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My First Time as an Editor in Chief!
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Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

So, my group has been playing Rotted Capes for awhile. While we don't play every week, we pick it up every couple months and play the campaign we're doing. Normally, I'm a player. However, this weekend, I found out two of our people were going to be out so I opted to run a side campaign set in the Rotted Capes universe with two of my remaining players.

The Two Characters:

Blackout - Blackout started in the 1930s in LA taking on the mafia and other degenerates of the city. She was able to control darkness which made her a bit of an urban legend to criminals since no one ever saw her. In truth, there has been about five Blackouts through the years. Moms pass it to their daughters. This Blackout, sadly, had to take the mantle far too early because her mother was killed six months before Z-Day. When Z-Day hit, she did what she could but not even the legend of Blackout could stop the Super Zs.

Exclusive - Exclusive was a pencil pusher for the mob. He specialized in collecting rumors and jobs and handing them out to the best people. However, being greedy got him in trouble. When the mob found out he was taking money from them, they put him in cement shoes and tossed him into a lake. Lucky for Exclusive, a company had been dumping toxic waste illegally into the lake. The waste transformed him into a Speedster. When he got out of the water, he decided that he'd make the mob pay. No - he'd make CRIME pay. So, he donned a costume and tried to stop a bank robbery... only for him to realize that he REALLY liked money. Half way through the rescue, he stole the money from the bank himself and ran away. Exclusive continued this sort of crime spree - mugging muggers and robbing bank robbers - until he was caught. He was on his way to to prison when Z-Day Hit.

The Story

During Z-Day, several metas were captured by a remnant of the government. Originally the government and the metas worked together, but slowly but surely, the few of Super Z's turned the base against them. When the metas wanted to leave, the general in charge refused and imprisoned them. So the metas tried to escape... only to be betrayed by a tech hero called Eagle One.

The metas were caught and the general strapped some collars that Eagle One made which could detonate if sent a signal. Not only that, but the general could make the collars have a timer. If the collars didn't get deactivated in a timely manner, they'd explode.

This campaign took place two years after they were collared. Out of the four metas of the original team, only two were alive. Blackout and Exclusive. Blackout was kept constantly in a completely lit cell which made her a little crazy (great RP from the player) and Exclusive lived his life in shackles unless they put the collar on him and let him out for a mission.

The two of them were brought out to run a mission. They were being sent an hour away to a small neighborhood to look for a generator that the base needed. Their collars were set to explode in five hours if they didn't return. The two of them were sent alone with their collars on, and they eventually found the home that supposedly had the equipment. Oddly enough ... it just looked like a home.

After killing several zombies, they began exploring the home. Inside, they found several skeletons picked clean and inside the master bedroom, they found a dead body inside a tech outfit. When Blackout tried to salvage some of the equipment, the body inside the suit came alive. The zombiefied tech hero was eventually put down. Lucky for Blackout that it was unable to bite her due to its helmet.

However - the two had made a lot of noise. Zombies began filing into the house. They stumbled into the basement where they located a hidden lab that belonged to the tech hero. Inside, they found the equipment that they were sent out to find. Lucky for them, they also found an emergency escape hatch. They escaped and made it back to their truck and they had about two hours to get back to base. PLENTY of time.

However, as they were driving, they couldn't reach home base by radio. As they got closer, they saw smoke in the distance. Finally, about ten minutes out, they got a weak radio call from inside: A Super Z had found them. Not just any Super Z... The Patrician (which is our version of like... Superman. He's the most powerful Super Z there is).

So the two stopped the truck and thought about it. Going into the base was suicide... but not going into the base to find the key to unlock their collars was suicide. So they decided to chance it. They drove into the base. As they made their way deeper into the base, they got glimpses of the Super Z tearing through soldiers and tech. They did their best to stealth and rolled decent enough. Finally, as they made it to Ops, they heard the Super Z leave... which was odd. It seemed he was more interested in biting everyone than actually consuming everyone.

Inside Ops, they found the general. He was barely alive, and when Blackout tried to find the key on him, she found it was missing. By now, their collars had only 10 minutes left until they exploded. Blackout pleaded with the general to tell her where the key was but he just smiled and called her a freak. This was when Blackout went crazy and macheted the man over and over again while Exclusive tried to figure out what to do.

Exclusive looked towards the OPs station which he was never allowed to see and realized why the Patrician attacked - this base was used to track his movements around the globe! Also, while he was looking through the footage, he saw a familiar face: Eagle One.

Seeing that Eagle One designed the collars, they hoped maybe he'd help them. They ran to the mess hall where the tech hero was pacing and pleaded for his help. He laughed, showed them he had the key, and then locked it away in his chest plate. He then revealed that he was bitten. And even with the burn, he could feel the infection. He was going to die which was bullshit. So if he was going to die - they were going to die.

The three of them battled in the mess hall. Blackout and Exclusive kept running and firing, avoiding melee with the tech hero. Eagle One blasted them with his hand cannon, causing severe wounds to Blackout. Yet, finally, with a minute on their collars left, the got the tech hero on his knees. Blackout used shadow tendrils to rip his chest plate open, the two got the key, and they pulled their collars off in time.

And then both promptly slapped the collars around Eagle One's neck.

They stepped back as the collars ripped the tech hero's head off.

As they stood there, they could hear zombies throughout the base. Yet for the first time, they felt hope. They could escape. Be free. Exclusive looked at Blackout and asked 'Are you going to turn me in for what I just did?"

Blackout shook her head and said "Who would I turn you into?"

Exclusive reached out, grabbed her hand, and said with a smile, "I don't know. Let's find out."

And that was the end of the game.

It was fun! It ran for about four hours. We tripped up on some of the rules, but overall, we had a fantastic time!

Author:  PCI_StatMonkey [ Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!


that sounds like a hell of a game session

well done

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!


The great thing is I feel we have a lot of the rules down. Sometimes we tripped up, but most of the time, I was able to figure out what to do with just my knowledge of the rules. Again, I had to remind myself how Massive Damage and Wounds work. But once I did, it flowed pretty easily.

The biggest thing that sort of got in the way is making obstacles which I probably need to refresh myself on. Like... our shadow caster at one point made a trip wire in front of four zombies. She ended up rolling all 10s so I made up something amazing to immediately get rid of those four zombies, but if she hadn't, I would have probably needed to figure out how a trip wire works....

I suppose it's really just how to handle attacks that hit multiple enemies and such, you know?

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

Alright. Week Two!

So, Blackout and Exclusive escaped the zombie filled base. The players debated trying to clear the base and using as their base of operations, but a well timed gas leak convinced them that the base was beyond repair. So, they left.

I did a bit of a time jump here so I could introduce them to their new team member. Two weeks had gone by and the two of them were starting to run out of food and bullets. Not only that, but their vehicle had been completely trashed by a Super Z. As they were trying to make hasty repairs, they heard a Semi approaching. The two opted to hide under their truck as the Semi came to a stop.

They heard a group of people disembark from the semi. Apparently the people were following a distress beacon... which was now coming from under the truck. Blackout and Exclusive were ordered out from under the truck by the group's leader. The two of them came out ready to fight but they discovered a friendly face trying to keep them calm.

The man was named Carl Hanks. When Blackout introduced herself, he immediately recognized her as a hero... though, he seemed more knowledgeable about the previous Blackout than her. The man explained that they were tracking a distress beacon. That's when my newest player introduced himself. He was the once sidekick cybernetic boy named Byte. He told Blackout that she was producing a distress call.

That's when Blackout realized that some of the stuff she took off the old tech hero from the previous game must have activated and one of them must have been a distress call. Byte helped her turn it off and Carl asked if they needed a ride. They asked why he was so helpful and Carl explained that he was once part of the Guardian League. He was the Alpha known as Symbious.

He used to have a symbiotic relationship with his suit which he found when he was deep sea diving in the Navy. When Z-Day hit, he was one of the first infected. However, his suit was the only thing that got infected. It spat him out, told him to run, and he escaped... yet somewhere, there is a zombified suit hunting for him.

Anyways, Blackout and Exclusive opt for a ride to the nearest enclave.

Another time jump - two months. Blackout and Exclusive actually join up with Carl Hanks' group. Carl doesn't have any super powers anymore but he does have some knowledge where some hero's secret hideouts are. So, they raid super hide outs, find weapons and materials, and then supply enclaves.

On their way to deliver a package, they get a distress call from an isolationist group. It's short but it sounds like the group is in trouble. Carl decides they should check it out. The isolationist group is a band of twenty people who follow the former hero Banshee. Banshee was mostly a rocker who could scream at incredibly deadly volume, but he side lined as a hero to help his career prior to Z-Day. The group worries that Banshee might have turned into a Super Z but they decide it is worth the risk to help a group in need.

Blackout, Exclusive, and Byte leave the group to investigate the enclave. It's in an old diner surrounded by makeshift walls. The gates are all locked, but they are able to scale the fence. Inside they find... nobody. No zombies. No bodies. It looks like the people were living in filth. They also find manacles behind the bar. Apparently, someone didn't want the bartender to escape... though, again, no bodies.

They make their way to the back of the diner and hear music coming from the manager's office. When they open it, they find it has been turned into a dressing room. Where the enclave is gross and poor, this is extravagant. And sitting in the seat in Banshee himself - dolled up for a show. He also is covered in blood. He explains that the group must have left before the show. He then dismisses the group cause he 'needs to get ready'.

The group try to talk to the hero but he seems to far gone with trying to prepare for the 'show'. He asks them to get him a drink, and the group actually opts to do so because it gives them time to talk. When they get the drink, they decide they need to interrogate him on where the blood came from. That's when they hear Banshee's voice coming from speakers. Speakers outside the walls of the Diner.

"Darlings, the show is ready to go on!"

And suddenly an explosion occurs. The gates explode outward and David Bowie begins to play loudly. Clearly, Banshee is trying to bring in an audience of undead! As the group stumbles out of the diner, the garage behind the diner begins to open. Suddenly, zombies pour out of it. They spot the heroes and begin slowly moving towards them. SLOWLY. Way too slowly. The heroes realize the zombies are chained up and are dragging something behind them.

Suddenly they realize that the zombies are dragging a stage out of the garage. Pyrotechniques begin and suddenly Banshee appears on the stage! Tied up to the stage our four Bystanders. Banshee forces one of them to sit at the drum set. Another to stand near the keyboard. Another is forced to hold a guitar and another holds a keytar. Then the show begins! Banshee is crazed as zombies poor in towards the stage! He thinks that he's performing for a sold out show!

The heroes try to stop the show by shutting off the power but Banshee kills one of the Bystanders as a warning. So the heroes opt to get on stage and fight the former hero! Blackout tries to use her shadow powers against the man but realizes that the heavy stage lights is completely negating her powers! Exclusive doesn't have a lot of room on the stage to use his hyper speed! Byte does his best to shut down the music that's attracting the zombies but to no avail! So a close quarter combat occurs.

After a long fight, Banshee decides he wasn't going to die by these amateurs' hands! So he stage dives into the zombies below to crowd surf! He sings as the zombies rip him apart.

The zombies are briefly distracted but they begin to swarm the stage. The group frees the bystanders and begin to climb ontop of the garage. Then they hop over to the diner's roof. As they debate how to get over the fence and away from the giant crowd of zombies below, one of the bystanders screams behind them. They turn in time to see her clutching her torn out throat. On the edge of the diner is now the Super Z Banshee. He looks like he's in bad shape, but the heroes aren't doing so hot either.

They fight the Super Z Banshee for a second time and finally kill him with a well placed headshot. Then they use some nearby wires to climb out of the enclave and to the streets. They all take off with the remaining bystanders and make it back to the truck.

They find out that Banshee had been slowly starving the group since day one. When the group decided to fight back, he killed most of them and then decided that he wanted to go out with a 'bang'.

The group hops back into the Semi and they drive off to the nearest enclave in order to drop off their supplies and the remaining survivors from the isolationist group. Carl turns on the radio as they drive, puts on a CD, and David Bowie begins to sing.

Exclusive opts to reach out, eject the CD, and then toss it out the window.

And that was it!

Fun times!

Author:  EddieS [ Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

Keep 'em coming! Loving your arc so far 8-) :D

Author:  PCI_StatMonkey [ Tue May 03, 2016 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

EddieS wrote:
Keep 'em coming! Loving your arc so far 8-) :D

I second that!

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

I know I already gave a synopsis of my games but we've finally started posting them today! ... ement-1-2/

We are getting better at the rules. A few mess ups here and there but we had a fun time.

Author:  PCIHenry [ Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

Thank you for sharing!

And remember - it's your ame - there are no messups, only "features". :-)


Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

And here is part two of the first adventure! ... ement-2-2/

Author:  TheMindfulFool [ Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Time as an Editor in Chief!

Here is the second game featuring me in the Editor in Chief Chair! ... er-zs-1-2/

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