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 Post subject: A returning knight
PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:41 am 

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(Months after the Crusade ended)

A lone figure, riding on a horse that can barely carry the bulk of the mounted man. The blued steel of the heavily armored man, dark against the the last light of the day, shields his eyes and looks to the west, expecting to see something, he looks for a a long moment but cant seem to locate what he is looking for.

He makes camp for the night, lets the horse graze on the abundant growth of the area. makes a cold meal for himself and puts his armor away and keeps his weapon a green metal sword and an ancient shield close to him as he props him self against a tree and rests the fitful sleep of a person who is trying to guard against the darkness.

The next day he finds the ruins of a cottage, the ashes cold and long burnt out no farm animals left nearby. It is obvious that this place has been deserted for months, yet the man studiously investigates the immediate area for tracks or wild animals, makes a minor repair to a livestock fence before unburdening his horse and letting it range.

The man begins to methodically search the remains of the cottage, removing partially burnt timbers and debris from the roof thatching, eventually coming across a grotesque deformed skeleton. The skeleton, far to large to be a gnome is brought out bone by bone and examined, particular attention to a mostly intact leg bone, the man dirtied by the ash of the debris take a long look at it before discarding it and returning to the cottage.

The man takes a long while to make sure there is nothing left to find in the cottage, before starting to search the surrounding areas for hidden things, he comes upon a root cellar that was mostly obscured by fallen leaves and ash.

At a cursory glance the man sees nothing, but lights a torch to make sure and crawls into the root cellar, in the back on a flat rock is the word Kofan written in charcoal. the man pulls the rock away and finds a smudge pot that's full of ash and a short note.

Crawling back out with the note and the smudge pot, he opens the note and reads it, his lips seem to be moving along with the words as he reads:

"Delbert, son they found me here, I killed the thing they sent after me and burnt the cottage down around it, I think its been long enough I'm going to start to ply my trade again, I have some contacts with the Coryani. Look for me with the name Lucius. --Your Loving Father, Henry"

The man mutters under his breath "Lucius, prolly Lucius Ash or Ashmore knowing me pappy. Well I best go find him" He stands up a bit taller, and gathers all the remaining woods and starts a fire, the first fire he has felt in days he takes the remainder of the ash that was in the smudge pot and throws it into the fire once it is blazing hot, and the distorted bones of the thing his father killed after it.

the next morning he takes live coals from the bed of the fire and prepares the smudge pot to carry them. he crawls into the root cellar again and with a piece of charred woods he draws a rudimentary chalice next to the word "Kofan"

Two weeks later, a Knight of Milandir rides into Grand Coryan asking after a Lucius Ashmore, a caravan driver remembers trying to hire the talented armor smith but he was just a smidge too late, he had already signed up with a Caravan that was going on the newly reopened trade route to the first city.

--Josh Elliott
Oswald val'Inares V, The Seeker of the Val'Inares
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