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A littel gift from Salem, season 2
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Author:  Blusponge [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  A littel gift from Salem, season 2

And this is why I bother watching the show!

Lend Me Your Sight (Basic Witchcraft)
Mastery: 2
Time: None/1 round
Duration: 1 minute
Strain: 2
Damnation: 0/0
Description: With the activation of this rite, the warlock plucks his eyes from his head and places them into the hands of a willing subject. Despite the unsettling scene, the warlock suffers no damage from this act. Nor is he blind, for while he has no physical eyes, he may see as ever. At the end of the rite's duration, the warlock's eyes rot away only to regenerate back in their sockets, just as they were prior to the rite's casting.

The subject is then granted a vision of anything the warlock has seen within the past 24 hours. This includes glimpses of the Invisible World experienced by the warlock. The vision is vivid, as though the subject had experienced it himself. It can be disorienting, however, and the subject must make a successful D3 Resolve+Will roll or collapse retching for 1-2 minutes after the vision has passed.

Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 to extend the breadth of time to anything the warlock has seen within 7 days.
Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 to extend the rite's duration by 1 minute.

Season 2, here we go!

Author:  PCIHenry [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A littel gift from Salem, season 2

Hello Tom,

Very nice. I wish we'd had that before we laid out Rites and Relics.

Care to try your hand at the second bit of spellcraft from that episode? The spell (or was it the relic or a combination of the two) that twisted said 'Lend Me Your Sight' spell?

Author:  Blusponge [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A littel gift from Salem, season 2

Alright. It dovetails with something that has been rolling around in my brain for some time now. Here's a (very) rough draft. Happy to have someone else tidy it up. :)

Dreamcatcher (Greater Animism)
Time: Varies
Duration: Special
Strain: 2
Description: A dreamcatcher is a protective talisman created by the animist to guard herself and those she cares for from foul and evil rites and bewitchment. Among the boundless variants of primitive folk magick, dreamcatchers can take on an almost endless variety of shapes and forms, from the woven talismans of the native Amerinds to the witch bags of western Europe. These talismans are empowered by a protective spirit, bound to the talisman by the animist at the time of its creation. In many ways, a dreamcatcher functions like a Sigil of Warding (Hermeticism).

The dreamcatcher protects only against Basic Rites of any devotion. (See Boost below)

When the dreamcatcher is created, the animist must specify it's purpose. The spirit bound to the dreamcatcher will fulfill one of the following duties:

Alarm: The spirit-infused talisman gives off either a silent alarm that only the animist can hear (at any distance), or a keening wail that seems like to wake the dead. The alarm goes off until the animist silences it with a mental command.

Barrier: The spirit-infused talisman bars entry of a shelter (or sanctuary) to any sending (spirit, phantom, or demonic). The shelter may be no larger than 50 square feet. This effect is similar to a Ward (Hermeticism). The sending is not released from its task, and will no doubt roam the parameter of the barrier until it is dismissed or a day has passed, at which time the protective spirit is dismissed and whatever is out there is free to strike. The animist who fashioned the dreamcatcher will immediately be aware of any sendings probing the barrier.

Conceal: The spirit-infused talisman hides those protected from the offending rite or sending. How this is done is completely left to the animist. A clairvoyance rite, for example, might be obfuscated by a false vision or similar deception.

Capture: The spirit-infused talisman binds and entangles the offending rite or sending, effectively capturing it before it can strike its intended victim. So captured, the offending rite may be examined by the animist who, with a successful D2 Mysticism (Education) roll, may determine 1 of the following details (plus 1 per additional success):
• the relative power of the sorcerer
• the type of sorcery employed
• the relative proximity of the sorcerer
• the identity of the sorcerer (enough to identify the sorcerer when finally encountered, not the sorcerer's true name)

The animist may use the captured rite as a sympathetic link to the caster, and thus may use it to respond with any rite of his own that require such a connection (a thread of hair, a drop of blood, etc.).

It must be noted that the sorcerer who cast the captured rite will immediately sense that the rite has been foiled and captured. He will no doubt make immediate preparations to protect himself from reprisals and foil the animist's examination, so time is of the essence. A captured rite more than an hour old is effectively useless for gaining any information.

Creating a dreamcatcher requires time.

Protected Subjects / Prep Time / Mastery / Hurried / Reckless
Self / 1 hour / 0 / 10 minutes / 1 minute
Other / 2 hrs / 1 / 20 min / 2 min
+1 subject / 3 hrs / 2 / 30 min / 3 min
+2 / 4 hrs / 3 / 40 min / 4 min
+3 / 5 hrs / 4 / 50 min / 5 min
+4 / 6 hrs / 5 / 60 min / 6 min
+5–6 / 7 hrs / 6 / 70 min / 7 min
+7–10 / 8 hrs / 7 / 80 min / 8 min

Duration: The spirit bound to the talisman will complete a single task for the animist. Once that task is done, it is freed. The spirit remains bound to the talisman until that task has been fulfilled or a season has passed (up to 3 months depending on the time of creation).

Boost: Increase Mastery by 3 to protect against Greater Rites.
Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 to bind the spirit to 2 tasks.

Author:  PCIHenry [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A littel gift from Salem, season 2

Very, very nice!

Good job!

Author:  Blusponge [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A littel gift from Salem, season 2

Glad you like it. Dreamcatcher probably has a dozen holes that need patching. But it's pretty close to what I've been thinking about for a while now. My home game only has one sorcerer, a priest (prayer). So cranking out player useable rites hasn't been high on my priority list. But the opening sequence of Salem with the tracker was just too cool NOT to build a rite from.

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