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The Order of Judas
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Author:  Blusponge [ Fri May 27, 2016 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  The Order of Judas

So despite a few setbacks, things are moving full steam ahead in my campaign as the heroes have been charged with helping thwart a potential war between the English crown and the Courts of Tir Na Og. Rumors are swirling that the fae have entered into a pact with James II (deposed King in exile, now in France) and King Louis IX. Someone close to King William is urging him to make war upon the fae before the three allies can move their combined forces against England. The Court of Whispers is well aware that this would be a one-sided battle, and Alena of Palestine has prohecized as much. The fae are aware of these machinations, but some smooth talking by the resident Lightbringer hero has bought the Orders of Solomon some time to put an end to this lunacy and avert the terrible results.

I'm putting the pieces of this intrigue in place, adding adversaries that make sense for the different heroes. The Spanish Inquisition (no one expected that!) and the Inked Palm are already involved, including a few more unseen villainous forces.

I'm thinking of introducing them in the form of a mysterious figure that pushes the group in different directions to keep them on track. Sort of an evil Deep Throat if you will. I'm liking the Order of Judas for this. So I thought I'd put it out there, given the scenario I've outlined, what are some things the Order of Judas might do to motive the players? I haven't really used the Order in play before, and they are somewhat nuanced ("we must be evil so that heroes will rise"). So what are some ways I can use the order to really push the PCs' buttons?


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