ever-Gorger comes.’ As the the wrappings completely covered the beast, they changed to a black’ish hue, fading the infernal into nothingness.

‘Phew! That was a mean one!’ Dessa claimed exhaustingly.

Vincens looked back at the Elorii. ‘What is it with you? You’re a magnet for trouble, Lanky.’

Talendos chuckled ‘You know me, Twinkles, I make new “friends” all the time.’ as he moved over to recover his blade.

‘How did you know we’d be here?’

‘I didn’t. I lead them here in hopes to get the attention of some of the locals. I was fortunate that it happen to be you two. Much to their folly, I can’t say the same of those two.’

‘I swear, the Fickle Mistress favors you too much sometimes. The human race would be envious if they witnessed it as much as we have. So what brought all this about?’

Talendos took several minutes to recant the tale of events that have lead up to this moment.

‘Who ... what is this "Ever-Gorger" it spoke of?’

‘No clue, Vincens. It is the first time I hear that name mentioned. However, my instincts tell me it won't be the last.’

‘Your brother?’ reacted Dessa. ‘You never spoke much of your family except for that one time when we went to Canceri that many years ago.’

Vincens shook his head ‘You need a new travel agent, Lanky. Your current one is terrible.’

‘Agreed!’ added Dessa, ‘Maybe then we can all take that vacation we all talked about back then. “Diznee” was it?’

Talendos chuckled and nodded as he begun to walk off.

‘Leaving so soon?’ Vincens inquired. ‘I was going to invite you to my next concert.’

‘Don’t torture me like that, Twilight Lyrist.’ the Elorii teased, ‘Besides, I have to go meet a member of your order.’

Vincens looked at Talendos curiously. ‘Meranis and Tiberious are not in town, Talendos.’

‘Not that order, your other one.’ as he waved at them both. ‘See you at the concert, just don’t blow out my ears.’

‘Talendos …. borrow my sword.’ handing off a sheathed blade toward the Elorii’s direction.

The Elorii genuinely smiled and set off to his next destination …

The End (to be expanded)

(Many Thanks to Hat and his wife for granting permission to use their characters in this story. 8-) )

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