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Author:  EddieS [ Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:46 am ]
Post subject:  Adventuring

Pardon yet another, non-campaign related, n00bish story. Still hope you all enjoy.

- Adventuring -

Ar’Kelos spoke abnormally mellow and low. The fact that he was a Kelekene made it even more disturbing and surprising.

‘Are you reading that map correctly, Plish?’

‘Damn it, mage! Warn me before you speak. You know you creep the soulstone out of me with that voice of yours!’ responded the Dwarven rogue. ‘And my cartography skills are not lacking. We are on the right path ya blasted rouge haired book-worm.’

The Elorii kept about his own business, as if something else caught his attention even if for a brief moment. Be this the case of if it was his way of just ignoring the Dwarf annoyed the rogue even further.

‘Might as well camp here for the time being.’ Eifraien stated to Tabi the Bard. ‘Plish is “t h o r o u g h l y” reading his map.’ mocking him as he raised his hands and made quote signs with his fingers, whispering: ‘I.E. he has no clue where we’re going.’ chuckling slightly.

‘SHUT IT, VAL!’ shuffling the map in the process in an attempt to make sense of it.

‘Ar’Kelos.’ Tabithna turning toward the Elorii. ‘I’ve always wanted to ask one of your kind. For someone so longed live, what do you do with all that time?’

‘Prepare.’ Ar’Kelos responded with that terrifyingly calm demeanor of his, never ceasing from looking through the pages of writings he was going through before being addressed by the group’s bard.

‘For what?’

‘For their dead gods to make a return. An event that will never happen.’ Interjected Eifraien. ‘A hopeless cause if you ask me. They’re eradicated to the point of no return.’

‘Tell me something, cleric. If your deity were to perish. Would you be able to summon his blessings?’ Ar’Kelos asked demandingly while still sifting through his papers.

‘Of course not! How absurd to even ask such nonsense!’ Eifraien retorted.

‘Then explain how *I* still exist? How my essence, a blessing of Kelos himself, still is? If they were truly gone, would it not make sense that majority of the Elorii would be as well?’

Eifraien raised his hand, pointing a finger upward ready to counter argue but found himself at a loss for words, lowering his hand in frustration. If one knew any better, one could have sworn the Elorii smirked a little with the satisfaction of stumping the Val cleric to the point of irritation.

‘We’re going to have to make a supply run. This little expedition is taking longer than expected. We have maybe half a day’s rations …’ Govrin stopped as he was quickly interrupted.

‘Got it!' Plish gleefully stated as he stood in front of a cavern extension. ‘Hmm, but this part is not on the map. Tabi, you’ve traveled the world, what do you make of this symbol?’ pointing to it above.

Tabithna took her time, trying to recall any lore from the oddly shaped icon. ‘I do not recollect anything regarding it. I have never run across this before.’

‘Perfect! Time to check it out!’ Plish stated eagerly.

‘What? We don’t know what’s down there?’ Tabithna responded. ‘Govrin just mentioned we are low on supplies and look at that extension. I can’t even see that far into it. Who knows how long it goes? We could be cut off from supplying? We could even get lost down there!’

“Dearest Tabi. We’re male. We do not get lost. We go ….. adventuring.’ stated Ar’Kelos as he summoned a globe of Witchlight and proceeded down the path followed by the others.

‘Men!’ Tabithna said irritably as she began to follow them in ….

Author:  Southernskies [ Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

The Tavern is for *any* IC posts; it doesn't have to be Legends of Arcanis related (just Arcanis, which your story is!). Nice start.

More please? Did they survive their little side trip? Or was Tabithna proven correct about her companion's shortcomings?

Author:  EddieS [ Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

Adventuring part 2 -

All that could be heard were swords clashing against shields. The sounds were being drowned out between that of metal on metal and the growls of the assailants.

<Tabithna> (“We don’t get lost” he says …. “We go adventuring!” he says! Damn that Elorii!) as she slices through the welpling attempting to attack her from behind.

<Ar’Kelos> (This your first time mind linked? We all can hear your surface thoughts) fireblasting another of the small, hyena-like humanoid trying to ambush the group’s bard from above.

<Plish & Tabithna> (Eesh, even with telepathy you still have that creepy voice!) the rogue placing himself back to back to Eifraien, now mending his wounds with a spell.

In the chaos of battle, one voice wasn’t heard, not even via the link Ar’Kelos established. One member didn’t even flinch at the side of danger … he reveled in it: Govrin.

He leaped right into action. Swathing through the hyena-pups as they bit off the cleric’s hand. He did not stop. His Tralian Hammer crushing skulls and piercing through the flesh of the would be attackers. An intense smile donned on his face as he continued his onslaught, the kind of smile that glinted with a shimmer of elegant madness. Each swing his grin grew wider and wider.

When the last of the creatures were slain, Govrin stood there, covered in blood, as if absorbing the essence of the recent slaughter. This was his prize from the spoils of this battle. This was what he lived for. His comrades stood in awe, if not terror, from witnessing Govrin in action.

Eifraien now thoroughly attended his wound. After the excitement of combat came the realization of pain. The cleric gritting his teeth as he wrapped his wrist with the help Tabithna who came to aid him.

Plish began to rummage through the corpses in hopes of clues. Crude weapons and a armor was all that was found. To which he found to be confusing. Why would creatures such as these need weapons and armor?

Govrin began to clean off the blood from his hammer, his eyes attempting to keep a vigilant watch about.

As Tabithna finishing off the last of the wrapping on Eifraien’s hand, the cleric chuckled ‘Well this puts a damper on my usefulness. I guess I am going to have to get used to one handed weapons’ as he put his hand on the Flintlock holstered on his side.

‘We should prepare to move. Our ruckus is surely to attract others to our location.’ Govrin stated as he cleaned off the last of the grime off his weapon.

‘Agreed, however I am curious. What could have caused them to be so aggressive and what kind of offshoot canine are they?’ pondered Ar’Kelos.

‘They’re not canine, Elorii …’ Plish began.

‘Oh my God …’ gasped Tabithna as she looked toward Plish.

‘ … They’re werehyenas’ concluded the rogue as he stood between the littered remains of the, now human, carcasses.

To be continued ….

Author:  EddieS [ Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

Adverturing pt. 3

True to Govrin’s statement, it did not take long for another contingent of the lycans to come towards the commotion. The howls of lament at the sight of their fallen younger ones and tell-tale whelping that sounded more like a disturbingly insane laughter could be heard throughout the caverns. No soon after, the chase gave on …

‘Werehyenas? Like werewolves? I was not aware of different types of were-creatures. I must know more.’ Ar’Kelos said curiously as they ran from the recent scene.

‘Only you would find that fascinating during a time like this. Find something more productive to do with that long life-span of yours, rouge-haired bastard!’ Plish lashed.

‘Do you even know where we are running to?’ asked Tabithna. ‘Nevermind ….. “adventuring”.’ rolling her eyes in mid stride.

‘All of your women hold grudges as much as her?’ Ar’Kelos asked.

‘YES!’ responded the rest of the men, almost in unison.

‘Just wait till we get out of here, IF we even get out. Then I’ll show you grudge, Elorii.’ scolded Tabithna.

Following the rogue, the group kept going through several passages. It seemed like each time they chose a path to go down when it split was darker than the previous one. Run as they might, the scurrying of claws on the ground wasn’t too far behind them and luck is a fickle mistress indeed … especially when she decides to run off from you.

‘You have got to be kidding me?! Dead end?!?!’ Plish cursed.

‘We make our stand here, we have enough room to move about somewhat.’ Govrin commanded as he readied his hammer and turned about.

Tabithna and Plish unsheathed their blades, each taking position to the left and right and just slightly ahead of Eifraien, pulling a flintlock from the holster, while Ar’Kelos took his spot besides the cleric already casting Mindlink on the party.

<Eifraien> (Tabithna cover those coming from your side. Plish, the right. Govring, those coming from ahead of us. Ar’Kelos, provide ranged support. Keep vigilant!) The others took their stances without hesitation.

The first of them, two, walked in calmly. They were larger than the whelplings that attacked them. One fearlessly charged towards Govrin. The other leap over the fighter attempting to reach the cleric.

Govrin readied for the charge, bearly side-stepping when the creature lunged his claws. Quickly he shoved his hammer into the thing’s underside and swung him about towards the wall. It slammed the cavern side with a minor yelp, the deep wound bleeding profusely.

Tabithna slashed at the leaper. Plish dug his daggers deep into the creature’s torso, but not without consequences as the claw slash meant for Eifraien landed on the dwarf’s chest instead. The lycanthrope placed his attention to Tabithna, clawing at her, landing a mark on her arm. The other lycan pounced toward Govrin, its deep wounds appearing less and less deep as the bleeding stopped and began to close in mid-leap. The same occurred with the other as it let loose a fierce roar at the four in front of it.

Govrin dodged aside causing his attacker to miss, landing almost side by side the other lycan. Plish and Tabithna dived as if for cover …. just as the blast of immolation coming from Ar'Kelos landed right on the lycans. The force knocking them back several feet. <Govrin> (‘Now!) as he pinned one of the lycans down. Plish and Tabithna both attacked the prone hyena, decapitating it on one, coordinated, strike. Its head, now severed, began to slowly change from creature form along with the rest of its separated body.

Eifraien fired off his flintlock at the remaining lycan just as it tackled Govrin onto the ground, fiercely biting into his shoulder. Govrin yelled in agony as he felt the teeth sink into his muscle and bone. The cleric dropped his gun and released a 2nd shot from the other flintlock quickly drawn. The powerful blow knocking it off Govrin. <Eifraien> (‘Gather near him!) as he moved towards Govrin. Plish, and Tabithna followed suit.

The lycan got up. Its wounds already beginning to heal as it began to charge towards the party only to stop mere feet away from them as Ar’Kelos shouted ‘HALT!’ at it, holding his hand up in defiance to the creature’s charge. It tried to claw out to anything it could reach. The air mocking him as its claws swooshed through nothing.

‘I call to you, Altheres. Give us your aid and your blessings!’ Eifraien chanted as he held his holy symbol. A circle of light engulfed him, Plish, Tabithna, and the creature. Their wounds began to heal, their weapons gleamed a faint shimmer, and the poor lycan once again found itself hurled away from the group, howling in pain as the Cant Eifraien channeled knocked it away, the blast of holy light hurting it deeply.

Ar’Kelos lit the hyena with a firery bolt to prevent it from healing its wounds too quickly, buying time for his teammates to reach the creature as it stood there still unable to move from the Elorii’s Halt spell still affecting it. Govrin stabbed at it first, holding it into place as Plish and Tabithna sliced an arm each, then decapitating it.

They quickly exited where they entered. More maniacal laughing and claws scraping the ground from the direction they initially came from. The party quick departed in the opposition direction. As they came to several splits, more werehyenas kept pouring from the right side, forcing them to follow the next several splits leading left each time.

Like a hoard invading a country they chased the party down pushing them deeper and deeper down the rabbit’s hole. Their path ever so dark. Only a globe of Witchlight provided any source of visibility until a faint light could be seen down the path. When they came to the source, it was a large chamber that was barely lit by several torches from the center. In it several knelt beings were chanting, facing a stone like slab, where another being laid and a robed figure stood holding a dagger. She turned her attention to the intruding interlopers. ‘Good, you are all here …. I’ve been eagerly waiting for your arrival.’ welcomed the robed figure as she addressed our intrepid adventurers.

To be continued ….

Author:  EddieS [ Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

Adventuring pt. 4

Her “robe” barely covered her. Designed in such a revealing manner that would make even the most daring Larissan Dancer blush. She talked with a sultry grace that would cause anyone pause just to listen ….

‘We do not often have “guests” come down here.’ she began. ‘When we do, I always try and encourage them to come and stay’.

‘You’re not exactly on the top 10 travel destinations on Onara list, lady’ retorted Plish.

‘Tragic? Is it not?’ she responded. ‘We offer the greatest gift of all, yet we are scorned, hunted, and killed. It makes keeping us propagated somewhat difficult. But for the Queen, we do what it takes to keep our numbers up.’

While she conversed, two werehyenas entered the chamber from the location the party did. Two to three more from different corridors till they numbered about roughly 12 in total. Each donning different weapons ranging from swords, clubs, and spears.

‘Our greatest concern was acquiring members. And there are times where we cannot gather sufficient humans. Then we ran into our little friend here.’ she pointed to the being laying on the stone slab. ‘After the Elorii had their rebellion, it is not often one finds a Ssethric warrior outside their lands where hence they were banished toward, but oooh, what a wonderful find he is …’ as she slowly slid the tip of her dagger down his chest. 'And thankfully, he adjusted to the arcane preparations I have performed on him and he is ready for the final step to his transformation.’

The other lycans now closed in on our adventurers forcing them to get closer to the center chamber or risk getting slashed, pierced, or bashed by them. Outnumbered, they complied and moved further in.

‘What do you want with us?’ Eifraien commanded.

‘Have you not been listening? And here I thought Vals were the empathic ones’ she sighed. ‘In the name of our Queen, I am bringing more members to the pack! With the success of this ritual. I shall then repeat the process on all of you! Imagine, a Ssetheric, Dwarf, Elorii, and a Val amongst our numbers. She will be most pleased!’ she stated excitedly.

‘More members to the pack?’ Tabithna asked with fearful curiosity.

‘Why, become one of us, child. A son and daughter of the moon.’ she complied.

‘A werecreature like them Tabi.’ added Plish.

‘What?!’ Tabithna gasped. ‘I don’t want to become one of you! I do not want to have a flea problem!’

‘I will ignore that faux for the moment, human.' she scolded. 'At first it will take time to adjust, but you will be immortal, child. Time is just one of many benefits gained.’ She nooded to the figures knelt around the stone slab. ‘Go, my children. Only the guards need to stay.’

Several lycans left the chamber leaving only 3 behind holding spears while at the same time the knelt figures commenced chanting once more. The robed woman moved her hand over the head of the large Ssressen laying on the slab. ‘Open thyself, my child, and receive our Queen’s blessings!’ cutting her palm with her dagger, she squeezed her hand, the blood pouring into the lizardman’s mouth. Finishing the chanting, an arcane circle on the ground surrounding the slab just where the chanting figures knelt began to glow brightly as did the Ssressen on the slab. ‘Yes … YES!’ she shouted gleefully. ‘Behold! The newest brother amongst our midst! Hyena and lizardman, now as one. The Vuldroag!’

To be concluded ….

Author:  EddieS [ Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

Adventuring pt. 5

The light from the arcane circle began to collapse and condense toward the stone slab, racing up it till it combined with the creature laying on it, then bursting into a bright flash. It sat up and looked around, as if were confused where it was.

‘Welcome my child. Stand, let us see you.’ she beckoned him.

The Vuldroag stood up. Its height was an imposing 8 feet. He looked and moved toward the robed woman, kneeling in reverence as he kissed her hand when she extended it.

‘Show me your true form, child.’ she requested gleefully. ‘Show them the gift that has been bestowed upon you.’

It got up from its knelt position, turned to face the party. Its gazed affixed on Ar’Kelos. The fires of hatred in his eyes could be seen even from a distance. It smiled, displaying the rows of sharp teeth in his mouth. The smile grew into a small laughter. Laughter to pain as the changed took place. Fur began sprouting over its scales. Keeling over his stomach, it began to increase in size as his Ssethric features merged into an odd mixture of canine and lizard. Its laughter changing from the guttural grow into the mad cackling that of a hyena. After the transformation, he stood at a menacing 9 feet tall. Patches of fur and scale littered his body in a non-pattern fashion. Its gaze once again perforating the Elorii.

‘Enough of this!’ shouted Eifrain. ‘Behold the power of my Lord …’ As he turned to the guards holding weapons against him ‘… and revere his brilliance!’ the cleric chanted and began to grow so bright that his luminance almost compared to the glory of Illir himself. The three lycans were powerless to resist, falling to their knees as tears began to roll from their eyes from the awe and presence of Eifraien’s cant.

‘How dare you?!’ she disapproved. ‘You openly defy the gift you will soon receive? I am disappointed! Eliminate them, my son.’ pointing at the group. The chanters kneeling began to scurry away to an exit in the rear of the chamber.

Govrin readied his weapons, as Plish and Tabithna took advantage of the chaos by lopping the head from one of the lycans caught in Eifraien’s Awe.

The Vuldroag, jumped on the stone slab, squatted briefly and leaped off it with such might that it cracked the stone underneath. Its target was obvious as he began to close toward Ar’Kelos when it jumped. Ar’Kelos locked his gaze with the creature as it closed in. If it landed on him, it would surely crush him where he stood, yet the Elorii never moved, didn’t flinch as the growling hulk moved closer and closer to end the hated elf’s life.

‘Eberon, aeleros.’
Eloran: {‘Eberon, to my aid.’}

A mass of rocks and stone quickly emerged from the ground right in front of Ar’Kelos, landing a powerful uppercut on the Vuldroag’s chin mere seconds from it landing on the Elorii. The blow was so intense that it flung the being back to the slab from hence it launched.

'NO!’ yelled the robed woman.

‘Eliminate him.’ commanded Ar’Kelos in that eeringly calm tone of his. The earth elemental wasted no time following its master’s commands as it charged the creature. The weight of its mass causing the ground it stepped on to sink in slightly.

Ar’Kelos quickly began to cast another spell as he muttered the words of power, he gave pause as searing pain claimed his mouth, blood trickling from his tongue and lips. ‘That will be enough from you, mage!’ scowled the robed woman as she hexed the Elorii.

Govrin moved in front of the other kneeling lycan. Cocking his hammer, preparing for a mighty swing. The blow landing square on lycan’s head, blood gashing out from force of the strike. Govrin followed up with a second attack bashing the thing’s head right off, knocking both head and body into the third, captivated, lycan. The shock waking it from the spell’s effects.

Plish and Tabithna charged at the now woken lycan. The creature readied himself too quickly, tripping both of them with his spear just as they closed in on him.

Govrin began to run towards the guard only to have his dash trumped as a spear pierced his leg. The lycan in the pose of having thrown something. Eifraien ran over to Govrin just as he pulled the weapon from his leg. The cleric quickly casting a heal to speed the recovery process.

The Vuldroag got up, shaking its head from the vigorous blow dealt to it. As his senses came to focus, he reacted to the elemental barreling towards him, attempting to brace its charge. The might of the elemental wrecking into him knocked it further back, slamming it against the chamber’s wall. The impact causing it to gasp as the air from his lungs escaped. Were it not for his increased regeneration, it would have probably been crushed to death. Gaining his foot, it roared so greatly that the echo would have shattered glass were there any in the vicinity. The elemental still gunned towards it, this time the Vuldroag was ready, lowering himself as he counter-charge it, grasping the construct around its waist, dragging themselves onto the ground were it began to pound onto the rocky being, each strike cracking the stone composing the elemental’s body.

The lycan guard got up, reaching to grab the closest of the prone attackers. Only to have its arm shot by Eifraien as it claws almost grasped on to Plish. Grabing its arm at the wound, it growled at the cleric, the blood already began to slow as regeneration took its effect.

Ar’Kelos drew out his short sword and ran towards the robed woman. He was at a disadvantage while not being able to cast spells, but at least he could prevent her from casting too. Clashing his blade against her dagger, she taunted him - ‘You’re useless without your magic, Elorii.’ He spat some of the blood in his mouth at her, landing square on her face as he pushed her back, causing her to lose her balance for a fraction of a second. ‘You bastard!’ she growled.

Govrin, thankful for the magical aid, once again charged at the guard, pummeling his hammer in the back of its legs causing it to buckle and fall onto his knees. Plish jumped on its back, digging two daggers in the process. The creature yipped in pain as it reached behind to swat off the annoyance. Its efforts wasted as Tabithna came in with the killing blow, cutting off its head.

The Vuldroag kept delivering blow after blow on the elemental. It did not want to be on the receiving end of that thing again. The construct raised an arm to protect itself. The Vuldroag walloped it with a haymaker, shattering the elemental’s arm into pebbles.

Ar’Kelos and the robed woman keep dancing their game of dodge and parries. ‘You will not defeat me. Without your casting you are useless.’ she continued to tease. They locked their blades once more as she continued to mock the Elorii. An intense smile spread across Ar’Kelos’ face as a shimmer of divine light caressed his mouth. ‘Advantage mine.’ he retorted. The shocked look on her face was distraction enough for Ar’Kelos to shove his sword into her side as he jumped back once more. Her attention toward Eifraien with murderous intent as he lowered his hand from the recent cant. ‘Damn you cleric.’ she cursed. Her loathing short lived as she was knocked back from the blast of fire Ar’Kelos unleashed at her.

The elemental attempted to bash its attacker. The Vuldroag blocked it, delivering a final blow to the construct’s chest causing it to crumble into smaller rocks, pebbles, and sand. It looked for the Elorii only to find him firing a bolt of fire to robed woman. The blast pushing her back. Anger swelled inside him as he released another powerful roar, charging toward Ar’Kelos. Its blitz thwarted as Govrin swung his hammer at its feet causing it to slam head first onto the ground.

Ar’Kelos unleashed another firey bolt at the robed woman, the stress of casting so quickly causing him to bleed from his nose. The spell though had its effect: so powerful the bolt that it singed her robe to almost nothing as it tossed her back again, causing her to roll on the ground as ash and steam rose from her. She began to run. Although she could regenerate the damage, she knew it wouldn’t take long for the party to defeat and then kill her. She quickly exited to the nearest corridor, the shadows covering her retreat.

‘Ogaro nare? Efa na rous. Uten caros tolos nare?’
Eloran: {‘You see? She runs, leaving you behind. Is this the fate you wish to follow?’}

The other party members, weapons ready to strike, surrounded the Vuldroag. The creature look at the Elorii, hated still ruled it. However, he also possessed intelligence. Slowly it sat up and transformed back into Ssethric form.

‘Isss desssired power … more ssstrength ssso I could dessstroy you and yours, Elorii. Ssshe promisssed power and a placssee. Ssssshe no better than Sssaanu.’ comenced the Vuldroag. ‘Iss no longer have home. I cannossst return to Ssssanu. I ssshal not ssstay here.’

As the Ssetheric warrior continued talking. Ar’Kelos noticed a parchment on the ground by the slab where the Vuldroag originally laid. He reached down to it and inspected it. ‘This is the ritual that transformed you.’ He continued to read. Though complicated to perform, the ritual’s instructions were conveniently short. ‘I’m sorry, it seems the process is irreversible.’

‘Ess uvra cocooursss.’
Ssethric: {‘Give me a soildier’s death.'} as it looked back to Ar’Kelos compassionately.

‘Govrin, he has asked to be given a soldier’s end.' Ar'Kelos translated.

‘Why?’ Tabithna questioned. ‘Why do you have to die? Come with us. You will have a home amongst us.'

‘A b o m i n a t i o n.’ the Vuldroag responded.

‘This doesn’t feel right!’ Tabithna retorted. ‘Plish, Eifraien, Ar’Kelos! Do something?!’

‘It is his choice, Tabi. You do not interfere with choices such as these.’ Plish stated.

‘I won’t take part of this.’ Tabithna pouted. ‘It’s not right!’

‘Then don’t stand in the way.’ Ar’Kelos stated as he burned the parchment with the transformation ritual …

Hours later, back at the local town …

‘Have you informed the authorities?’ Eifraine asked.

‘Aye.’ Govrin stated. ‘The threat of the werehyenas has been officially put on watch.'

‘Our rooms have been arrainged.’ Ar’Kelos added. ‘I am ready for sustenance. Anyone see our bard?’

‘She’s still upset with you, Elorii. I would avoid her for a few.’ Plish responded.

‘You were not jesting concerning a woman’s grudge.’ Ar’Kelos said.

The men walked back to the tavern. Govrin and Eifraien walked in first as Plish pulled Ar’Kelos aside.

‘I’m curious, Elorii. What do you plan to do with it.’ Plish addressed.

Ar’Kelos raised an eyebrow, curious of what the dwarf asked.

‘You may have fooled the others. But you never burned that parchment. I saw you slip it into your robe.’ Plish continued.

‘Sharp as always, Rogue.’ Ar’Kelos stated. ‘There is knowledge that should not be known. And methods to counteract it were this type of information discovered and used. Despite being used on such a hated enemy, no one should have to suffer that fate. I intend to ensure that it does not and that a way to undo the effects is ascertained.’

‘I'll leave the realm of magic to you and Eifraien. Just don’t get carried away.’ Plish concluded.

‘When have I ever?’ Ar’Kelos seriously asked.

The End (?)

Author:  EddieS [ Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring

Thank you everyone for reading. I know my writing is very amateur and is definitely in need of polishing. Still I hope you all enjoyed this little trek :)

Best Regards

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