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 Post subject: Past's Sins
PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:05 am 

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My first "story" partially revealing the history of Talendus. Pardon my naivety with writing, but hope you all enjoy. :)

Fear ...

... fear griped his visage. Not of the creature that stood before him. Not even the fright of Death looming over him. This was the trepidation of what was and how it now caught up to him, tormenting him in his dreams, now given form standing mere meters away. He did what could only be done. What any being, long lived or not, could have done. He kneeled.

Sticking his blade into the ground, ensuring the hilt faced the being before him. He began to speak in a tongue rarely heard amongst the younger races' ears. Expressing in his native language, one would never suspect that the beautifully mesmerizing words of the older Elorii speech could utter the following, lamenting, colloquy:

"I have, in my former life, performed unforgivable and horrible acts to many of the elder races no longer walking amongst us all in the name of a people that would no sooner raze this world to ashes to satiate their unquenched thirst for pride and power. Try as I might to move on, each of their faces haunt me nightly. Though I am no longer bound to the chains of servitude in this current life and as much as I have attempted to right the wrongs done before, nothing I can do will ever make up for what we did .... what *I* did, to your kind. Despite the deeds I have committed, it will not bring back those fallen to the blade of my former self."

The Elorii's comrades rushed in to the cavern where they see their scout kneeling before the large, insect-like, individual before him, taking arms preparing to attack.

"What are you doing, Raven?! Get up from there!! one of them shouted.

The Raven held his hand defiantly "STAND DOWN! Do not approach or lay on hand on him!" yelling at his teammates.

Confused, they lowered their weapons, unsure of what was to come next or why the Elorii gave that command. Facing the creature again, Raven continued in Eloran of the old - "I know anything I say will be insufficient. Anything I do is meaningless. However, I can offer you at least one thing. My life ... not to alleviate that which cannot be unraveled, but to pave a new beginning."

Raven was not sure if the being before him understood him or not. His compatriots still stunned with what is going on, cautiously watched. After a moment, the hulk moved forward enough and reached for the blade The Raven had placed before it. The Elorii sighed in relief and opened his arms, ready to embrace the end. His teammates quickly readied their weapons again - "What's the meaning of this Raven?!?! That thing is going to kill you! Get up and move!" shouted another teammate nervously.

"Do not take any action against him! This is my choice ... this is *my* penance! Do not interfere!" Raven retorted to his crew.

The creature looked at the Elorii knelt with its eyes closed before him. Knowing it can easily take its life in one swing. It watched as the other creatures prepared to attack him ... no, defend the almost-pale skinned elf. It placed its gaze on Raven again and grunted and clicked at him, then turned and walked away fading into the cavern's deeper shadows.

His teammates running towards him. "What is wrong with you!!" thwacking the Elorii in the head. "That blasted thing was going to kill you!!!" yelled the younger female of the group.

"I failed" Raven stated as tears began to roll down his cheek.

"What was that thing?" inquired another member.

"My past." Raven replied as he slowly got up.

"Don't tell me this is one of those 'Novaras' nonsense your kind keeps spewing out?" Asked a teammate.

"No, not Novaras .... Nuroas." Replied Raven as he began to walk towards the cavern entrance.

"Nuroas?" ask the same member.

"Unforgiven" replied the young female. "He is calling himself unforgiven."

- Excerpts from the travels of Talendus the Sha .... Unforgiven

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