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 Post subject: Advice for my home game.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:58 pm 

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So i'm slowly creating a setting for 5E.

Right now i'm working on the domains for clerics. I'd like to post a few of them here, and see your opinions on them. Specifically I'm having trouble nailing down what to give the domain for 17th level. Originally I was thinking of something trans-formative. Like for "Air" they can turn into a Djinn for a few minutes per long rest or something.

Air Domain

Cleric Level
1st Domain Spell 2nd Domain Spell
1st Featherfall -- Catapult
3rd Warding Wind -- Gust of Wind
5th Gaseous Form-- Stinking Cloud
7th Fly -- Elemental Bane
9th Conjure Elemental (Air) -- Cloudkill

1st Level – Bonus Cantrip: You know the cantrip, Gust

2nd Level – Channel Divinity – Wind of Wrath: Channel divinity to get maximum damage on a ranged, projectile based attack. This works for any one handed or two handed ranged weapon you are wielding and proficient with.

2nd Level – You can also turn Air and Earth creatures, with your Turn Undead ability.

6th Level – Queen's Blood – You undergo a ceremony that infuses your body and soul with Woedica's elemental power. This transforms you into an Air Genesi. You gain the sub-race benefits but not the main racial benefits. If you didn't before, you now speak Primordial. Your temperament changes to match your knew element.

8th Level – Leaf on the Wind – Your affinity to the air has somehow lightened your entire body. Your bodies weight is now rounded down to half. You grow a pair of feathered or pure air “wings” that give you a base fly speed of 30ft.

17th Level – Investiture of Wind – Transform into a Cr 10 Djinn ( Air ) for 5 minutes once per long rest?

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