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ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"
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Author:  Dante [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"

I've converted the game stats from "Temptations of the Flesh" Part One for ARPG. The original adventure was for D&D 3rd edition as part of Living Arcanis d20 Year One, but I've converted the game stats for Part One for the ARPG.

If anyone (individual or PCI) would like a copy of these stats, I'd be happy to share. Just private message me. Note that I'll give you a copy of only the game stats, and you still need to get a copy of the adventure, such as from PCI's Year of Ill Harvest paperback collection of Year One adventures. "Temptations" is a role-playing heavy adventure with some really good scenes. I modified the final encounter to incorporate some concepts from Part Two since my home campaign will not go through the whole second part.

Author:  Rikus68 [ Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"

I’ve just discovered this story arc and I’m excited to tell it’s story. If you still have the conversion notes lying around I’d be grateful if you could send me a copy. I wasn’t sure how you would handle the hobgoblins as there aren’t any in either bestiary and I didn’t know if they were a thing in ARG Arcanis.

Author:  val Holryn [ Thu Sep 02, 2021 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ARPG stats for "Temptations of the Flesh"

Traffic on these forums are almost dead. I check in maybe once a month. Must have just missed your post last time through.

Hobgoblins are no longer a thing in Arcanis and should generally be replaced with Gar. I honestly don't feel like the gar are likely to have something like Fleshripper though. So I recommend replacing them with human poachers or highwaymen. Or maybe hyennamen if you want to stay non-human.

If you don't have it yet you'll probably want the ARG Bestiary 1 since the rules for building foes & appropriate encounters from scratch is in it.

There are Arcanis groups in FB and Discord that get a lot more traffic than this site. I don't do FB so the recommendation is pretty easy for me. Try:

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