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 Post subject: nurturing conduit
PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:53 pm 

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The text for nurturing conduit on aspect of beltine in 5e rulebook doesnt have a duration or target limitation such at (can only maintain 1 or can only be affected by 1) i am assuming not because it leads down a slippery slope of silliness but, do these last as long as they are in range? and can you multi-link?

example A, B and C.
Link a to B
Link A to C
would one heal targeting A then chain the 2+slot to both B and C?

Link A to B
Link B to C
healing A would only heal B as is currently written because you didnt target B with a heal

Link A to B
Link A to C
Link B to C
cast mass healing word
all three get the d4+ stat, would then all three get an additional 5+5 since you targeted all three with a level 3 spell each would then heal the other 2 for 2+3 (2 +spell slot)
combine this with 'our lady's mercy' (additional 2+spell slot on initial heal) and bloodline rank 4 for val'ishi (+bloodrank to heals) then you a standard 5 person party where you have gone conduit crazy and are maintaining 10 links.
and heal targeting all (prayer of healing lvl 2, mass healing word level 3, or mass cure wounds level 5) would result it a bomb of healing. lets run with +4 healing stat and a level 6 Val'ishi cleric of beltine

Prayer of healing - each player receives
2d8 +4 (base), +4 (mercy - slot level + 2), +16 (conduit - 4x(2+spell slot) as are connected to 4 others who all got healed by a spell) = 2d8 +24 healing to each.

mass healing word (d4+4+5+20) avg 31 healing each as a bonus action

Go on to level 8 and get the rank 4 bloodline
avg healing by spell ( die averages totaled rounded down )
prayer of healing = 37 per / 185 total
Mass healing word = 35 per / 175 total as a bonus action
Mass Cure wounds = 56 per / 280 total ( and for funzies you of course get a free cast of this with rank 4 bloodline per long rest)

So yeah, just checking if intended to only be able maintain one, or if the beltinian clerics are wellsprings of infinite healing.

Part 2
How do effects like these that add bonuses to healing spells interact with ongoing effects? example being Aura of life or Regenerate.
Do they trigger at all? Only on the first turn? or for each turn they do healing?
Aura of life with the above shenanigans (starting with 5 man party)
d8 +4(stat)+4(bloodrank)+(2+5)(mercy)+4x(2+5)(conduits) =d8 + 43 each per round for a minute
aura can also go more than 6 targets which was a limitation above, with each additional target adding 7 more healing per round to each person per person added causing that lovely non-linear increase.
30 foot distance between conduits, is 6x6 36 squares. call it half baddies is still 18 targets. assuming you have taken the the 14.5 minutes to set up the 145 links you then get
138 healing per unit per round
Total of 2484 healing per round
24,840 healing from 1 spell over its duration
Just in case we need some spot healing those bastard can still toss mass healing word each round to heal 6 people for a cool 40 each, whilst still healing the other 12 for 30 a piece, 600 healing for a 3rd level spell slot and a bonus action.
18 people is 3 part comps right so no reason not to have 3 beltinian clerics. The nurturing conduit wording indicates that its only your healing spells that trigger it and doesnt say you can't have 2 so why not have 3 clerics setting up this immortal murder squad. triple it.
7416 healing per round + some healing word spot healing doing extra 1800 just in case that wasn't cutting it, on a not very large squad of 18 people

This all leads me to wondering why we haven't sent our 18 man missionary expeditions to all corners of onara to teach the heretics our peaceful ways by force.

Well its been a blast, i definitely assume it doesnt work like the above but since its not clear just wondering where the slider is intended to be. 1 conduit per cleric? or one person can only be a part of 1 conduit? Multi cleric interaction? or does it really work like the above and the next BI we as a community should just come together and show them baddies whats up.

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 Post subject: Re: nurturing conduit
PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:44 am 
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A lot of questions. I am no one official, but here are my thoughts:

RANGE: As written I do not believe that there is a range limit to how far you set up a nurturing conduit. However the range of your healing spells will functionally have some impact and make it meaningless in most situations to set one up on two allies, on that hill, waaayyy over there at the limits of what you can see clearly.

HOW MANY CAN I HAVE UP: Since it doesn't say, I would assume you can put as many up as you want. As a guy who is conservative about how powers should work I think that maybe they should have put some limit on it (a maximum number of links equal to your Wisdom or Proficiency modifier?). But they didn't. So if over 6-7 rounds of combat you want to create 6-7 conduits (paying the bonus action each round) I think you can rock on. The targets all have to stay within 30' of their "healing buddies" or the link is broken.

HOW DOES CHAINING THE CONDUITS WORK: PART 1: I believe your first two examples are correct. A-B & A-C would result in both B & C getting "bonus" healing when you cast a healing spell on A. But if you go A-B & B-C and then heal A ... only B gets bonus healing (because a spell was only cast on A).

HOW DOES CHAINING THE CONDUITS WORK PART 2: This is the only part that i find confusing. I believe you can only reap the healing benefit of the Conduit once per casting. So if you have A-B-C-D and all they get healed with a single Prayer of Healing (or other mass heal spell) then I believe they would all also benefit from the Conduit of Healing once. I agree that the wording is murky but that interpretation is more or less in line with the power levels of the 6th level clerics and especially roughly comparable (if more complicated) than the similar Belisardan healing ability granted at 6th level. The language of the power is:
On page 63 of the Codex 5E Henry & Co wrote:
any time you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that restores hit points to one of those two creatures, the other is also healed...
A really strict reading of that might imply that power only activates when a single target healing spell is cast. But IMO that's almost certainly too restrictive. I think the right answer is you get the bonus healing once per casting no matter how many conduits and targets overlap. Anyway, this is my best guess.

HOW DOES THIS INTERACT WITH AURAS OR REGENERATION?: If it's not a cast spell of first level or higher then the healing power does not trigger the conduit per the language of the power.

My two cents on how it works!

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 Post subject: Re: nurturing conduit
PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:25 am 
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Lets brake down the power

Beginning at 6th level, you learn how to create conduit of power between your allies, allowing you to heal two creatures at once. As a bonus action you can set up a conduit between two willing creatures (one may be you) that are within 30 feet of each other.

As long as the conduit is active, and both creatures remain within 30 feet of each other, any time you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that restores hit points to one of those two creatures, the other is also healed a number of hit points equal to 2 + the spell level slot used.

So you set up a healing conduit as a bonus action, one conduit effects 2 creatures. Much like spells you cant have the same effect overlay upon the same effect (casting multiple enlarge spells on one target)

Number of Creatures: every time you use this ability, you pick two creatures. In essence you "reset" the ability. I'll add this clarification in official errata.. but every time you set up a conduit, you pick two creatures, ending the last conduit.

Range: yes there is no range, but the range of healing spells puts a cap on the ability. You may be able to finagle a situation where you are far outside of combat range while healing.. but your healing will be minimal... and you take out your channel healing which is your "big gun"

effect on targets much like the core ability both creatures would gain bonus healing from a mass cure spell (like mass healing word)

Ongoing effects: the extra healing is when the spell is cast, not every turn. "Any time you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that restores hit points to one of those two creatures..." the effect triggers on the spells casting, not the spells duration.

Targets effected/mutiple clerics You can totally have one target part of a healing conduit between mutiple clerics. So cleric 1 can pick hero A and B, cleric 2 can pick hero A and C. if A gets healed both B and C get some healing... if B or C gets healed only A gains the benifit. it can be very effective two have two such clerics at your table. But a table of all Beltinian clerics would lack offensive capabilities, but probably win though a battle of attrition.

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