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 Post subject: Questions centered on energy manipulation
PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 8:12 am 

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The first parts of the power seem easy enough. However when we get down to the part where it talks about making a catapult I think I start over thinking this. I assume when it says catapult it does not literally need to be a catapult just some kind of large object that is a weapon, so it could be a cannon or balista.
Now the question does it hurl the appropriate energy or is it a construct made of that energy that hurls other things, such a chunks of concrete that may be laying around or heroes.
Second the power's duration is scene. Does that mean the catapult stays in existence for the scene and can be repeatedly used, or because it is an attack power it would need to have its burn out paid every action like an animated construct?

The other part I had a question about was synergy. It has synergy with creating energy and they are treated as one power for advancement. The - 1 from synergy and the +1 from linked explicitly stack. Doesn't that mean you just link them and have 2 powers for one advancement cost? Or is it that because they are treated as a single power they can't be linked to each other?

Finally concerning those powers being used together. I don't see a way to use energy generation to provide the energy for manipulation. Is this intentional? I'd see them going hand in hand even if at a higher cost such as beastial transformation and enlarge. Or is it trying to avoid the fight over the conflicting durations. Your manipulation of the energy lasts for the scene but if the source vanishes during that time does the part you were working with keep it cohesion and continue to exist?

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 Post subject: Re: Questions centered on energy manipulation
PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 7:42 pm 
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1. The damage type would vary by negotiation with your Editor-in-chief. Using the 'catapult' in combat would act as the real weapon; but using your Power Die (Re) for damage. (see Light Master on Pg.180 for an example).

2. With duration 'Scene', you only pay the Burnout once to create it. However once you factor in that you still need to wield/load/fire the creation as a normal device it can be less efficient than taking Energy Blast or spending a plot die to Emulate Energy Blast. Creativity and negotiation with your Editor is key.

3. Took me a while to work Synergy out as well. The wording is weird. I just interpreted it as +1/-1.
Step 1. Create character as normal (including Linked mod where wanted)
Step 2. *after* creation, apply the Synergy modification.
Step 3. You now take all the Synergy powers up by paying the highest Power's cost. This makes it very XP efficient to increase after character creation. Since Synergy is mandatory, you may as well take the Linked Flaw as well.

There are times (esp at low ranks) where Linked might not be the best Flaw to choose due to the limited number of 'flaw points' available (NB: 1 modification per bought Rank at creation).

4. The burnout of Energy Generation is only if you use it to attack (Range 0, area). This is why it has the 'synergy' special; it feeds other powers (and has a very nice Exploit list).
Note that Energy Blast specifically creates its own energy, while Energy Manipulation doesn't.

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