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 Post subject: HP 12 The Chosen rewards
PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:34 pm 

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I just finished running Hard Point 12 and I was wondering if there was a mistake with the items specifically Flame Tongue. I'm wondering if the weapon should have been re sized for a medium creature.
All the creatures fought are Giants categorized as Large size. They all wield a single handed long sword and shield.
So shouldn't the item dropped all be Large sized weapons, armor, and shields? Isn't a Large long sword equal to a medium sized great sword or flamberge?
The module describes the giants as wielding flamberges once on page 15, and again on page 18.
So it seemed to me that a medium sized creature could view a Large sized longsword as a flamberge (which is a two handed weapon normally carried by Nierites)
The giants in Scene 5 are wielding "long swords" that deal 2d8 damage, while the ones from scene 7 all dealt 1d8 damage.
If a large creature was wielding a medium sized long sword that would be a dagger to them, so it seemed unusual that beings who worship Nier would use something as small as a dagger to fight.

For complete transparency we have a Nierite character at our table who is using the playtest rules from the Kickstarter (cleric of Nier), and isn't proficient with a longsword.
So I'd like to know if the certed weapon should have been a flamberge or great sword, but someone missed the item re-sizing step.

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 Post subject: Re: HP 12 The Chosen rewards
PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:19 pm 
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Obviously the certs say what they say.

Should the weapons be resized to align with Fire Giant and Nierite aesthetics? Uh...I don't know. A lot of Arcanis gamers are getting ready for Gencon so it might be awhile before someone official from the 5E rules team can look at it. Generally though I think it's a good principle when rewards match up with story expectations as well as rules. Because the module I'd an adaptation of an ARP module there is also the possibility that something didn't translate properly.

So while I wouldn't call anything a mistake, my guesstimate to your question is at least that someone may take a second look at it.

Hopefully James will get a chance to chime in soon.

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