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 Post subject: Blue Devil
PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 7:06 pm 

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Here is the Skill Hero that I promised myself I would have up so long ago (pardon the long over due wait). As always folks, hope you enjoy and feel free to post your ideas so others are inspired to create their own hero.

Persona/Name: Blue Devil/Markus Edgers [B-lister, 150 pts]
Tagline: Bring it!

Power Source/Archetype: Skill Hero [+1 Vi]/Brawler [+1 Vi]

Personality Flaws: Haunted by Nightmares, Lone Wolf

Attacks -
Electro Pole-arm: +8(d8); d8(d8) damage (stuns if atk surpasses target's Fort), rng: Melee.
Short Sword: +7(d8); d8(d8) damage, rng: Melee.
Sniper Rifle: +7(d8); d10(d8) damage +4 Impact, rng: 60 areas.
Concussion Grenade: (d8); d10(d8) dmg, Elemental/Energy Explosion (Force): 11/Secondary Effect (Prone), Rng: 2.
Incendiary Grenade: (d8); d12(d8) dmg, Elemental/Energy Explosion (Fire): 11, Rng: 1, Can set targets on fire.

Attr [58 pts] -
Mi: 5
Pr: 5
Qu: 5
Vi**: 5
Ch: 5
In: 5
Lo: 4
Re: 5

*Bonus to Attr granted by Power Source/Archetype

Def -
Avoi: 18
Fort: 18
Disc: 18

Health -
Stamina: 54
Wounds: 4

Speed -
Pace: 3
Initiative: 3d10

Burnout Threshold: 18

Skills [73 pts] -
Skill sets: Criminal, Ex-Military, Survivalist
Acrobatics: 3/18
Animal Handling: 2/17
Athletics: 5/20
Drive: 2/17
Empathy: 2/17
Firearms: 7/22
Larceny: 3/17
Local Knowledge: 2/16
Medicine {EMT}: 3/17
Melee {Pole-arms}: 7/22
Outdoorsman: 4/18
Perception: 7/22
Stealth: 3/18
Technology [Basic]: 3/17
Urban Survival: 4/18

Advantages [8 pts] -
Combat Intuition, Daredevil, Skill Focus (Melee {Pole-arms})

Powers [11 pts] -
*Enhanced Attack - Electro Pole-arm (Secondary effect: Stun -2, Removable Item +1): 5(4), d8 - 11 pts

*Primary Power

Gear [4 AP] -
Sniper Assault Rifle w/2 Assault ammo clips, Short Sword, Night Scope & Mount, Water Resistant Night Vision Binoculars*, Tactical Holster Vest, 2 grenades (Concussion and Incendiary), Climbing Kit, Gas Mask, Well worn leather tactical gloves, Throat communicators w/ one - 2 way radio/walkie talkie*, Pocket Lockpick set, Tactical Body Armor [3 AP], Standard First Aid kit [1 AP].

*Battery operated

Background -

Markus Edgers. Silent, straight forward, and followed orders without question. That is until he found out just what exactly his military struction was truly working on and how many soldiers were experimented on. When it came time that members of his unit's turn was next and realizing none of the people that were indoctrinated into the "program" did not survive, Markus couldn't deal with the nightmares of his fallen comrades. Either out of desperation or just sheer will to survive, Markus escaped never to have been heard of again ...

Over time, that particular military base kept getting harassed by a dark blue humanoid. Reports of this devil's attacks on the base's supplies, power structure, and even the release of personnel once captive into the "program" became more and more frequent. By the time the higher-ups formulated a plan of retaliation against the Blue Devil, Z-day hit and all hell broke loose. The military had no choice but to abandon the base. The Blue Devil accomplished his goal of ceasing the experiments on humans. However, he now faced and even greater threat to mankind.

Markus Edgers donned the moniker of Blue Devil. During his raids against the military, he acquired several pieces of gear including a Tactical Military Vest, Sniper Rifle, ammo, grenades, and other essentials that allow him to perform swift and precise infiltration runs. Along with the gear, he came across a prototype Electro-polearm that worked similiarly to a stun glove, granting him a edge vs. living and dead opponents equally. He has taken a preference to the weapon and specialized with it. He fashion a mask with two small horns protruding from the forehead and painted the mask, Tactical vest, and the rest of his outfit in a dark blue color.

Though normal in every sense of the word, the training he received is remarkable indeed as he has displayed great prowess with melee weapons and firearms alike. It is his great proficiency with his skills as well as his daredevil like antics that make him such a formidable force to reckon with. He does so relentlessly against the forces of oppression and, now, the undead. But make no mistake, as determined as he is to do what he does. It is the nightmares of what occurred that keep him on the edge, that keep him awake, that keep him alive.

Talendos, the Shadow Raven
2.7 Expert, Soldier of Retribution, Assassin
"When you do something right, it's as if you didn't do it at all ..."

B-lister, Super Human, Brawler
"Bringing the noise!"

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