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Legion of Unyielding Courage questions
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Author:  Gnomie [ Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Legion of Unyielding Courage questions


1. How long ago (from the current age) did they become trapped behind the Godwall?
2. How long did the dwarves survive without going back to their enclave? (It mentions "age rapidly", "even as centuries passed" and "as their dwarven ancestors were over a thousand years ago".)

Based on the statements in the book (page 373 of the Campaign Setting), if it was indeed 1000 years ago, and all the dwarves have been gone... How are there gnomes (sterile if memory serves from the previous campaign and only living to roughly 50)?

Reason I am asking is, the party I am GMing has been trapped behind the Godwall due to a natural disaster hitting as they were getting ready to travel thru a Portal of Anshar. The party and a group of two dozen NPCs wound up on an island in the Sea of Tears (it was a random roll to see where they went as the tsunami washed them into the portal, yes yes, I know a Portal is tuned by the Cleric of Anshar, the portal was discovered when the earthquake hit and it was active already.). Story plot story plot story plot, they are going to make it to Giant's Keep...

Thanks in advance.

Author:  The Vault [ Sat Dec 07, 2019 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Legion of Unyielding Courage questions

The current year in the campaign is 1075.
The wall was raised in year 0. The raising of the wall began the counting of the current calendar.

Codex Arcanis page 163 wrote:
The Dwarves soon discovered to their horror that they would age rapidly if they had not basked in the blood-red glow every decade or so.

The Campaign Setting says dwarves live to about 350 years
Elebac a Solani Mor dwarf was over five centuries in the year 1025. He felt he was nearing the end of his live in 1025. And he's still alive and in the First City today (1075)

So if you assume the Dwarves bathed in the glow of the Heartstone earlier that year (year 0). Then were trapped, they would have aged normally for about 10 years, then quickly they would have died out.

Gnomes are not sterile, but their looks and social standing in every nation make it so they won't find companionship easily. Giantskeep is the opposite of course, the gnomes were the rock stars of that city as they had sacred blood within them. I would assume they would not have trouble finding a husband or wife.

Plus you can throw in the random "emigration" from a nearby city (Bastion), nation (Haina), or prison (Lordship of Iron) leads to a very stable population, for gnomes to be present when your party gets to Giant's Keep.

Legacy of Damnation give the population as 9839 (humans 98%, gnomes 2%)
I hope this helps.

Author:  Gnomie [ Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Legion of Unyielding Courage questions

Thank you.
I am not sure where I got the idea that gnomes were sterile. That was what was hanging me up the most.
Legacy of Damnation. Shoot, I never thought to pull that down of my shelf and look into it. After re-reading it, it looks like there is a possibility that all the gnome offspring in Giantskeep are from Empet's line. I imagine there could be some other gnomes in the Sealed Lands, but I would think that would be very rare.

Knowing that there are indeed gnomes, I can go ahead with my original plan. The party and survivors meet up with a scouting party of gnomes. They get trapped at a small outpost and the whole group (party and survivors) will be taught some legionnaire tactics to fight off the invading infernals. From there they will make it to Giant's Keep.

Or something else will pop into my head and I will change it at the last minute. I have a week after all...

Thanks again!

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