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Born in the Saddle and Chariots
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Author:  Eric Hughes [ Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Born in the Saddle and Chariots

Oozy on Chariot.jpg
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I'd use a standard saddle on my Find Steed, but I couldn't kit bash a good looking mini. Forced to chose between a good kitbashed mini, or mechanic's I have to chose good looks. [In the case of Oozejumper, I'm not certain "good looks" is the right set of adjectives but work with me.] As posted on the Facebook group I have a really cool looking mini of Oozy riding a Chariot into battle (Pictured above). Oozejumper Champion of the Damned Fleet, The Chariot of the Waves, The Thing from the Deep, are separate minis that work and connect together. Oozy's familier skittles stays on his shoulder. I'm pretty happy the way it turned out.

Now looking to LvL8 and my next feat, can I take Born in the Saddle and apply all the benefits of the feat while 'mounted' on the Chariot of the Waves? Even if allowed this would be suboptimal compared to an HC on a Standard Mount because it would require more space on the battlefield. But, heck, it looks cool.

If not, Ill just pick another less controversial feat.

Note I'm using the stats for a normal warhorse for edit: "The Thing from the Deep"

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