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ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"
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Author:  Dante [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"

I've converted the game stats from "Temptations of the Flesh" Part One for ARPG. The original adventure was for D&D 3rd edition as part of Living Arcanis d20 Year One, but I've converted the game stats for Part One for the ARPG.

If anyone (individual or PCI) would like a copy of these stats, I'd be happy to share. Just private message me. Note that I'll give you a copy of only the game stats, and you still need to get a copy of the adventure, such as from PCI's Year of Ill Harvest paperback collection of Year One adventures. "Temptations" is a role-playing heavy adventure with some really good scenes. I modified the final encounter to incorporate some concepts from Part Two since my home campaign will not go through the whole second part.

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