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Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures
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Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Fandible has been working with Rotted Capes for the last couple of years. While we started off extremely bumpy, we've really come to progress with the system. While we aren't perfect when it comes to rules, I would say we're damn near perfect when it comes to setting. We hit that nice mix of comic-book mythos with the grittiness of a post-apocalyptic story.

If you're interested in listening to us, our campaign can be found here:

Fandible's Rotted Capes Adventure

We've also built a Reference Guide for those looking for rulings. It's fairly comprehensive and covers a lot of topics:

Fandible's Rotted Capes Reference Guide

We currently have two on-going stories that are happening on opposite sides of the former United States. We have a group in Idaho and the other group is near Kansas. Both adventuring groups interact in the same world but will probably never meet.

Our latest release of Rotted Capes can be found here:

Secrets of Nightbane Prison

In this adventure, you'll mostly hear roleplaying. There isn't a ton of rolling - nor any fights, I believe - but it's good storytelling fun! Enjoy!

Anyways, I'll occasionally update this topic whenever we post things concerning Rotted Capes. Thanks!

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Here is some writing we've done for our adventure. This is considered 'Set Dressing'. Our GM doesn't always use what is written but it is added into his notes for use if he wants to grab onto it later:

The Haven Accords
Hazard Room
Heckler's Gang

Author:  PCIHenry [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Thank you for posting these links. I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys Rotted Capes.

Author:  Southernskies [ Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Been looking for time to write some feedback about the latest two episodes. I'll read your notes first.

Author:  Southernskies [ Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Assault on Nightbane Prison - Part 1

Tip: When Goldshot (Angela) used a Plot Die for her Entangle arrow (@ 1:06:05), as it was spent before rolling, it could have been spent to increase her Power Rank instead of the Action Roll. As Entangle is a Power Roll { 2d10 (Re or Pr) + Power Rank vs Avoidance }, it would still have added to the attack. It would also have increased the TN for any Strength escape attempts { TN = 12 + pRe + Ranks }.

Technically Entangle is a Interruptible Power, but removing that is a quite reasonable EiC decision for the arrows.

Another Tip: I don't recall anyone (Hero or NPC) spend Plot Die to increase defences. I personally spend nearly all of mine on Avoidance or activating Power Tricks. As they can be spent "at any time", discuss with the group about how flexible this can be.

Locally, it is not unusual for the SuperZ to spend a Plot Die to increase their Avoidance to avoid a Headshot/Devastating and the Hero to spend their own (if the SuperZ managed to turn it into a miss). Exploding Plot die makes this interesting even for a deadhead using d4 (this happens more for our Living Rotted Capes special games where players are using their Sidekicks).

Further Tip: When working a Team Attack, the first Hero can 'spend' one of their Plot Die on the next Hero.

eg. Torchlight fries Cleaver with an Energy Blast. He then declares "I spend a Plot Die for Goldshot to Team Attack his ass." Goldshot then gains the benefit of the Plot Die AND can still spend her own plot die on top of that (this usage specifically stacks - "Helping Others" pg 102).

What I don't get is how Goldshot keeps burning out so fast as she appears to be a Skill Hero. Burnout Threshold of 17-19 range (Fortitude or Discipline), it would take Celerity used 3 times without a break to get close (Burnout 6 due to All Skill perk).

There's a lot of ways her arrows could be built as Powers mechanically. During my pottering I built NightRanger (from the book) as a 150 xp 'poor substitute'.

** Quiver of Special Arrows **
All Powers are Removable Item, External Power Source (Flaw +1 or +2), Burnout Threshold: {10 + pRe + 5 for additional burnout powers // actually irrelevant due to Removable Item + Limited Use flaw mechanics}. The 'Quiver' is the External Power Source for mechanics.

Cold/Energy Bolt 7; Limited Use 1/day Qu
# Trick: Energy Burst - OOOOO OOOOO
Electricity/Energy Bolt 7; Limited Use 1/day Qu
# Trick: Energy Burst - OOOOO OOOOO
Fire/Energy Bolt 7; Limited Use 1/day Qu
# Trick: Energy Burst - OOOOO OOOOO
Force/Energy Bolt 7; Limited Use 1/day Qu
# Trick: Energy Burst - OOOOO OOOOO

Cold/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Electricity/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Fire/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Kinetic/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Light/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Sonic/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re
Vibration/Enh.Wpn/Bow* 5; Limited Use 1/day Re

Entangle 6; Limited Use 1/day Pr
Fly 6 [Pace: 5/Perfect]; Limited Use 1/day Qu

Author:  Southernskies [ Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Assault on Nightbane Prison - Part 2

Post Mortem Discussion

I didn't notice many Tag Line uses when spending Plot Die.

Bows and Firearms have an Impact when comparing to Fortitude for Massive Damage test (it was only remembered once that I could hear). Note that this is not used for the Vigor TN; only the amount of Stamina caused determines the TN.

Big combats:

Using the 'Drink Coaster' method for larger fights would help with the visualisation. I do this for set pieces (Heroes use Lego minifigs; my zombies are 'not-Lego' knockoffs.)

This makes Energy Burst trick easier to adjudicate. EiC (Jesus) adjusted the Area rules on the fly, where there were 3 separate groups of Common threats. From the description the room was a single Area (with a second Area for the catwalk) + the Area through the door the Heroes entered from. A better ad-hoc ruling could have been for Torchlight to pick a single 'mob' and reliably roast all 4 in the group.
When using coasters, I try not to put all my mobs in the same Area unless piling onto a tasty Hero that is isolated from the team. When playing, friendly fire damage can be an issue. :D

Torchlight's Energy Burst, from the way everyone appears to be in the area, should have damaged all the humans and all the heroes (except Goldshot, who may have still been in the other room at that point). If Torchlight adds Energy Explosion to his repertoire (from Survivor's Guide), it gets uglier as it is measured in multiple Areas (mostly due to friendly fire).

Note: If Torchlight hadn't completely botched the first Energy Burst, the room could have been 'one-shot' cleared of criminals. Energy Burst is *the* most powerful option for clearing out Mobs and Common Threats if they cluster. Energy Burst (Complex + Simple) followed by an Energy Burst Team Attack (Demanding + Simple) from an ally can clear large Mobs of deadhead zombies and smaller threats.

"White Room Box" vs Shepherd.
This looks like a usage of the Energy Manipulation Power. As a multi-stage process, there are some mitigating options to run it.
1. Power Action Roll to create the box (which was done)
2. Some sort of attack roll vs Avoidance should have been made (Ranged or Power Action Roll)
3. MS = Power Passive Value { 12 + pRe + Ranks }; Hits = 1/2 Power Passive Modifier. eg: Re:10 + 10 Ranks = MS 26, 2 Hits. [Note that Force Shield Power works almost the same with a +10 MS bonus].
3a. If this was a Power Trick for Energy Generation instead, the Ranks were half, so example drops to MS: 19, 1 Hit.

To destroy the box using attacks, the basic rule used was correct. The MS20 + 4 hits chosen was very high (see eg above and pg.101 items).

Shepherd and Torchlight could instead have used the "Might Makes Right" rule on the same page (pg.101). This only needed a Might Attribute Action Roll to 'break' it in one go (EiC given figures would have been TN:40; the Power TN using above example would be TN:36 or TN:24 for an Emulated Power). A good time to use "Helping Others" Plot Die expenditure (pg.102) and creative use of "Cooperation" (pg36) for a bonus. Could spend a Plot Die to increase the Might Attribute; getting it to 15 makes the action 2d10 (d12)(d4) giving better chance of an explode.

Stun vs Zombies.
Only electrical attacks can Stun zombies (this applies to both special powers and Massive Damage tests). The only time it came up, it was an electrical attack (Goldshot's electric arrow vs Gloria).

Massive Damage Knockback
1. Melee Bludgeoning attacks or Force damage. 'Rule of Cool' to being hammered by 4 shotguns though. :lol:
2. Z's aren't knocked back, instead gaining the Crippled condition (this can be a big advantage against Super-Zs). Shove and Massive Knockback can still throw them around.

Goldshot's Entangle arrows...
Check out the "Devastating Attack" rule specific to Zombies on pg.98 combined with her Entangle attack for your new best friend. :-)

"Combat Sandwich"
A brief respite to renew stamina would have been an idea. Even if it is just 'Gloria' doing a monologue. Supervillians always monologue and provide plot exposition; Super-Zs won't have lost this weakness...

Luck Power. Both versions are dependent upon the amount of incoming/outgoing die rolls occurring.
Luck/Good: It is quite good at lower Ranks but appears to taper off around the Rank 8 mark. At that point, a Hero likely has enough Ranks in skills/Powers etc that triggering it isn't noticeable.
Luck/Bad: Very good in large combats or melee Heroes (due to the number of incoming attacks). If the Hero doesn't get attacked, it will feel weak. Sentry, Shepherd and Torchlight would get some benefit from this Power. Goldshot wouldn't.
Also, it is reliant on the EiC paying attention to NPC doubles. Again, the benefit tapers off around Rank 8 due to the die rolling curve.

Suggestion for Human Error's luck:
She needs something unique to match what happened in her early appearances.

Luck (Good) x; Linked +1, Limitation +?
Luck (Bad) x; Linked +1, Limitation +?

Element/Energy Explosion (Luck) X; Linked +1, Sustained Damage -4 (unique power)
Usage: Make a Power Action Roll vs Discipline of all targets in the radius (friend or foe!). For the duration of the Sustained Effect, all affected targets suffer the effects of Luck/Bad (even if not attacking Human Error). Every time the effect triggers, Human Error can expend one charge to trigger her Luck/Good without needing a double. She can only hold a number of charges equal to the Power Passive Modifier. The charges expire at the end of the scene.

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Thanks SouthernSkies! Appreciate all the help there - especially with Human Error. I think we'll end up taking what you suggested for her. As for Goldshot's burnout, I think the majority of her burnout goes towards Celerity and a few of her specials arrows (Grapple Arrows, Fire Arrows, and electricity arrows). She never had a lot of burnout before so she goes through it quickly enough. Mind you - I'm not sure if this is the reason but when asked, she just shrugged and said the following.

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

New episode updated!

This episode is mostly roleplaying - with our characters exploring the remains of Nightbane prison along with returning home to Haven. A lot of good stuff is revealed - especially concerning the Patrician and Night Bane himself!

Author:  Southernskies [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Listened to it over the weekend. 300 points for next time... :mrgreen:

Breaking the news to Heavy Metal is going to be... complex.


With Goldshot's arrows, there may be a mechanics interpretation issue. As a Skill Hero, only Powers with the "All Skill" Flaw come off her personal burnout (see "No Powers" Disadvantage).

Enhanced Attack can be taken as All Skill but doesn't have Burnout. Energy Blast arrows (and Grapple arrow) have Burnout and can't use the All Skill Flaw; so need to be an External Power Source (as per Skill Hero). See NightRanger example above. This can be considered advantageous in both story and rules.

All heroes have their internal Burnout Threshold (based upon Fortitude or Resolve), but can have a separate External Power Source Burnout Threshold (Tech Heroes can have many!).

So she can run two pools:
Goldshot's internal Burnout Threshold = Resolve or Fortitude (only used for All Skill Powers)
Goldshot's External Power Source (probably treat her Bow as the source) = 10 + highest Power Passive Value + 1 for each extra Power attached that has Burnout.
This allows her to bleed off the Burnout from both sources at the same time as long as she takes a non-burnout action (such as Team Attack with a normal arrow).

Shepherd can have multiple pools (being a Tech Hero, see "Self-Made Hero" Advantage):
Internal Burnout Threshold = Resolve or Fortitude (only used by All Skill Powers)
Power Armour Burnout Threshold (External Power Source) = 10 + highest Power Passive Value + passive (Lo) + 1 for each extra Power attached that has Burnout.
Extra Tech item #2 = as PA
Extra Tech item #3 = as PA
Extra Tech item #4 = as PA
... until the EiC says "no more items"

Super-Humans get a little screwed here, as they use their internal Burnout Threshold for most things; however, they also do not suffer from the "Unreliable at the Best of Times" Disadvantage that every item has. Your EiC hasn't been throwing this problem at the Heroes that I have noticed.

My eaten Tech Hero had 4 items (Cybernetics, Large-sized Appleseed Power Armour, Plasma Cannon (Removable Item), combat undersuit and a regeneration tank), each with its own Burnout Threshold (the PA had 26 due to the number of Powers built into it) and never used his internal Threshold as he didn't have any All-Skill Powers (rules as written, a Tech couldn't take an All-Skill Power at character creation - one of the things that errata need to fix).

Going to be interesting how the former 'Kid Sentry' rebuilds. "Practitioner" or "The Chosen". :?:
My guess is going to be "The Chosen", as "Limits of Knowledge" runs contrary to how he has been run previously.

Author:  Taffy [ Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fandible's Rotted Cape Adventures

Hi there

Just finished going through the entire Rotted Capes podcasts. Awesome.

You guys have done a great job and I really like the characters you have developed

Great job guys, can't wait for the next episode, with either group.

Just wondering, if ex -sentry mimics torchlight's powers can he become a new torchlight twin?

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