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Grenades & Explosions vs Energy Burst power trick
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Author:  Rotten Capering [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Grenades & Explosions vs Energy Burst power trick

In reading the mechanics for grenades versus the mechanics for the Energy Burst power trick, I'm seeing a fundamental difference in the way they work. I had been conceptually thinking of Energy Burst as a grenade-like power trick, but they work differently enough that now I'm wondering if that difference is supposed to exist or if I'm misinterpeting something. Clarification welcome.

Specifically, the difference I'm noticing is whether the target(s) Avoidance matters.

Energy Burst suggests we roll an attack, and that attack applies against the Avoidance of everyone in the area "as if they were personally attacked." Thus, high Avoidance helps prevent any damage from landing.

With grenades, on the other hand, the target's Avoidance is irrelevant. The attack roll for a grenade is just to see if the grenade can get into the desired area (TN 10). Once the grenade is in the right area, it AUTOMATICALLY applies damage to everything in the area - high Avoidance does not mitigate the application of damage.

So, two questions:
1. Is that difference supposed to exist? Or am I misinterpreting the way something works?
2. If the difference IS supposed to exist, would I be correct in assuming that if we want to create a power effect that functions the same as a grenade (i.e. Avoidance doesn't prevent damage) then we need to invent a DIFFERENT power trick for that?

Clarification appreciated.

Author:  Southernskies [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grenades & Explosions vs Energy Burst power trick

1. It appears so.
2. Probably.

Its another of those 'powers' vs 'equipment' where the rules aren't the same.

One thing to remember is that grenades are both unreliable and a scarce resource (1 AP each!). A frag grenade damage of d12 (d12) in a 2 area radius looks great... until you roll a 2 on the damage. Combination with Team Attack can be helpful here.

A good combination (that I have not yet been able to do at the table; only Hero with area attacks of any sort) would be:
1. Frag Grenade
2. Energy Blast (Team Attack + Energy Burst trick)
Great for clearing out a large mob of deadheads.

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