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A2-HP1 "Into the Blessed Lands"
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Author:  Dante [ Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  A2-HP1 "Into the Blessed Lands"

Two points from A2-HP1 that I noticed when GMing it last weekend. I ran the Legends/ARPG version but also looked at the Living/5e version.

[1] Kharg the Ibon.
Based on his description, it seems clear to me that bandit leader Kharg is an ibon, right? He's giant-sized with a yellow Mohawk hairstyle. The Legends/ARPG mod describes him as a "giant" in the stat block, whereas the Living/5e mod describes him as a "humanoid (human)"; neither seems to be quite correct for those few game rules that care. The back of the Blessed Lands book classifies them as "humanoid (ibon)".
Since Ibons are described in the Blessed Lands book, it would be nice to make the minor fix to the mod and add a simple skill check to recognize his species.

[2] Heshtupet the Myrantian.
Kharg's lieutenant is a Myrantian man named Heshtupet. The module describes him as wearing studded leather armor of the same style as the Solder-Saints of Dagha. In the Legends/ARPG mod (but not the Living/5e mod) says that he has the flaw "Marked Man (Soldier Saints of Dagha)." What is Heshtupet's story?
My players were shocked at his wearing Soldier-Saint armor and as a result suspected that he was a traitor to the organization. They took him prisoner and turned him over in the First City. The Solder-Saints should have been able to tell them about Heshtupet, but the mod reveals nothing.
I could imagine that either (a) my players were right and Heshtupet is a traitor who used to be a Soldier-Saint or (b) Hestupet killed at least one Solder-Saint before killing Rohan and took the armor, and thus he's a marked man for being a Soldier-Saint killer. Which is it?

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