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Author:  Eric Hughes [ Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Disgraced

Tiberious Glorio val Sheem, Former Tribune of the Singers of Sweet Savona tosses a net upon a pel with his left hand. A page rushes into Taloren of the Encali gladiatorial training grounds.
"Sir! Two letters to Glorio!"
"Tiberious turns to the page, that's me!.. Well, go ahead read it to me. Can't you see that I am busy?
"Sorry Sire, but I don't read High Coryani," replies the page.

Without a thought Tiberious staples the net into place as he tosses the trident into the top of the pel. Well then Taloran it seams that your scribes have been working overtime. Word of our little show has reached Coryan. Which should I read first? The one with the family crest? Or the one from the office of Proconsul? Ah yes, lets not forget precedence.

Tiberious reads it aloud:

To: Former Tiberious Glorio val Sheem
For transgressions unbefitting of an Officer and a Gentleman you are relieved of your reserve commission, disbanded from Imperial Service, your name has been stricken from the roles, and your access to smoke powder is revoked. The specific offense you have been found guilty of is appearing in the Arena as a Retiarius while wearing a tunic. By doing so you have placed yourself below the status of a slave. Such is an affront to all civil order and decency.
By Order of the Senate

Tiberious Cracks a smirk.

"Well well, Taloran Now I am to be outcast from Coryan. I bet the senators that are betting on the fights will double down their bets if I bleed a little. Seams we have struck a nerve. I bet they've posted this handbill all over the military district. TALK ABOUT PUBLICITY! Bets will likely be pouring in from all manner of scum with in the fortnight."

Well lets see what uncle has to say about all this. Again Tiberius reads the letter aloud:

To: Tiberious Glorio val Sheem
My dearest nephew,
You have crossed the line! Bad enough that you take the family heirlooms for a joy ride across the desert to the first city. But my word! I received a hand bill in the mail announcing that you are taking them to the Arena. THESE are not toys for amusement I demand that you return them at once or by Cadic I will have your head. You are disowned!
With sincere love,

"Yep I expected as much. Uncle loves the Arena as long as it isn't one of his family fighting....

"Page. See that these letters are copied and posted throughout the town."
"Why sir? The vals will turn against you! You are Discraced"
"Why publicity my boy." Replies Talaran, "The only bad kind of publicity is no publicity."

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