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 Post subject: Pecadence
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Just over Six Millennia ago …

The Eloran divisions crashed against the armies of the Il’Huan like a massive wave against the shores. The ferocity of their attacks and the precision they deployed versus their enemies gave pause to even the most stout amongst the Ssanu forces. Some displayed a more than eager desire to carry out the orders to eliminate the opposition. One particular individual took this even further …

“Loook at them. They fight asss if it were the lassst dayss of their livessss.” stated one of the overseers. “That one battlessss as of possesssssed by a great devil itsssself! He will bring ussss great gloryeee” continued another.

Indeed, the Ssethric race was very pleased with the results of the Elorii. So much that it became a surprise to several of the snakes when they began to lobotomize the initial batch that faced the dread Il’Huan.

“But Ss”Koreth, why?” pleaded on of his high ranking underlings.

“Sssssilence you fool!” as Ss’Koreth struck his underling. “We have acquired the sssssecrets of pssssionics and you would have amongsssst usss those that can sssuccesfully defend against it?!! I sssshould sslay you for your impudence.” he hissed.

“Forgive me, Master. I meant no disssrespect toward your authority or wisssdom.” bowing profusely at Ss’Koreth. “My concern was merely lamenting at the losss of ssssuch great asssssetss. All that experience destroyed out of fear.”

Ss’Koreth paused for a moment. “What are you proposssing? I warn you, if it is not to my liking, I ssshall sslay you where you ssstand!”

“Yes Master. With your approval, let me keep one of them under my perssssonal … attention. I will deny him a mate and keep him under constant vigilance. The inssstance I see any form of defiance, he will be eliminated.”

“You ssspeak as if you already have one ssuch ssslave in mind?” demanded Ss’Koreth.

“Indeed. The one called Faladen. He hasss already displayed a fanatical devotion to our causse, ssshown extreme sskill and prowessss in battle, and more than ambitious appetite to annihilate the enemiesss before him. He will ssserve usss well.”

The great Ssanu Sorcerer pondered. “You ssshall have your personal sslave. But you ssshare his fate. If he is found to betray our cause, both of you ssshall be made an example out of. Now go and gather him and sspeak not of thisss with anyone.”

And so the Elorri faced their first ‘purge’ as the new generation bereaved of defenses against the power of the mind were bred.

No Elorii knew why Faladen was spared from the purge, nor why he was treated more harshly than the others, not even Faladen himself. At times it raised questions and attention, but that curiosity was quickly doused when the Ssethrics overseers stepped in. It did not stave off the interest of a female Elorii though …

Throughout the following centuries, twelve more great battles took place and twelve more races met their entire demise. Each war, the Eloran forces proved themselves more and more. Each time, Faladen’s skill and ferocity grew as well. To the point that other Elorii grew wary and feared the madness that burned within his eyes. By the time the seventh War of Extinction took place, he was donned the Mad Slayer. Little did anyone know that this ferocity, eagerness, insanity was fueled by the whispers of another …

When the flames of rebellion sparked, none took up arms more quickly against their cruel masters than Faladen. As the fall of Yahssremore took place, the Elorii did indeed show restraint, except for one. He stabbed the Ssanu that took him as his personal slave over and over and over again. With each stab he began to laugh more and more. As others began to run toward him to end his delirium, Faladen plunged his blade for the last time in the barely recognizable corpse and cackled madly as he yelled at the heavens “I … am … FREE!!” He looked about at the others who stared back with trepidation. When he saw a familiar face walking toward him, he dropped. “Free … finally … fre...” Tears ran down his face as she embraced him. She whispered to herself “Our work has only just begun, my love.”

The construction of Belestor did not take long to begin. Despite the now, hard earned, peace the Eloran people achieved, many were still wary of Mad Slayer. His acts during the Wars of Extinction and many of the deaths of the twelve races at his personal hand were still strongly lingering in the minds of the masses.

Liberated from his Ssethric shackles, Faladen cared little of the scrutiny he faced from the others due to his passed deeds. Only the company of his beloved Keavras and the liberty from the Ssanu’s reign mattered to him. He had it all. Alas, Keavras had plans of her own.

“It is time, my love.” as she addressed Faladen one day as they began to settle down from the day’s work.

“No need to rush, beloved. We are free folk now and as one of the ever-living, we have eternity to indulge in our wants and desires.” he calmly responded.

“It is time.” she insisted.

He smiled “Okay, okay. I am listening.”

She grabbed his hand and led him to the basement of their abode. There, she spoke softly. “Your mission, it is not over. We still have more to conquer and eliminate.”

Faladen chuckled slightly. “It is done, my beloved. Yahssremore has fallen, as has the Ssethric’s hold on us. The days of slave work and xenophobic massacres are over.”

“They have just begun. We are free from the snakes’ shackles, but our reason to be still exists.” she began “All that time I witnessed their cruelty toward us, towards YOU. It opened my eyes to the truth, to our real purpose in life my love. We are this world’s reapers, the balancers of life, its Armageddon.”

“Enough Keavras, if you are jesting, you do so in very poor taste.”

She began the reveal her plans to retrain the Elorii and convince them to start their expanded Wars of Extinctions. How she wanted to not only eliminate the rest of the races on Onara, but destroy Onara itself.

Faladen looked at her with dread as the weight of Keavras’ words began to sink in. “NO!” he yelled. “We will not be dragged into that nightmare again. *I* will not be swallowed by the madness. This ends here, Keavras!” he demanded as he looked at her sternly.

She began to cry. “Why? Why would you betray me? ME?! Who stood by you at all times.”

“What you ask of me is hysteria, Keavras. Do you not see it?!” he retorted.

“I’ve seen the truth, Faladen! With or without you I will accomplish our race’s birthright!” as she ran upstairs and out of their home.

Faladen slowly walked up to his room, made his way toward a chest in front of his bed, opened it and removed a dagger from inside. “Then I will stop you, beloved.” giving chase after her.

The yelling brought the attention of a few. Seeing Keavras flee her home, followed by Faladen chasing after her dagger in hand made matters worse as those that witnessed the event went looked for the guards.

She ran throughout the recently began remodeling of Yahessremore into Belestor. Due to the construction, much of the terrain’s features changed and a few open travel ways became dead ends. Much to the chaser and chase’s fate … she ran into one such alley and it didn’t take long for him to catch up.

“Stop Keavras, enough of this insanity, my beloved.” he pleaded as he moved in closer.

“I will not stop! I will find others sympathetic to the cause! I will bring destruction to this world’s peoples and itself!”

The flicker of lunacy finally took form upon her face. Faladen held her “I’m sorry.” as he stabbed her through the heart. Both dropped slowly toward the ground. Blood spilled over him and onto the earth. He looked up toward the sky, then, closed his eyes. “Please All Mother, let this all come to and end.”

“FALADEN!” a shout came from behind. Ten guards slowly approached the knelt Elorii. “Wha … what have you done?!” stated one of the guards as he noticed the blood and then lifeless Keavras in Faladen’s arms.

“Mad Slayer.” commanded the guards’ captain. “You have raised arms against one of your own. Your atrocities during the Wars of Extinction are well known and your reign of terror ends here, right NOW!”

Faladen whispered 'Thank you' to himself as the captain raised his long sword and beheaded Faladen where he knelt. The Captain addressed the other guards. “Let today’s events be testimony that we will never succumb to cruelty of any kind. Though we will not forget what has transpired, his name shall be stricken from our history and our memories …”

At this moment (continued from New Changes. Old Demons) …

“My love? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone call me that.” she chided at Talendos.

“I’m surprised the fates found it ironic enough to see your return.” he retorted.

“Aww, you haven’t seen me in millennia and that’s how you greet me? Did you miss me at all, my dear Faladen?”

“I did. Let me take aim AGAIN!” as he lunged at her with his blade only to have it stopped dead in her gauntlet much to his surprise only to be further stunned at the pain he suddenly felt in his right shoulder as her sword bit deeply in, his blood ushered into the blade. “Be careful how you move, my love.” she toyed with him. “My sword tends to drink too much at times.”

“What … do you want?” as Talendos reeled back, holding his wound in check. Not even the magic of the runes he carried was able to stave off that much damage, yet his firey gaze never averted from her.

“Why to see you. It has truly been too long.” she continued teasing. “Well, that and finish what we started oooooh so long ago.” she finished with a smile.

“I think you bumped your head too hard on your way out of the Uromar this time around. I didn’t agree back then. Sure as all hell I will not now.” he gasped.

“Haven’t we become the arrogant one, eh my love?” she responded. “I don’t need you like that anymore.”

Talendos glared at her with a puzzled look.

“Ah that brother of yours, he’s really something else isn’t he? Not only is he a prodigy, but a grand pioneer on several subjects and more than enough to get that old ball rolling, or so the humans say.”

Talendos began to laugh “He’s as closed minded and focused as they come, good luck getting him to agree with your plans.”

“Do tell?” she interrupted. “He should be meeting a couple of acquaintances of mine very soon, all according to plan and all that.” as she winked at him.

“Over my corpse.” he warned as he ready his blade.

“Cherished one, much has changed since you and I last met. I am more than you can handle.”

“Then finish it, Keavras, or I will again.” he threatened.

“Too much to do, little time to do it and even I’m not obtuse enough to face the three of you. Plus, someone has to keep that sibling of yours on track” as she struck the rock facing the ledge with the flat portion of her weapon. It began to vibrate and she began walking through it. “I’ll send Ar’Kelos your regards.” and vanished.

Talendos yelled in frustration “HAVE I NOT ALREADY ENDURED ENOUGH?!” plopping down attempting to attend to his wound. Moments later, Arialas and Erothlos arrived as they ran up the ramp that led to this ledge. Before them sat Talendos with his holding his wounds as he held his head low.

“Eil, what happened here? Where is the woman?” began Erothlos.

Arialas approached Talendos as she began to cast healing magics on him. Talendos jumped a couple of times from the sting of his wounds as she bandaged him. She shook her head as if to confirm the severity of the trauma inflicted on him.

“Talendos, who was that? How did she know your ancient name?” further inquired Erothlos

“That … was Keavras.” Talendos sighed.

“Who is she and how did she know your first-born name?” Erothlos further inquired.

Arialas began to speak in hushed tones to ensure the potency of her empowered voice did not unleash unexpectedly. “She was the last victim of Faladen’s madness. Said to be his lover. He slayed her during the early days of Belistor’s construction, after which both the event and Faladin’s name were mandated to be forgotten.”

“For information that was supposedly thrown out to time, you recall a lot, ail?” asked Talendos.

“Records were indeed preserved, but either altered or omitted.” continued Arialas in hushed tones. “When you and Ilithas were born, it took a few to add up things up and figure out who the forgotten one was. I admit that having extensive knowledge as an Ardahiri along with being one of the few people on Onara with the history of our family at my disposal was of astronomical help. When the family figured out that Faladin was reborn into the world, we did all we could to hide that knowledge to the rest of the Eloran people, to the rest of the world. And why you were named Talendos. What impact would it have on the Elorii nations if word got out that the Mad Slayer once again roamed Onara? We dared not risk it.”

“I see. It makes sense why my name was stricken. However, history isn't privy to all that occurred that day.” commenced Talendos “My days as Faladin did not start off crazed. Slowly throughout the centuries during the Extinction Wars, the flames of madness were increasingly fanned by another. Each war those words were of comfort, but dragged me into the murderous nightmare I became up to the time of the great rebellion. It was not till I was finally free from the grasps of the Ssethrics that Keavras confessed her plans. It was her all along. She was she who had fanned those words to me. It was she who devised a plan to continue killing the other races on Onara, to destroy Onara itself after everything else had fallen. I confronted her one last time in hopes to talk her out of her insane plans. When I couldn’t … I stopped her the only way I knew how.” raising his blade as he completed that statement. He took another pause akin to mentally breathing in deeply before continuing ... “I do not understand it. Why would the All Mother allow this? Is it not enough that I'm haunted daily by the faces of those I've slain during the trance? Why torture me further? Just what the hell is wanted from me?” questioned Talendos depressingly. “Worse yet, we have little time to figure things out. She’s up to her old schemes and Ar’Kelos is a part of her plans.”

“What?!” reacted Erothlos “How?”

“I am not sure eil, nor do I know if Ar’K is a pawn or willing participant.”

“Maybe his old traveling companions may have an idea?” pondered Erothlos.

“It is a start.” responded Talendos.

“Then let us make haste back to the First City.” confirmed Erothlos.

Arialas and Talendos nodded in agreement. Arialas completed her patch work on Talendos and the trio set on their long walk back …

To be expanded …

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