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 Post subject: Echo
PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:30 pm 

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To kick off the new site and provide ideas on how stating heroes in Rotted Capes works. I've provided my first character with his background.

Enjoy folks! :)

Persona (Name): Echo (Noel Able) [B-lister: 150 pts]
Tagline: "Bringing the Noise!"

Power Source: Super-Human (+1 Vi)
Archtype: Brawler (+1 Pr)

Disadvantages: Physically Frail [Young age: 12 yrs old] (+10 pts)
Personality Flaws: Lone Wolf, Ruthless

Talents: Increased Burnout Threshold, Leaf Upon the Wind

Attacks/Abilities -
Machete: +4/d8/Avoidance [d8(Mi)], Complex
P90 Assault Rifle: +2/d8/Avoidance [d10(Qu), +4 impact], Complex, Range: 60
Sonic Blast: +3/d8/Avoidance [d10(Qu)], Complex, Range: 7, Burnout: 6
Duplication: Demanding, Burnout: 0, # of Duplicates: 3
Incorporeal: Simple, Burnout: 10
Mimic: Simple, Burnout 10/5
Adoptive Muscle Memory: Simple, Burnout 10/5

Attributes (75 pts) -
Might: 4 (d6; 2)
Prowess*: 7 (d8; 3)
Quickness: 7 (d8; 3)
Vigor*: 4 (d6; 2)
Charisma: 5 (d8; 3)
Insight: 5 (d8; 3)
Logic: 4 (d8; 2)
Resolve: 5 (d8; 3)

Defenses -
Avoidance: 19
Fortitude: 16
Discipline: 18

Health -
Stamina: 53
Wounds: 3

Speed -
Pace: 3 Areas
Initiative: 3d10

Burnout Threshold: 23

Plot Dice: 4 (d6)

Skills (37 pts) -
Skills sets: Criminal & Survivalist
-Animal Handling: 2/17
-Athletics: 2/16
-Drive: 2/17
-Empathy: 2/17
-Firearms: 2/17
-Larceny: 2/17
-Local Knowledge: 2/16
-Melee: 4/19
-Outdoorsman: 2/16
-Perception: 5/20
-Ranged: 3/18
-Scavenge: 1/16
-Stealth: 2/17
-Technology (Basic): 1/15
-Urban Survival: 3/17

Languages: English

Powers (38 pts) -
Adoptive Muscle Memory [Conditional: Must use Sonar to "echo" the target (+2); Linked to Mimic (+1)]: 2(5)/20; Burnout: 10/5
*Armor - AR: 5 (3 vs. Energy) [Limitation: does not work while Incorporeal (+1); Linked to Incorporeal (+1)]: 3(5)/19
Duplicate [Limited: Cannot use extended time duplicate (+2); Limited Usage: x2/day (+1); Linked to Elemental/Energy Blast (+1)]: 3(7)/22;
#Elemental/Energy Blast (Sonic)[Perk: Penetrating (-2); Limitation: Cannot hold back, full rank use only (+1); Fatiguing (+2); Linked to Duplicate (+1)]: 4[5](7)/22
Incorporeal [Linked to Armor (+1)]: 4(5)/20
Mimic {Super-Human}[Conditional: Must use Sonar to "echo" the target (+2); Linked to Adoptive Muscle Memory (+1)]: 2(5)/20
*Super-Sense [Sonar]: 2/17: Range: 2 Areas

* = Primary Power
# = target of Super-human boost

Gear [Aquisition Points: 4] -

P90 Assault Rifle w/2 reloads of assault ammo and 1 empty magazine, Machete, Backpack, Banged up Shake Flashlight, Collapsable Fishing Rod, Compass, EMT Medical Field Kit (4 uses left), Flare Gun w/4 flares, Maps, Mess Kit, Rations (7 days worth), Multi-tool, Patched up bivouac sack, Three liter hand powered UV Water Purifier (8k water treatments), 30' hemp rope.

Background -

Noel was only 10 years old when the dead rose to rampage his town and home. Only 10 years old when zombies tore through neighbors, friends, even family. 10 years old when the corpses of his parents and sibling scrambled to consume his flesh. 10 years old when he screamed for the first time, unlocking the strength within, killing what was left of his now Z'd family before they could dine on him. 10 years old when Noel Able ceased to exist and only a cold-hearted Echo of his prior self was born.

Echo's abilities are based on echoes (in the sonic, resonance, and copy sense of the word). He is able to focus his shouts into a powerful sonic burst with devastating effect. Developed a Sonar sense. Can resonate his body to a different frequency, enabling him to phase through objects. He is also able to make echoes (copies) of himself for a short period of time. Via clever application of echoing and use of his Sonar, he can emulate abilities and powers of individuals he encounters by "echo-tagging" them as they use their abilities. Recently, due to his newly developed instincts in echo-harmonics and use of Incorporeal ability, he has learned how to resonate the molecules of his body into a tougher form. Because he resonates at a different frequency while Incorporeal, his Armor power ceases to work until becoming corporeal again.

Echo's powers manifested during the stressful moment he used his Sonic blast on his fallen family when they rose to consume him. Though he managed to fend himself and truly terminate the zombies, the event also brought about another change in him. Noel's sanity snapped some what that day, leaving behind a ruthless shadow of his formal self, a fact he realizes and is not sure how to cope nor handle. This nature has caused him to take steps to not get close to anyone, attempting to handle challenges by himself. Living the life of an amateur scavenger, he has survived for the time being on his own. However, it will not be long before he will need the advantages and safety that comes from being in numbers. Alas, things do not always work the way one wants and as proud as he is, despite his abilities and skills, he is still just an inexperienced kid ....

Talendos, the Shadow Raven
2.7 Expert, Soldier of Retribution, Assassin
"When you do something right, it's as if you didn't do it at all ..."

B-lister, Super Human, Brawler
"Bringing the noise!"

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