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The Vault of Larissa's Lament
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Author:  Njal Val'Assante [ Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  The Vault of Larissa's Lament

Deep into the night he worked, the table before him covered in scraps of maps and documents. Information was scarce, a fragment here, a tidbit there. Slowly and methodically, Halden Vulgar continued his work. The bits of map and texts describing the physical building he set aside to be sent to Kelb'Bakari Masalio; the dark-kin was prodigious in his ability to create relatively accurate maps from scant description. What really interested Halden were the hints of what there is to be found therein.

The Vault of Larissa's Lament, a stronghold in the Corlathian Mountains, somewhere northwest of Enpebyn. A place of secrets and mysteries, forbidden knowledge and dangerous artifacts. Some texts claimed that it was a repository for items of cataclysmic power, still others that the fortress was built around a lost eighth Dwarven Heartstone. No two scholars of the last four centuries are able to agree on anything, not even it's existence, but Halden felt compelled. This was why he had joined the Society years ago: For the challenge, the thrill of discovery, the pursuit of something impossible... and if the oldest text he could find was even remotely right in what it hinted at, the impossible was exactly what they would find in this place: an artifact of the gods themselves, a fragment of divine essence solidified into a gemstone of purest blue.

Halden did not consider himself a particularly devout man; he lacked the fervor that had led his brother to join the priesthood of Althares. Still, Halden believed in the gods as any sane man did, and having seen some amazing things in his life created by men, how much more wondrous an item wrought by one of the gods? It was a task worth the effort.

Halden started at a sound from behind him. "Cort? Is that you? I thought you'd gone home for the night." The darkness had no reply. Halden turned back to his work, slightly on edge. Turning back to his most treasured resource, he started to relax. A particular passage caught his attention, and he was drawn in. "The Gem is believed to be a crystallized tear of Larissa herself, an artifact of great oracular potency. The followers of Larissa considered it too powerful to even be used; they had no desire to end up like their goddess, mad from grief and despair. They consulted..."

Halden never even felt the blow that knocked him unconscious. He awoke in the morning to the worried face of his assistant Cort. All the books, scraps, and documents seemed to be accounted for. Nothing was missing... but for the three pages Halden had been reading.


Author:  Deviknyte [ Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Vault of Larissa's Lament

Repost the thing about the Auxinite Fortress.

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