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 Post subject: Elorii Pyromaniac build
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 6:17 pm 
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I'm building a 'one shot' concept for my convention folder and looking for mechanical suggestions for improvement. Oddly, Assassin seems to work for the combat side and complements Magi.

Primary attack is a 'flamethrower'. Adapted 25' cone Sustained Heat Wave.


1. Concept
Kimba Pyralis
- Pyromaniac Spartan

2. Archetype: Arcane
Arcanum (Thaumaturgy)
Knowledge (Arcanum)

Talents: (Ignore requirements, choose now)
Armour Proficiency (Light: Nation)
Weapon Training ( Greatsword, Shortsword )
Arcane Spell Casting I


3. Attributes (Heroic – 40 point buy)
Mi _4____ Ch _4____
Pr _5____ In _4____
Qu _6____ Lo _3+1__
Vi _4____ Re _7+1__

4. Race: Elorii - Kelekene

Talents (chosen at Step 9):
Adaptation: Alter Area

+1 Discipline
+1 to Wild Assault attacks
Source of Fire

Racial Language: Eloran, Low Coryani, Unden
Attribute Adjustment (Choose): Lo, Re

5. Nation/Region: Entaris
Knowledge (Religion)

Native Language: Elorii (Y)
1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ??

6. Background:
Elder Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Minimum Age: 180
Attributes: Logic, Resolve

Primary Skills:
Arcanum (Thaumaturgy)
Melee (Balanced)

LMT: Sweeping Strikes

Starting Gear:
Any weapon common to your starting nation,
Explorer’s Kit
Vellum Book of Arcane Instruction (+2 when utilizing your Arcanum skill as a Lore skill)

Starting Silver: 3d10 (Charisma)

7. Train Skills (pLo + pRe +3 skill points)
Arcanum (Thaumaturgy)
Melee (Balanced)
Ranged (Thrown)

8. Choose Flaws (Optional)

9. Train Talents
Quick Draw I
Spell Affinity (Heat Wave)

10. Advancement Plan (optional):
1.1 Character Creation
1.2 +1 Lo, +1 In
1.3 Path: Assassin Initiate
1.4 +2 Defences
1.5 +1 All Skills
1.6 1 Rank: Arcanum, Deceit, Stealth
1.7 +1 Trained Skills (6)
1.8 Any Talents (2): WM1: Greatsword, LMT: Unbalancing Attack
1.9 Arcanum Talents (2): Spell Affinity (Elemental Bolt), Learn Spell (Ebon Shield)
1.10 +1 Vi, +1 Re

2.1 Path: Magi Journeyman
3.1 Path: Assassin Master
4.1 Path: Magi Master

11. General character and gameplay notes:
Arcane Spell Casting Traditions I
Contingent Spell
Primary: Elemental
1. Elemental Bolt
2. Elemental Guardian
3. Heat Wave
Secondary: Creation
1. Ebon Blade
Secondary: Transmutation
1. Brittle Bones

LARG; Astra Tonsoria Ursula val¤Dellanov, Martial Former Tribune, Centurion Sword Sage II, T3.4
LA:5E; Magdelene of Ostermann, Dark-kin Courtesan Rog3(Bard)/HC2 (future twilight warrior)
LRC:OP; Seraphina "Flowerchild" Amakiir, Skill Hero

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