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 Post subject: Protector
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 11:07 pm 

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Show off what you've come up with folks. Or, if you need help creating your character, submit the idea on here and many will help. :)

Submitting a 2nd character so those that are unfamiliar with Rotted Capes can get an idea of how to stat out heroes. This time a Tech Hero named Protector has answered the call ...

Persona (Name): Protector (Gary Boulin) [B-lister: 150 pts]
Tagline: "Not on my watch!"

Power Source: Tech Hero (+1 Lo)
Archetype: Blaster (+1 Qu)

Disadvantages: Only Human, Unreliable at the Best of Times, Mental Flaw: Epileptic
Personality Flaws: Over Protective

Advantages: Technopath, Visionary, Self-Made Hero, Leadership, Martial Artist

Attacks/Abilities -
Ion Blaster: +3/d8/Avoidance [d10(Qu)], Complex, Range: 7, Burnout: 4
Melee attack: +3/d8/Avoidance [d4(Mi)], Complex
Machete: +3/d8/Avoidance [d8(Mi)], Complex
Composite Bow: +3/d8/Avoidance [d8(Qu)], Complex, +1 Impact, Range: 20
Force Field: AR: 10, Complex Push, 1 Area, Burnout: 5
Wireless: Range: 4, Burnout: 3

Attributes (61 pts)
Might: 5[10] (d8[d10]; +3[+4])
Prowess: 5 (d8; +3)
Quickness*: 5 (d8; +3)
Vigor: 3[8] (d6[d10]; +2[+4])
Charisma: 5 (d8; +3)
Insight: 5 (d8: +3)
Logic*: 6 (d8; +3)
Resolve: 5 (d8; +3)

* = stat boosted by Power Source and Archetype

Defense -
Avoidance: 18
Fortitude: 17[20]
Discipline: 18

Health -
Stamina: 53[56]
Wounds: 3[5]

Speed -
Pace: 3 Areas (ground), 7 Areas (flight, agile, Burnout: 4)
Initiative: 3d10

Plot Dice: 3(d6)

Burnout Threshold: 18 [based off Discipline]
External Power Source Burnout Threshold: 20 [base 10 + 4 (passive of highest rank power tapping in) + 3 (4 powers tapping in) +3 (Tech Hero Passive Logic bonus)]

Skills {48 pts} -
Skill sets: Engineer & Survivalist
-Academics {Psychology}: 2/17
-Animal Handling: 2/17
-Athletics: 2/17[19]
-Drive: 2/17
-Engineering [Electrical]: 3/18
-Engineering [Weapons]: 3/18
-Influence: 2/17
-Local Knowledge: 2/17
-Melee: 3/18
-Outdoorsman: 2/17
-Perception: 3/18
-Ranged: 3/18
-Science [Physics]: 2/17
-Technology [Basic]: 2/17
-Technology [Computer Programming]: 3/18
-Urban Survival: 2/17

Powers (36 pts. All powers have the following Flaws: Power Armor +3; Removable Item +1; Unpowered Form +1)
*Armor : 3(8)/24 - [AR 8, 4 vs. Energy] 4pts
*Elemental/Energy Blast (Ion Blaster) [Removable item utilizing ranged skill +2; External Power Source +0]: 4(10)/25 - 7pts
Enhanced Attribute (Mi) [Linked to Enhanced Attribute (Vi) +1]: 2(8)/24 - 3pts
Enhanced Attribute (Vi) [Linked to Enhanced Attribute (Mi) +1]: 2(8)/24 - 3pts
*Flight [External Power Source +0]: 3(8)/23 - 4pts
*Force Field [External Power Source +0]: 5(10)/25 - 11pts
*Wireless [External Power Source +0]: 3(8)/23 - 4pts

* = Primary Power

Gear [2 Acquisition Points] -

Machete, Collapsible Composite Bow w/quiver & 20 arrows, Survivalist Pack, Battery-less "shake" Flashlight (2 AP).

Background -

Before all Z-day came and life as we know it ceased and the horrors of today's zombie infested nightmares riddled the world, Gary Boulin worked side by side a Patriotic Hero that went by the alias "The Shield". As the tragedy of Z-day took its toll and many of Earth's greatest fell and succumbed to tragic change, those few remaining took up the mantle to by mankind the time to retreat and regroup. Many of them fell and became the super powered minions of the undead that further tormented what litte remained amongst that are still alive. One such victem was The Shield himself. A pillar of hope and help. Upon word of his demise and following turn into a Super-Z, those that were touched by his deeds felt a devastating blow in moral, even Gary himself could not believe that a mighty hero and friend had fallen. But from the despair and loss, came some glimmer of hope - Gary not only worked with The Shield, but also on his equipment. An accomplished Engineer in a couple of fields, he has decided to answer the peoples' call. Fashioning a suit of custom made power armor, a designed based on powering ions through use of solar absorption, he has donned the mantle of a new Hero for the people to count on. Calling himself The Protector, both in theme and in homage to the fallen hero. Gary goes about aiding enclaves to survive against the zombie threat, both normal and super a like.

The Protector Power Armor is based on a unique design Gary devised. Creating Ion particles from the ambient energy in the area, mainly Solar, he is able to empower the suit, its flight systems, and Ion Blaster, and a semi-portable force field. The suit also provides significant protection along with enhancing his forte and strength to take on even more serious challenges. Via the suit he is able to tap into various electronic sources within a certain range. Although powerful enough to take on zombies, old time villains, and hold his own against certain Super-Zs, being his first creation has its drawbacks. The armor can collapse itself into a compact size making it easy to carry with him where ever he goes, but it takes a lengthy time (2 demanding actions) to don the armor if caught unaware. Its portability also makes it susceptible to theft as anyone can make off with it. Thankfully, the knowledge of how to use the armor remains with Gary and him alone.

Ever since taking upon the role of Protector, in an attempt to honor his mentor (The Shield), Gary has developed a very strong need to protect all those around him. This trait has elevated to going a tad overboard at times, which has backfired on him on a couple of occasions now. Despite this, The Protector has already made somewhat of a name for himself and his word carries influence. Those few that do recognize him immediately come to him in hopes he could save them from the impending doom looming over us all.

Fight on Protector. Fight on ...

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