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 Post subject: HP2-6 The Price of Honor - rewards
PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:12 pm 

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Is it possible for a group to get 'Ys Nasha’s reward' and 'Isul Khan Daxio’s reward'?

It seams that both have the same goal.

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 Post subject: Re: HP2-6 The Price of Honor - rewards
PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:16 pm 

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According to the module it states as long as a player agrees to Ys Nasha's or Isul Khan Daxio's terms at the meeting they have, they get the appropriate bribe. They can't just say "we'll see".
So a player has to agree to side with Isul Khan Daxio before they investigate anything.
The player must compromise their honour to get the reward. So this is per player decision, not a table decision.

In all the times I've run this module (4-5 ARPG and 5E) I've only every had 1 player refuse the appeal to their conscious and the bribes from both NPCs. I was very proud of his decision.
I start all sad and protective with Nasha's story to protect her daughter. Always get 1 player before the bribe. Then the bribe usually nets me a couple as people like jewels and she pleads in desperation. Nasha is use to getting what she wants, these Heroic types are so easy. She leaves with dry eyes, and smile on her face.
No one ever picks up on Toczin's empty scabbard or thinks twice about his nervousness and no one asks why he's called Toczin the Liar. They just hate Forso, they just see his rough edges, not how hard he tries to build his clan, or how close he is to moving up in the world. Or how much trust he is putting into Toczin. They see a bully and want to pull him down.
When Isul Khan Daxio shows up no cares about his appeal, they wait for the bribe and everyone takes the bribe without realizing that Toczin is lying. They are just glad to stick it to Forso. The players who didn't take Nasha's offer asking if Nasha would come back so they can get both. Greedy, honourless players.

That is what makes this module one of my favourites. The player can earn lots of rewards at the expense of their honour. Something intangible but also something that is worth so much. I've had so many characters who claim to have honour, sell their honour in this module. I mean any DM can get the mercenary or rogue but when I get a Milandisian Knight, or one of those really pious clerics, it's so much sweeter. It doesn't matter that the results work out that they don't have to lie as long as they investigate enough of the ruins. They have already sold the outcome before they started.

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 Post subject: Re: HP2-6 The Price of Honor - rewards
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:56 pm 
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+1 for agreeing you can potentially double dip. When I played our judge said you needed to pick one or the other. But I don't see that when I read the mod. Full disclosure ... my PC Tukufu married into the Golden Court. :D

Heh! Yes this is a good mod. And yes a lot of PCs (most) take bribes. I don't know that necessarily means that the characters in question lack honor. But they are definitely taking risks to their reputation. Add in a "doppelganger" and things can get really crazy. Tukufu it happens was also replaced in the I can honestly say he didn't do anything for the later favors he received.

In my experience most PCs won't take bribes from obnoxious and odious NPCs. And most won't take a small bribe. But if its big enough and they like the NPC then it seems to be fair game. Of all the characters I've tempted in the mod as a judge the only one who I got *zero* traction with was Temido, a gnomish priest of Anshar. Not everyone ends up taking something but just about everyone else has thought about it.

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