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Dossier Character errors
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Author:  archangel [ Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Dossier Character errors

Figured I'd start pointing out the things in the Dossiers from the kickstarter to get them added to the FAQ as well. I haven't gone through them in depth just something that caught my eye.
Mr Polymath is all over the place concerning his power source. He is listed as a skill hero, is a super-z (requires being a super or maybe cosmic/supernatural depending on how you read that side bar in survivors guide), and has power armor (restricted to Tech heros). Without trying to do a rebuild of the character to confirm, it looks like he has 3 skill sets and kinda needs each of the 3 power sources to fit the story. The best answer may be this one needs to be called a EiC hand wave where story trumps rules and just add a note saying as such.
Xaal's attacks aren't factoring in the +1 for skill focus. The advantages line also looks incomplete, it has skill focus but not what skill and then the next entry is just Super.
The Chairman has skill focus but no skill, looks like maybe history based on skills section.

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