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Author:  Blusponge [ Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Public Relations...

So with Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow back in full swing for new seasons, I'm lead back to a topic that comes up every once in a while during play. That is: how aware are the public of witch hunters? They were stricken from scripture 400 years ago at the tail end of the 11th century after the second sacrifice. Obviously the church knows enough about them to round them up as heretics and blasphemers. But when some cool drink of water rolls into witch-haunted Stuttenberg and introduces herself as a witch hunter, what does that mean to the common lay person? Does folklore still surround these soldiers of faith, or are they greeted with blank stares and off-color remarks?

Now, in my game, this has only come up a couple of times. The cadre is pretty good at keeping what they are doing under wraps. But they have dealt with a handful of people who "know what they are." And of course, there is Pietrov, a Sunwise Circle NPC who is unashamed to call himself "part of a family of famous dragon hunters" and crush the skulls of anyone who says otherwise. But the rest of the players pretty much avoid the topic.

But there is a lose end I expect the players will move to tie up soon where the mantel of "witch hunter" could possibly hold real weight. And looking back over the Role of the Witch Hunter in the previous edition, it sure sounds as if the unwashed masses huddling in fear in the wild countryside might still be open to help from someone calling him or herself witch hunter.

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, 1st edition, pg 175 wrote:
Whether he is called shaman, priest, sorcerer, soldier or scholar, the off color townie or the worldly traveler, it makes no difference. The Witch Hunter is the most knowledgeable, dedicated and often, the most experienced person to intervene on mortal behalf and if needs be, to combat the malignant forces of the Invisible World. It should also be noted that this very trait can easily place the Witch Hunter in more danger than a supernatural foe, as he is often an untraditional figure who is suddenly thrust into a position of great authority, and his righteous acts can nevertheless be interpreted (or depicted) as usurpation by established leaders. The Orders of Solomon have divine glory on their side, but they must tread lightly and often humbly accept that their role of guardianship is one not often lauded (or even seen) within the public courts and the greater scope of history.

I haven't seen anything official in the Dark Providence or Revelations campaign guides. So is there an "official" rule of such things? How do the rest of you handle it in your games?


Author:  Blusponge [ Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Relations...

Heh. Writing this post got me thinking. Just for fun, but I think this could be something.

1-9...Knows nothing
10...Is aware of Witch Hunters

D10...Why [Initial Disposition]
1...The Crusaders Inviolate attempted to recruit him. He is on the run from them. Knows too much! [Dislike (Fear)]
2...Blames death of family and friends on witch hunter(s). [Malice]
3...Dabbled in the occult as a youth. [Dislike (Fear)]
4...Rescued by witch hunter(s), but at great cost to himself. [Dislike or Enmity]
5...Read apocryphal works while attending seminary. Has lost faith. [Dislike]
6...Was used as bait by witch hunter(s). [Dislike]
7...Had an unusual (but otherwise mundane) encounter with a witch hunter. [Indifferent]
8...Loved one saved by witch hunter(s). [Friendly]
9...Personally aided by witch hunter(s) in time of great need. Holds them in high regard. [Friendly]
10...As #9; desperate to prove himself worthy of joining the cause. [Affection]

Author:  PCI Eric [ Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Relations...

The world at large isn't really aware of Witch Hunters in the Orders of Solomon sense. But the people generally believe in witchcraft and monsters and the idea of somebody that hunts witches and foul beasts would not be something they would not believe

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