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Saint Sabinius
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Author:  Cosmopolita Publia [ Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Saint Sabinius

I was visiting Agrippina in the Imperial Court recently - she always has the best gossip! And she had the absolutely juiciest story from the recent expedition in the Blessed Lands. Is it true? Is it really true?

Grandfather Cosimo still grumbles about the outrage that Sabinius val’Assante once committed by passing a poisoned chalice to then Emperor Calcestus. A poor opinion that only soured further when Sabinius whispered poison into the ear of the Boy King and persuaded him to break from the Mother Church. Even I don’t dare wind him up about the possible sainting of the First Primarch.

Is that official yet? Or is there time to reconsider? I don’t bother much with nobles who live in drafty border castles but really, I feel like somebody has to tell you. Your dear boy Sabinius is quite a naughty vile fellow. And he’s been up to bad things far longer than we thought he was.

Please, someone check his crypt! And tell me, isit it’s true?

The best piece of gossip I’ve gotten this decade!

-A Concerned Patrician

Author:  val Holryn [ Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Saint Sabinius

Not sure what you heard. And don't want to post spoilers here.

...but yes. All things considered, what you heard ... it's probably true.

I wonder how the information will be treated by NPCs as it leaks out from wild eyed adventures?

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