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Payment Due
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Author:  Eric Hughes [ Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Payment Due

Dearest Ambassador,

I was unable to catch up with you in Savona in person. That is unfortunate, as I have a gift for you. You see, your little 'pest' who goes by the name of OozeJumper has been eliminated. I recovered his water soaked body from the Ocean somewhere east of Savona. Attached you will find proof of his demise in the form of his favored 'puppets'. i am afraid however his body was largely consumed by the creatures of Yarris. I would point out that our agreement was unclear. We agreed that I would recover "His Head" and send it to you on a silver dish. What was unspecified was if that was the head that kept his shoulders, or the head he kept in his hand.

I've checked with the Sarishan's and they concluded that either would full fill the terms of the bargain. So, here is the puppet head that made such waves at the Emerald Society Auction three years ago. Arronhel I believe is what he called it. Although my sources indicate that in life the head belonged on the shoulders of one Teabeeyea the Ardekene. Who was an elorri heretic and traitor who tried to start a war between Coryan and Milandir a generation ago. Oh how I wish I could collect on that bounty. But alas, those who posted it are surely dead by now. Regardless, neither Teabeeyea nor Oozejumper will inflict their heresy on Onara in the future.

Just to be safe however, I would suggest adventuring with Harkon val Ishi the next time you venture into Savona. He is quite the exorcist, and well, Oozejumper didn't not receive last rites before sundown.

Long story short,

Payment for services is now do.


Acturis the Bounty Hunter
Owner of Uncle Tom's asset recovery services.

Author:  Haakon_val'Ishi [ Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Payment Due

Ambassador Tukufu

My agents in the First City have brought to my attention that you have had dealings with the notorius heretic and agent provocatuer know as "Oozejumper." Sadly I did not have the opportunity to encounter this person or I would have personally made sure he made his way to the Cauldron. While no Inquisitor I have a low tolerance for his sort of "activities." I have evidence, somewhat circumstantial, that he was a member of the outlawed group known as the Mourners in Silence. These deluded souls would have us believe the Gods are either dead or abandoned us, despite evidence to the contrary within living memory. I am sure your dealings with the recently deceased "Oozejumper" were at best minimal, so I caution you to avoid such individuals in the future. Altherians after all are known for their integrity and I would hate to see yours beschmirched by such associations. I would further caution you against dealing with bounty hunters, they are at best scum and at worst villains.

Haakon val'Ishi
Annointed Priest of Beltine
Sanctioned Exorcist of the Milandisian Orthodox Church

Author:  val Holryn [ Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Payment Due

My Dear Arcturis,

You sir are a cheeky scoundrel!

I concede that you are good man to have at your back while adventuring beyond the pale, where the normal laws of civilization carry little weight. You are also a good drinking companion in almost any bar. From the respectable to the rough and tumble. I even enjoy playing cards with you ...though I admit I suspect you cheat when its your turn to deal.

But as an actual Bounty Hunter your services leave a great deal to be desired. A great deal sir! I remind you our "verbal contact" consisted of me saying, "I wish the little bugger would leave me alone." To which you almost jumped out of your chair saying, "I'll take care of him! Don't worry, I'll bring you his head on a silver platter!" That sounded a little drastic to me but since it was late and we were drinking I really thought nothing of it. That was a couple of years ago. I note since that time I have heard nothing from you but a string of excuses while Oozejumper came and went as he pleased in half the major cities of Onara.

Now you want to collect? I ask: Did you actually "take care" of him? Or, correct me if I'm wrong here, did he die my misadventure on a certain stony rock that passes for a boundary Island in the Bay of Savona? I also ask: Are you bringing me his head? Or his puppets? Honestly. Have you no shame? Or at least, do you even own a silver platter?

The short version: I have retained my own Sarishians. Talk to them. If Anoush val'Mehan says I owe you for services rendered then I will indeed cross you hands with goods valued in silver and gold. Until then i recommend you speak with her.

For the record, to any other interested parties, please note that I have never sought out the company of Oozejumper...nor has he ever traveled with me as a companion. Unlike too many hobos and vagabonds I maintain a permanent address at Litera Scripta Manet. I can't possibly be held accountable for every unwashed body that comes to my door. I certainly refuse to held accountable by a certain greedy Bounty Hunter who once made a half hearted attempt to blackmail me with threats of arson.

It may be a surprise to some people, but I maintain scrupulous relations with the Mother Church. For example I have received the personal Blessing of Arch Prelate Leola and maintain good relations with Inquisitor Severius val'Borda and Inquisitor Nemerius. Serverius has even been so good as to suggest that if anyone wants to threaten me with action from the Inquisition I can send them to speak with him. My wife, one of the nieces of the Tomal Khan, has suggested that any future threats of arson against Litera Scripta Manet, her home as well as mine, be turned over to the Blue Cloaks for expedited action.

Have a nice day.

I remain your faithful scribe,

Ambassador Tukufu of Altheria

Author:  Haakon_val'Ishi [ Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Payment Due

My agents in the First City have informed me that you have broken ties with the bounty hunter Arcturis. Good. I always find the local Cadicans more efficient and scrupulous for that sort of work. To be clear I was not claiming you were associated with either Arcturis or Oozejumper, but merely cautioning you to avoid even the appearance of having dealings with such unsavory individuals. You should now that in our line of work perceptions sometimes matter as much if not more than reality. I wish you good fortune in your endeavors and continued success with your business. Oh and when you see Leola give her my regards. I expect to be in the First City sometime in the near future and will call on her. Until then may the Gods and their Valinor watch over us and keep us from harm.

Haakon val'Ishi
Sanctioned Exorcist of the Milandisian Orthodox Church

Author:  Eric Hughes [ Fri May 01, 2015 6:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Payment Due

Mr. Ambassador,

In my drunkenness some three years ago, I forgot to establish a price for my services. My Sarishan has informed me that because a price was not agreed to I must accept anything you chose to give me as payment in full. As you have graced me with one of your letters, the debt is hereby paid in full.

As for my dealings below from the bottom of the deck so to speak... You are correct. I was using marked cards in a friendly game with no money at stake. I would point out, I -STILL LOST- to your intellectual superiority.

As a friendly jester, I have heard rumors of troop movements towards the First City. Best be on guard.

Uncle Toms Asset Recovery Service

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