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Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)
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Author:  EddieS [ Sun May 04, 2014 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

As always, please pardon the crudeness of my writing. Still very new to this.

Adventuring, of the 2nd kind

“Why is it every time I go on an expedition with you all we get horribly lost and assaulted by everything under the cosmos? And don’t you dare give me that ‘adventuring’ garbage, Elorii, or I swear on Anshar I will push you through one of the portals at the First City and close it behind you!” Tabithna scowled while take cover from crossbolt fire.

“I fear your time away from us has made you more of a bitter woman, dearest Tabithna.” Ar’Kelos responded as he carefully looked at where to fire his magic while keeping under the protection of cover as well.

“You’re dancing with fire again, book worm. Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?” Plish chuckled as he worked on the lock before him.

“Hurry both of you. Another volley from them will end us!” stated Eifraien as he attended to an unconscious Gorvin and his wounds.

A well placed blast of fire smote an area where majority of the crossbolts came from, easily taking out several of the attackers. “I’m a Kelekene, Dwarf. Dancing with Fire is what I do best.” Ar’Kelos stated ever so proudly.

The heat from the fireball was so intense that it caused the remaining two foes to choke somewhat and gasp for air. Quickly they dropped their weapons and ran, not wanting to face the wrath of the mage again.

“Govrin?” Tabithna inquired.

“His wounds are deep. Help me. Bandage him up, I’m going to need him supported as I try to stabilize him.” Eifraien responded as he reached for his prayer book in his backpack. Tabithna began to administer first aid on Govrin as the priest started preparatory chants to channel the proper healing magics.

“Be damned this lock!” Plish cursed. “It’s as if Sarish himself placed it!”

“Ease your mind, Plish. Take a look at it again, it may provide newer insight.” Ar’Kelos stated attempting to ease the frustrated Dwarf.

“Your words of comfort would have worked were it not for that creepy tone of yours, you rouge-haired bastard!” retorted Plish.

A cough and chortle came from Govrin as the Eifraien’s spell finally took hold. “Welcome back, old friend. I thought we had lost you back there.” Eifraien sighed with relief.

“Eureka!” shouted Plish with excitement as he heard the infamous click, unlocking the massive pair of doors that so trumped him for the past several minutes.

“We’re not going in.” Eifraien defiantly stated. “Govrin’s condition is near critical. He needs rest and proper medical care. He will not make it in his current state.” insisted the Priest.

“What?!” cried Plish. “But the …”

“I’ll be just fine.” interrupted Govrin. “I just need Tabithna to sing me one of her angelic tunes and I’ll recover on the way in. We’ll that and some of your one armed healing wonders, doc.”

“Make the decision. Standing by the door isn’t the safest of places especially if those two buffoons that got away come back with reinforcements.” demanded Ar’Kelos.

“Agreed.” began Plish. “You call it Eifraien ….”

Govrin stood up. “Heal me. We take a look inside and take the most fortified location as our camp. We continue through this. I’ll be more damned that I already am if I permit me to be a detriment.”

The group nodded in agreement and opened the doors. A wave of musty air rushed out as it if had been trapped in there for centuries. The foul smell that followed was indication enough that they would have to be wary of what could possibly be inside as well as the contingent of would be assailants making a return in full force. Plish carefully treaded in, aided by Ar’Kelos’ Witch Light globe, to find and traps that may be still active after all this time.

After about 100 feet in, they found what seemed to be a small entrenchment, apparently either naturally occurring due to the ravages of time or created many years ago and abandoned. There they set up camp, Govrin laid down to rest while Tabithna attended to his wounds, Eifraien placed an Alarm ward around them, and Ar’Kelos summoned an Air Elemental to keep watch with him and protect the camp, while Plish took his rest …

To be continued ….

Author:  EddieS [ Thu May 08, 2014 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

Electric Boogaloo Pt. 2

Much to their surprise, the time spent resting was uneventful, much to Govrin’s and Plish’s delight. Govrin stood up as if nothing had occurred, thanks to both Eifraien and Tabithna’s healing skills and magic. Plish and Tabithna got closer to the camp’s fire as then ended their watch, the cleric and refreshed fighter already there cooking up the first meal of the day. Ar’Kelos gathered his senses awakening from the meditative-like trance all Elorii kind call “sleep”.

“Feeling better?” Tabithna addressed Govrin.

“Much! It’s amazing what you and Eifraien can do. Normally a wound like that would take me days to recoup from.” Govrin stated with amazement.

“You look well, old friend.” began an eeringly low toned voice as it closed in toward the center. “I am glad to see you survived.” finished Ar’Kelos as he addressed Govrin.

“Fit for another round with those crossbowmen from yesterday. This time I’ll be ready for them.” confirmed Govrin as he donned his large shield and pounded on it once.

As Ar’Kelos closed in more, Tabithna slowly turned her facing away from the Elorii, quickly finishing off her meal. Plish chuckled a little at the notion as he too ate as quickly as he could. The remaining members were in no rush to enjoy what was cooked. After they were done, each checked their supplies and prepped for the journey ahead. Ar’Kelos approached Tabithna with a determined look in his eyes.

“Not now Ar’Kelos. I’m still mad at yo ….”

Ar’Kelos interrupted her by whispering something in another language, then blew softly at her. A quick breeze brushed against and past Tabithna. As she looked back, she saw something ... a mist-like form that looked a bit like her outlines. A moment later it began to fade into nothing, winking back at her as it mingled within the air.

“How did you do that?” she asked curiously as she turned toward Ar’Kelos.

The Kelekene smiled and walked past her. “Aeleron” he said gently. A small eddie-like gust moved by Ar’Kelos’ side as he proceeded. For a very brief moment Tabithna blushed and smiled, following him shortly there after.

“Plish and Govrin take lead. The three of us follow in. I’ll take center, Tabithna to my right, Ar’Kelos my left and provide us with lumination if you would please.” commanded Eifraien. Ar’Kelos summoned two orbs of Witch Light, one of the orbs hovered toward Plish, remaining a few feet ahead of him.

They traveled what seemed to be for about an hour. All they could see was remains of living complexes and the occasional skeletal remains of humanoid creatures littered about. The further they traveled in, the more stagnant and stale the air grew. Yet nothing of worth was with in visual range. The only movement that could be heard was the shuffling of their cautious pace and they continued.

They began to approach a large arch that appeared to lead into the next area. As they did Plish stopped suddenly “Did you hear that?”

The group stopped and began to look about in front of them. “There is nothing there, rogue. Are your senses failing you or did you not get enough rest, old man?” responded Eifraien.

“Behind us, fool! It came from behind us!” Plish retorted.

The group turned about. Several yards away, the unmistakable sound of rattling bones followed by the shambling of a force of skeletal warriors worked their way towards the party. “Sssharsh catesss” they said almost unison. One of the skeletons pointed it sword at our intrepid adventurers. As one, they ran like a wave towards them, drawing their weapons as they did.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me.” stated Plish

… to be continued.

Author:  EddieS [ Thu May 29, 2014 1:42 am ]
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Electric Boogaloo Pt.3 ... why did it have to be skeletons?!

Like a ravenous tsunami eating at a shoreline, the skeletal army dived at the group. Retreating to avoid being overrun, the party began to retreat deeper in attempting to find whatever cover the present terrain could offer. Sadly such luxury was not available as they found themselves cut off from any further retreat when pressed against a large pair of locked doors.

“Plish, on those doors, NOW!” Eifraien barked. “Everyone else, buy Plish time. We give those bags of bones hell!” With that the priest pulled out his holy symbol and began a cant while Tabithna and Ar’Kelos took positions several feet ahead and to his left and right sides. Govrin, Tralian hammer readied, began to psych himself up as he stomped the weapon’s blunt edge on the ground repeatedly.

It did not take long for the undead to catch up to them with the intent to overwhelm the adventurers with their sheer numbers. At least that’s what should have occurred … A large explosion suddenly engulfed several of the skeletons as they ran into their doom. The heat from the blast was so intense that several of them turned to ash instantly, while the few that remained began to literally melt once they landed from the knockback. Even Govrin was briefly shocked by the vision he witnessed as he and everyone looked towards Ar’Kelos, the currents blurring vision slightly from the massive heat now emanating from him. “That ... took a lot out of me. Make the best of it.” the Elorii stated as he caught his breath.

Taking heed of the Elementalist’s words, Govrin leaped into the mass of undead like a daemon unleashed. Yelling his battle cry as he began a series of sweeping swings, knocking a few skeletons off their feet and others crushed under the might of the Tralian Hammer’s swing. Inspired, Tabithna followed in to help his comrade at arms.

Eifraien, now completing his cants, moved closer in waiting for an opportunity to join the fight with Govrin and Tabithna, her weapon and his armor now shimmering with the blessing placed upon them by the Altherian priest.

Plish frantically worked on the doors before him. “Who the hell makes these damned locks? I swear Althares or Cadic is crossed with me, like I don’t have enough on my shoulders with Illir’s curse.”

“Enough crying, dwarf, get that door … opened.” demanded Ar’Kelos still catching his breath from the spell he cast moments ago.

“You come do this then, ya blasted rouge haired fire pit!” Plish shouted back. “Stop pressuring me!”

“Learn my tricks … and I’ll ... learn yours.” Ar’Kelos retorted as his breathing lightened up a little.

Watching both Govrin and Tabithna combating was like attending an almost perfectly choreographed dance. Tabithna covering Govrin’s swings by disarming attackers or tripping them just to have Govrin finish them off as he followed with a devastating blow from his hammer’s strikes. But as great as their duet was, the sheer numbers of the skeletal attackers still managed to get several strikes in and has begun to take its toll on both of them and just as Govrin though he was a goner when the enemy broke through, the attack was thwarted when something that had the outline of Tabithna stopped the attack and knocked the skeleton flat on its back. “I didn’t know you could do that, Tabi.” he stated in surprise. “That wasn’t me, that’s courtesy of our Eloran Elementalist.” she responded. “Why does it look like you?” Govrin asked while fending off 2 skeletons. Tabithna smiled briefly, taking down another assailant. “Hah! Never seen you blush that hard before, Tabi, and here I thought you were mad at him still.” Govrin added, bashing the skull of one of the skeletons in. “Quiet you!” she responded quickly, still smiling slightly to herself.

Eifraien pushed in during a nic of time, taking advantage of enemies grounded by Govrin’s and Tabithna’s trip maneuvers. As he reached them, he held his holy flintlock in upwards and began the Channel cants. You could almost make out the skeletons screaming in pain, the cants taking its effects on both them as Govrin and Tabithna’s wounds began to heal up at the same time. As the spell ended, the tell-tale shimmer of a blessing now coated Eifraien’s Flintlock. He flipped it preparing to use it as a club.

“Sure wouldn’t mine another of those flame ball specials, Ar’Kel ...” Eifraien was interrupted as he and the others gasped briefly. The air near them became unbearably hot suddenly, so much that the Tabithna-Air Elemental dissipated in the process. Several feet ahead of them another wide, explosive ball impacted the undead, turning them into ash from the intense heat. “Wish … granted.” Ar’Kelos stated while beginning to breath heavily again. “I don’t think … I can … pull that … again.” he continued trying to gasp for air.

With the resulting fireball Ar’Kelos launched, so few skeletons remained that Eifraien, Govrin, and Tabithna made short work of them. Eifraien began to attend to their wounds as the Elorii sat down to rest from the massive strain of channeling so much magic suddenly. Plish still worked frantically on the lock. When the group began to close in on the rogue, who was still working up a sweat from these challenging locks, he suddenly stopped, turned to the group with a look of feared amazement on his face. “We have a problem.” addressing his team as he raised his, now broken, lockpicks to them. “I can’t open these doors.”

… to be continued.

Author:  val Holryn [ Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

Do the brave heroes ever get through the doors ... ?

Author:  EddieS [ Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

val Holryn wrote:
Do the brave heroes ever get through the doors ... ?

Indeed. Alas, work and other activities have kept me busy and away from writing. Funny thing is, the next episode will be up in a few :)

Author:  EddieS [ Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

Electric Boogaloo Pt. 4 ... a dwarf's lament

“I have no clue what went wrong here!” stated Plish as he covets his prized set of picks with a disheartening grip. “Worse, I do not see how we’re going to get past these doors, let alone if it’s worth it seeing our predicament."

Ak’Kelos approached the large set of doors, placing his hands on it and began to search. After several moments a low hum emanated from them as glyphs began to appear one by one. The Elorii attempted to back away from the door but it was too late. A pulse of magical energy burst outward knocking Ar’Kelos back several feet.

“That confirms it. We cancel this run.”
Eifraien commanded.

“No.” demanded the Elorii in his infamous creepy, low, monotone voice. “We stay and figure out how to get past that door.” he confirmed.

“Why Ar’Kelos? What has your attention with these doors.” stated Tabithna irritably. “Barely anything warrants your undivided attention.”

“Those glyphs?” responded Ar’Kelos “They didn’t react until they were unraveled by my magic. The same type an older race still practices till this day.”

“So?” Plish asked.

“Those are powerful glyphs written in Ssanu Arcanum. If they went out of their way to protect it this much, it might be a lead to what I am seeking as well as who knows what other riches lay beyond these doors. Enough to satiate even the most curious of dwarf.” stated Ar’Kelos.

“You know you sure speak like a snake at times, blasted rouge haired book worm.” sneered Plish as he began to think over the possibilities. “Fine, fine, fine! But I get first pick at the gems.” he finalized.

Ar’Kelos began to study the door intensely. So much so that he brought about two orbs made of a crystal like substance that began to glow when he touched them.

“What are those?” inquired a curious Tabithna.

“They are similar to what you would call massive tomes of knowledge. A gift from one of my younger siblings.” the Elorii responded.

“You don’t talk about the much about your family, do you?” she continued curiously.

“There isn’t much to say.” Ar’Kelos retored as he continued concentrating on the doors.

“That and his speak is outright creepy!” added Plish. Govrin chuckled lightly at the comment as he cleaned off his weapons.

After several moments. Ar’Kelos stopped and looked at the party. “They may have been cruel beings, but one thing remains true – their magic is fantastically potent. I cannot tackle this myself. It requires assaulting the Glyphs on two fronts: Magical and Physical.” he continued. “Eifraien and I will begin the magical onslaught. Once one of the glyphs changes, you three need to physically strike it with all your might at the exact same time. I will call out when.” he finalized.

The party prepared for the Elorii’s command. Ar’Kelos nodded to Eifraien and they both began to channel arcane and divine magic onto one of the glyphs. The doors began to resonate to the point of pulsating. Each pulse grew stronger and stronger that the foundation around it began to rumble and shake. The pulses began to speed up until the glyph itself pulsated. “Now, STRIKE!” ordered Ar’Kelos.

Like a choreographed trio, Govrin, Plish, and Tabithna landed their mightiest blow on the glyph indicated. The strikes had its intended effect as It began to change colors while the mage and priest continued channeling raw magic onto it, breaking the first of five wards.

Both the Elorii and the Priest took a step back to catch their breaths. “That sure takes a lot out of you!” stated Eifraien. “How did you know that would work?”

Ar’Kelos smiled, almost mischiviously. “I didn’t.” and he began to laugh. This was a total surprise to the priest catching him so off guard that Eifraien could not help but to laugh as well. The shock was still setting in amongst the others as they all caught the other with their mouths open from hearing the Kelekene burst out like that.

A couple of hours went by as they cleared the remaining four glyphs. Ar’Kelos looked at Plish “Your turn again.”

“I do not know what kind of cannabis you partake of back in your forrest, Elorii. But last I stated my picks were broken, remember?” Plish firmly stated.

“Come on, Plish. We all know you have a second set of picks that you always carry with you but for some reason never use. The occasion calls for it.” demanded Tabithna.

“How the ...? Who told you of ...? Bah! Stay out of my business!” scowled the rogue as he dug deeply into his backpack revealing a set of gold lock picks. “Blasted nosey, good for nothing bard and be DAMNED you rouge haired bastard!” as he unlocked the doors finally. With the exception of the Elorii, the group chuckled at the dwarf’s ramblings.

As Plish swung the large doors open with a slam that vibrated against the walls causing them to rumble. The rumbling did not cease and could be felt all along the ground.

“PLISH!!!” scowled Tabithna.

“What? I didn’t slam them that hard!” he responded still surprised that the ground was still shaking.

30 feet at ahead of them the ground gave away beneath. From the hole emerged what appeared to be a gigantic white serpent-like creature. When it emerged completely from the ground, its skeletal features became apparent and despite having no flesh anywhere upon the being, it emitted a loud menacing hiss as it shook its bone-like rattler.

Govrin quickly grabbed his Tralian hammer as Plish sighed with fright. “You have GOT to be kidding me! There are days I truly hate you, Elorii!"

… to be continued.

Author:  EddieS [ Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventuring 2 - Electric Boogaloo ;)

Electric Boogaloo Pt. 5 .... WTH?!!!!

The creature immediately went on the offense, it charged quickly at the party with such speed that it defied all forms of logic. Govrin dropped his weapon and quickly reached for his shield, running forward to take the blunt of the attack as he put took defensive posture barely in the nick of time. It impacted Govrin’s shield with such momentum that both the creature and Govrin slid back roughly 10 feet from the might of the blow. The dark kin was surprised at both the speed and force this undead serpent had.

“What the hell is that thing?!” Plish gasped as his daggers bounced off the serpents back, not even leaving a scratch.

The creature relentlessly bashed its head on Govrin’s shield as it rapidly spun about as it struck with its tail. A large gash now donned the large shield, much to Govrin’s surprise.

“GATHER!” Eifraien commanded. On queue everyone closed in toward the priest, Eifraien with holy symbol in hand. Govrin, being the last, as he ran aside to get past the serpent as it recovered from its fearsome attack.

As they gathered, the creature dashed in. Eifraien was able to raise the ward against the undead. The creature stopped with in mere feet … as if it smelled something. It stood there for a few seconds and then began to sway sideways back and forth, almost as it if were dancing or waiting for something all while an odd sound emanated from it.

“What the …. what is it doing??” ask Tabithna worryingly.

The creature kept swaying and the sound got louder. If it had a gaze, it was affixed on Eifraien with malicious intent, as it opened its mouth and added its rattler to the odd dance it was doing.

Holding his holy symbol firmly, Eifraien began to study the thing. “How odd, it is …” the priest looked deeper at the being “It is …. by Althares, it can’t be ...”

“What? It’s what?! SPILL IT OLD MAN!” demanded Plish.

The sound the creature was making was even louder as it stopped swaying and raised its head. “It’s … it’s …” Eifraien was speechless as he realized with horror.

“… laughing.” finished Ar’Kelos.

Had the creature been alive, one could have seen just where it would be salivating with delight at the situation. Just as it did initially, the creature dashed in with such ridiculous speed, slamming into the ward Eifraien put up with such force that it knocked everyone inside the ward out of it as Eifraien was thrown back. The ward’s barrier became visible as it shattered into pieces. The creature raised its head slowly, as if gloating, accomplishing to rid that which impeded its way. Were it to have flesh, it would be smiling with evil intent.

Plish, Tabithna, and Govrin quickly got up and in defensive positions. “No more recklessness. Prepare to strike in formation and switch it up. Eifraien, need you on full heal mode. Ar’Kelos, Tabithna, find a weakness. Plish, don’t bring a toothpick to a bludgeon fight!” barked Govrin. “Get ready!” as he drew his horseman’s mace, taunting the undead serpent as he banged it against his shield.

Wether falling for the taunt, or simply not caring, the creature gleefully lunged at Gorvin who sidestepped slightly as he used his shield to pin the creature’s head down as it struck. “There’s your opening, Plish!” The dwarf dove right in taking advantage of the opening, ready to strike the boney foe with the pommel of his weapons only to be flung in mid-air as the creature’s tail whip slammed him into the wall. The creature again made its eerie laugh as it hit the dwarf with such force.

“Plish!” cried Tabitha as she struck the creature with the pommel of her side sword.

“Tabithna, what is that thing? We need to know what we’re up against!” barked Eifraien.

“I don’t know every blasted myth and legend out there, Eifraien!” she scowled back.

“Get to work and buy me some time!” demanded Ar’Kelos as he began to chant.

“Ready yourself, Tabithna!” started Govrin as it prepared for the creature’s next onslaught. It swayed again back and forth and before anyone could blink, it lunged at Govrin. Even with his shield up, the blunt force was enough to cause his arm to bruise a bit. One strike after another it feverishly pounded onto Govrin while the dark kin held with all his might to withstand the blows. Tabithna would follow in with the occasional strike here and there as Eifraien struggled to heal Govrin hoping it would aid him to stave off the onslaught.

The serpent lunged in one last time, the blow was mighty indeed as it finally brought down the warrior to his knee. Eifraien quickly ran in and began to cast just as the creature went in for the kill. Its attack thwarted as even it was powerless to resist the incredible force of a Channel, scowling and hissing with displeasure and pain. “Heh, even you must succumb to the might of the Gods, foul creature!” teased Govrin as he spat blood at it.

The creature did its eerie chuckle as it eyed the helpless dwarf still knocked out from the impact it suffered. “NO!” yelled Govrin, trying to get up. The creature slithered quickly in the direction of Plish. Opening its mouth as to consume its prey. The creature bit, gnawing onto the limb it sank its skeletal teeth into.

“What?!” Eifrain, Govrin, and Tabithna gasped.

“Not while I live!” stated Ar’Kelos defiantly, as blood trickled from his mouth. The serpent stopped chewing as it realized it could not penetrate what it latched onto: a metallic arm attached to a giant … elemental?

“YEAH!” cheered Govrin.

“Took you long enough!” yelled Tabithna.

The Elorii smiled as began to bleed from his nose, the painfully stressful spell already demanding its heavy price.

The creature reared in agony as the construct slammed its fist into the snake’s head. It began to hiss at the metallic thing as it stood between the serpent and Plish. Steam exhausted from it as it assumed a pre-charge stance. Taking off, the ground shook from the things' weight, shoulder slamming into the undead monstrosity. Its mass shattering several of the rib-like bones that made up its 'hood'.

Eifraien took advantage of the situation to cast a couple of heals onto Govrin as Tabithna rushed to where Plish was at to retrieve him. He began to awaken as she supported him up. “Ow, ow, ow, ow!” he cried. “Did you get the tags on the Scmath that hit me?” the dwarf continued. “Not now, Plish, we’re in deep excrement here. I don’t know how much time Ar’Kelos’ construct will buy us.” she retorted. “One of these days you need to tell him …. OW!!!” as Tabithna dropped him. “If you’re healthy enough to make wise cracks, you’re healthy enough to get back to Eifraien on your own.” she scowled. “And she’s back.” Plish snuck in as he got up and gathered with the party.

Ar’Kelos was concentrating heavily on the fight, devoted solely on attempting to control the being he had summoned. The price of the spell still took its toll on him as the Elorii still breathed heavily and blood started to trickle from his mouth.

The creature gripped onto the construct again, using it as an anchor as it began a series of tail whips. Each strike began to make its mark as gashes began to appear on the metallic being’s body. The metal elemental struck the creature’s head repeatedly till it gripped both hands, landing a haymaker that finally caused the creature to release its hold on the construct.

Tabithna cast and then began to sing while Eifrain Channeled once more to providing healing aid to both Govrin and Plish. Tabithna rousing performance brought about an inspiring well of moral to the entire group. Ar’Kelos still deeply concentrating on maintaining control of the oddity he summoned.

The construct lifted the serpent, smashing it on the ground, and followed with a leap bombing itself onto the serpent. It hissed again, but this time in pain. It backed up to recover and coiled itself, rattling and preparing to strike it anything got near.

The construct began to charge again as did Govrin, Plish, and Tabithna once they saw the elemental take lead. Just as the construct was about to land a blow on the serpent, the creature struck. The construct stopped dead in its tracks as did the others. The serpent laughed in that eerie fashion as it retracted its tail. Black, ichor-like, liquid stained it … Govrin dropped to his knees and fell forward, the same black ichor began to spread from where he fell. His eyes dead open.

… to be continued.

Author:  EddieS [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:04 am ]
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Electric Boogaloo Pt. 6: .... two shall fall.

“Grab him!” commanded Eifraien as he began to reach for his backpack, backing up. Both Plish and Tabithna ran to their fallen comrade, picking him up as carefully as possible and dragging him back to Eifraien. The priest began to walk around the three of them pouring a sandy substance onto the ground while he muttered something under his voice.

Realizing what the val was about to do, the creature lashed towards Altheran Priest. Its momentum thwarted as he was unable to move far from its starting position. Behind it, the metallic elemental grabbed onto its tail end. “My turn.” stated a determined Ar’Kelos.

The elemental heaved so strongly that the creature was lifted briefly as it was drawn in toward the metallic assailant. The skeletal serpent turned about ready to strike its foe only to meet metal fist striking its face upon facing the elemental knocking the creature down. Quickly, the elemental jumped onto the creature and began a series of blows, each strike quicker and more powerful than the previous so much so that each wallop began to sink the creature into the ground deeper. The pounding keep increasing in speed as the elemental began to discharge steam. Each strike began to smash chunks of bone from the serpent as it hissed in agony from the onslaught.

“In the circle, NOW Elorii!” yelled Eifraien as he finished creating a circle around himself and the others. Ar’Kelos got up, weak from the strain of the spell’s toll on him, moved as quickly as he could. The steam from the elemental began to spread out more to the point that it concealed both it and the creature Sounds of metal smashing against bone could be heard.

Ar’Kelos made it in the circle. The pounding reached such velocity that it almost sounded like series of flintlocks firing one after the other in rapid succession. Eifraien, now provided with sufficient time, completed a full ward. It was then they noticed the silence.

Steam began to clear the area. A faint, reddish glow emanated from the area where the elemental and the serpent fought. Upon the steam clearing, the elemental was frozen, glowing red hot, one of its arm raised up as if ready to strike, but never getting the chance to perform it.

The smoke cleared more and the skeletal serpent rose from a hole the elemental had repeatedly hammered it into. Its rib-like hood on the other side of its torso was gone, destroyed by the elemental’s onslaught. It jaw was dislodged and broken in half. It hissed menacingly with vengeance as it finally slithered out from the premature grave made for it. Looking at the group with seething hatred, it tail struck the still frozen elemental with such force that it pierced right through it causing Ar’Kelos to spit out blood from the feedback. The Elemental began to change color, darkening into copper hues, browning more and more till it began to crumble to rusted dust.

Ar’Kelos breathed a heavy sigh akin to having a massive weight lifted off of oneself. “How long till you can summon another one of those things?” asked Eifraien. “None. I cannot summon it again. This was a one-time event. I was hoping to save that thing for a more, dire occasion.” replied the Elorii.

The creature charged at the group, plowing onto the ward Eifraien put up. Its efforts wasted as the ward staved off the attack. It began to slither around the group slowly as it struck the ward with its head or tail, testing the barrier for weaknesses.

Plish and Tabithna attended to Govrin’s deep wounds. The dark-kin was still out cold from the fatal blow struck. “This is bad. His wounds are great. Tabithna, stabilize him please. I cannot drop my concentration or I will not be able to hold this creature off.” Tabithna reached out for bandages, but the bleeding would not stop. Ar’Kelos closed in and put his hand over Govrin. “I’m sorry old friend” as immense heat emanated from his hand, cauterizing Gorvin’s wound. Govrin arched back briefly, yet remained unconscious. Tabithna finished stabilizing his wound as Plish helped bandage him up. All while the creature continued to circle the party, bashing onto the ward.

“Plish, find a weakness on that thing.” commanded Eiifraien. “Tabithna, are you sure you obscure lore doesn’t mention anything about this creature?” he continued.

“I have never run across anything like this thing.” began Plish. “It displays qualities to that of a summoned construct, but there is more.” as the rogue continued to study the creature which now lay coiled, patiently waiting for the priest’s ward to wear off.

“What is even more odd is the aspect of its nature. It is also displaying spell-like qualities.” added Tabithna.

“What do you mean?” asked Eifraien.

“It’s not acting like it was summoned by a spell. It's more like …” Tabithna began.

Ar’Kelos’ eyes lit up “… it is a spell!” he completed. “Eifraien, get ready to banish that thing.” as the Elorii pulled out a book from his backpack.

“It’s undead. I won’t be able to banish it!” Eifraien retorted.

“Just do it when your ward ceases.” commanded the Elorii in his creepy, low toned voice. “You two need to play interference as we prepare to finish the creature off.” Ar’Kelos stated as he looked at Plish and Tabithna.

Weapons ready, both Plish and Tabithna took on a defensive posture. The creature raised its head and hissed, posed to strike. Ar’Kelos began to chant in an ancient tongue as Eifraien held his holy symboled Flintlock and prepared to banish the creature.

When the ward finally dropped, the creature dashed forward. Both Plish and Tabithna parried its attacks while Ar’Kelos and Eifraien chanted. Sigils on the creature began to appear as Eifraien’s chanting grew louder. It began to slow down as both Ar’Kelos and Eifrain’s magical might combined began to take its toll. Still lashing out at the bard and rogue, however its strikes became increasing easier to dodge and parry.

When the last of the sigils on the serpent lit up, Ar’Kelos completed his complex counter spell in unison to Eifraien’s banishment. The creature hissed loudly as if life’s breathe began to escape from it. It began to crumple onto itself until compressed into a small, gem-like, box. Both casters breathed in relief as the other two ran back to Govrin whom still lay unconscious.

“We need to get him back to a Beltine priest quickly!” commented Eifraien. “Whatever this run was supposed to be, it is now aborted.” Plish and Tabithna began to carry Govrin. Ar’Kelos walked by where the creature was destroyed and picked up the gem, slipping it into his belt pouch, then joined the others to aid Govrin back.

Hours later …

“I am afraid the wound is beyond fatal.” began the Beltinian priest. “That which caused his wounds also poisoned him.” the priest contined.

“What?! There is no way, I would have noticed it!” barked Plish.

“I did not either till the last minute. It was too late before you even brought him to me. I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do for your friend.” stated the priest as he walked away.

Three day later …

The funeral was quick, but proper rites were given and a fallen friend was venerated as a hero. The party members each paid their respects.

“Tell me it was worth it, Ar’Kelos.” stated Plish sadly looking at the burial site of his fallen friend as he addressed the Elorii. “Tell me that little gem you swiped in that place was worth Govrin’s life.”

“I do not know, old friend …”
answered Ar’Kelos. Plish walked away joining the others as they retreated from the cemetery. “I do not know as of yet, but I swear I will finish this ...” finished Ar’Kelos as he pulled the gem out and held it up to the sky, the sun’s light revealing a shadow of sorts inside.

The End …. (for now).

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