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 Post subject: Characters of our campaign
PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:12 pm 

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My gaming group just started a modified campaign set in the Rotted Capes universe and I'd thought id share some of the characters. Feel free to use any of these ideas in your own games as you see fit.

The team right now consists of Lifeline, a former EMT that had some minor healing and boosting abilities.

Duet, reformed burglar, a narcissistic musician and instrument collector that can create an exact copy of himself.

Sarge, a government created super soldier that was considered a failed project since he didnt get the abilities they were looking for.

Bombshell , A former model and heir to the largest conglomerate of infotainment sources, can blow up small object ( about baseball size) with a thought.

We also had created 3 others for future players as we hope to hook in other members of our group.

FOXX - nanite enhanced regeneration and tech based weapons ( similiar is style to batman)
Brick - moody teenager that was melded together with her boyfriend into a brick wall during an alien invasion. basically a walking pile of brick (like the thing) but has multiple personalities due to both her and her boyfriends minds being joined as one.
Smoke - short ranged teleportation in a puff of smoke, just not sure how he can be of use as he always saw himself as support for his wife Fyre who is missing since z day.

The bad guys.

The area we have set the campaign in has the territories of a few super z's in it. The smallest of the territories belongs to the super z Weatherman. His abilities weren't that reliable when he was living and have gotten even more out of control since he was turned. basically there's a good chance that the weather type he tries to create will end up being something else.

Next is a group of Super Zs that were a team when living and have stayed as such since being Z'ed.
The upgrades- The five members of the group were all “artificially enhanced” humans. AKA cyborgs.

Cray Brain - The leader is a brilliant strategist with a super computer grafted into his brain. He has ever only once miscalculated the outcome of a plan and that was the day the team fell to the zombies. He can run all the possible ways something can be done in seconds and put the best plan in action.

Psion - once a minor telepath until she accepted an offer from Cray Brain to enhance her abilities. A small dish implanted in her forehead amplified her abilities and made it possible to control the actions of others for short periods of time.

Spyder - Once a promising professional wrestler until an in ring accident left him paralyzed. Cray Brain recruited him and designed an eight legged chassis and grafted it to his torso.

Illusion - a mentally scarred dancer, whose graceful movements so impressed Cray brain that he designed a new type of nanite to meld with her skin giving her the ability to blend into any environment.

And lastly there's Double-time, once the fastest normal human alive now with the enhancements he at least 5 times faster.

Still working on a few others that living in the farther reaches of the area we are set in, perhaps ill share those ideas later.

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