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 Post subject: Re: What are some powers you would like to see?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:23 am 

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This is a collection of Power Tricks I've come up with for running in my game that I thought I'd throw out here.

POWER TRICK: Seamless Combination
Cost: +Special, +3 Burnout
Effect: This move allows you to complete more actions than normally allowed (seven ticks), up to a maximum of ten. The speed cost is variable, as it depends on the actions being taken, but the extra burnout cost is fixed if the number of ticks taken to complete a combination of actions exceeds seven.

Element/Energy Blast
POWER TRICK: Delayed Blast
Cost: +Variable, +Variable
Effect: This Trick expands upon the Element/Energy Burst trick, allowing you the additional ability to delay the burst effect up to a number of ticks equal to your passive power value. As per the Burst trick, your attack encompasses an entire area, not just one target, but you also control the duration of this wait time. The cost for this trick is variable, as you have two options:
One, you may choose a set number of ticks (up to your passive power value), pay +2 Burnout on top of Energy Burst, and the Blast goes off at the beginning of that tick with no further effort on your part
Or two, you may choose to concentrate on the Energy Grenade you have created and decide the tick that it detonates on. Each tick of waiting costs one additional burnout, and you may not take any other action while you focus your attention on managing the energies you have released. Should your concentration be interrupted or you run out of burnout, the Burst automatically detonates.

POWER TRICK: Constrictor
Cost:+2 burnout
Effect: You may attempt to wrap yourself around an opponent, pinning their arms and legs, effectively grappling with them. After successfully pinning them, you may opt to automatically deal damage as a complex action, dealing your power die (Mi). They may break your hold as per the grappling rules on page 92, rolling against your power.

Powers: Move Object, Entangle
Cost: +Complex, +2 Burnout
Effect: After successfully pinning an opponent with Entangle, you may opt to use this power trick as a variant of your "Move Object" power, where instead of applying force to move a person/item around, you apply force directly on top of them, effectively crushing them into the ground. As they are already ensnared in your Entangle, this attack is automatically successful (as per the punish move in the grapple section on pg. 92) until they break free of your entanglement, and deals damage based on your move object power die and your resolve die.

POWER TRICK: Unseen Watcher
Cost: +2 Burnout
Effect: For an additional two burnout you may attempt to establish a connection to another person’s mind that they aren’t aware of, allowing you to read their thoughts unbeknownst to them.
POWER TRICK: Anticipate Attack
Cost: +2 Burnout
Effect: You establish a mental connection to your opponent and gain an insight into how they’re fighting, granting you either a +2 to your avoidance or +2 to your attack. Should your opponent have a larger plan or scheme that they are acting out, you may make an perception check against their melee (having to fight with both your fists and mind is not an easy task) to view it so that you may circumvent it.

POWER TRICK: Follow In My Wake
Cost: +5 Burnout
Effect: As you teleport to a new location, you may choose to leave a temporary portal behind you that others may pass through for a number of ticks equal to your passive modifier. One person of size Medium or smaller may pass through each tick, until the portal snaps shut, barring further passage. You may choose to renew the portal for an additional five burnout, or close it early at no extra cost.

Cost: None
Effect: When viewing a map, image, pdf or other such document on a computer you have ported into, you may choose to download that document to remember it with perfect recall. You may have as many such documents as your power’s passive value (with the option to “Delete” anything from your memory at any time), and the Editor is free to force a power action roll or not allow the download if a document is deemed by them to be too large, though you are welcome to download only a bite sized chunk of the whole doc. You may also opt to “Upload” such a document to a computer with a successful Power Action roll, though if you fail, the document is lost in transmission and destroyed for all intents and purposes.

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 Post subject: Re: What are some powers you would like to see?
PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2016 9:31 am 
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good stuff!

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