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 Post subject: Re: Judge Incentives
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:19 pm 
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SamhainIA wrote:
the point of highlighting that particular slippery slope is not so that it can be avoided, but rather so that it can be managed. I point back at those intentionally ludicrous diversions, given a sufficiently accelerated set of rewards over the years (accelerated down that slippery slope) how soon would it take for rewards to look like people are playing the gods them selves?

I think the slippery slope you would run into here is the one where the campaign has sufficient judges for a couple of years...maybe even too many! ;)

I haven't seen any serious suggestions that people should get to play special characters for judging at a convention, but yes, if someone judges 6-8 slots at Origins, I wouldn't have any issue with them receiving a pair of greaves, or a ring, or some other appropriate item from a list pre-approved by campaign staff. How many people do we have that judge that many modules? Half a dozen? Probably fewer.

I am skeptical that anyone who has no experience judging and no other motivation is going to sudden decide to GM an entire convention (and potentially miss out on a number of magic items from those modules) just so they can get X reward at the end, especially if the rewards are appropriate. Minor magic items, reputation perks, gp and xp bonuses are all reasonable, in my mind.

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 Post subject: Re: Judge Incentives
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:08 pm 

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The costs of attending a convention, and spending the time judging should not be disregarded in my view. Granted, my view is also shifting... attending Origins these days in the area of $1500 in airfare alone and a week of vacation as well.

That said, I don't get judging rewards myself (or want any). Just pointing out that even with free badge / hotel on offer... those are not always the largest costs of attending.

James Zwiers

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 Post subject: Re: Judge Incentives
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:22 am 
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My favorite judge rewards came last year at Arcaniscon. I got one of John's fabulous wooden "clocks" as the master to track ticks. And Tony took the judges who ate the Vault of Larissa and did a small online adventure with them. Both of those rocked.

Sean Molley, once legendary coordinator of the campaign, somehow conned his fiance to make dice bags for all the BI judges one year (I think the BI where the storm crushed Savona). I still have mine (its green and russet) and it's grown in my mind over the years from a piece of cool swag to a reminder of the Arcanis BIs/campaign. Hey we had another special event at Savona this year! And the old dice bag now has a new rival because *somebody special* knit us dice bags in the shape of the Game of Thrones Dragon eggs! Gah!?! Which special dice bag do i use now??? ;)

The "real" stuff I've gotten as rewards has always been the more meaningful stuff to me. Someone took time and energy to do something cool. I continue to appreciate that.

I would agree with Josh that the judges whose tables I want to play at are the judges that *want* to be there. They aren't looking to acquire a vorpal sword or the right to play Kassegore (think about it, "Tick 1, I eat their souls ... Top THAT!") They're looking to run a mod so well it could blow my mind at some point. At the same time if it would motivate more judges I wouldn't object to (minor) magic items going out.

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 Post subject: Re: Judge Incentives
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:23 pm 

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Hi there

For me, I am the only one that really judges here in Oz, mainly because we have such a small group. (Almost had enough players for two tables at Conquest at Easter)

For big conventions like Origins, we would be talking $2K-$5K to attend so generally I would like to play (although last time I did make it, I think I spent all my time judging LA and LG)

One simple GM reward would be if someone eats a Mod, then they are also allowed to play it for the normal CP with another character. It would allow someone to give their secondary PC some love without overbalancing things too much.


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