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 Post subject: weapon rune question
PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:51 pm 

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Most weapon runes that boost some aspect of the weapon itself (eg not Defense or similar) say "treated as a magic weapon". However, Life and Precision do not. I'm assuming this was an oversite as Life is more-or-less a Hatred (Undead) rune (which does have that clause) and Precision magically improves the chance to hit of the weapon (which is much rarer than improvements to damage and seems more magical).

Thoughts? Any official ruling on this?

Steve Wilcoxon
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 Post subject: Re: weapon rune question
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:16 pm 

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Tonight I was looking at rune magic in FiM:R, to create a new weapon for my PCs to find and remembered this post. Anyways....

A. It looks like if the rune is KEYED to a certain creature, it states that the weapon is a magic weapon ONLY for that keyed creature. For example, you inscribe HATRED on a sword and key it to undead, it is a magical weapon only for undead.

B. It states in the "Why Runes" Section on page 178: "by adding a rune to a non magical suit of armor or weapon of personal or historical significance, a character can create a useful MAGICAL item..."
So I would say that a rune weapon is a magical weapon, with the only odd "keyed" runes changing that up a bit.

Now I am not a staffer, someone may chime in and totally tell me I am wrong. And feel free to discuss!!!

A.Dustin Reid


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 Post subject: Re: weapon rune question
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:50 pm 
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This is exactly why ARG and Arcanis 5E moved away from the D&D 'magic weapon' process. There have been whole essays on this by D&D DMs over the decades.

Runes make an item magical (and have the advantage of being removable - great for looters... errr.. adventurers.)

Note, however, that very few named magic items in FIM allow additional runes to be added (the slots are often filled by the innate magic) and stacking issues can occur.

The only time in ARG the differences matter, is for Incorporeal creatures (Errata).
Non-magical weapons = no damage
Rune weapons = 1/2 damage
'Magical' weapons that target Incorp (Spiritbane Rune and Gladius of Light) = full damage

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