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 Post subject: Re: Letters from Ambassador Tukufu
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:39 pm 
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I have also struggled with the naming of my own blade, and I know that there are many who simply will not name their equipment for they see it but an extension of themselves. A tool, simply put. I myself was raised to believe much the same as my family (both sides) consider themselves to be the true Weapons of Nier, and that the blade is merely a means to an end. However, as I begun travelling the world, I found myself growing quite attached to my blades, especially after gaining access to an Auxunite blade of exceptional quality during my time in the Crusade. This blade, which I had named "Ateş markası" after what I understand to be the Auxunite word for "Fire brand", served me well, but it was not until I commissioned my first blade within the First City that I truly was tested in my naming.

Until that point, all my blades were found or given. While they may have their own personality, they were not truly 'mine'. This one was. It was because of that, after much meditation and prayers to the Gods that I came up with the name that best serves me, and it: Justice.

I know, how unimaginative for a follower of Our Lord Justicar, and I was truly tempted to name it something over the top. However, this simple word is ultimately the most important thing to me, and it seemed wrong to name my blade anything else. I have since used it as the gavel of Nier to bring forth Justice on the impious and criminal, as well as to protect Their Children from harm.

Far be it for me to make statements of command over such an august personage as yourself, but I do suggest that you seek that which is the most important to you, and through that your blade will find an identity. What drives you? What is that which you value most? Do you even believe this blade to be that important to you and even require a name? These are questions only you may answer.

Haakon Marcus val'Virdan, Holy Judge of Our Lord Justicar

Cody Bergman
Legends of Arcanis Campaign Staff
Initial Author Contact/Adventure Vetting

Haakon Marcus val'Virdan, Divine Holy Judge of Nier
Ruma val'Vasik, Martial Crusader and Master of the Spear
Jorma Osterman, Arcane Coryani Battlemage

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 Post subject: Re: Letters from Ambassador Tukufu
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:36 am 
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We have not had the pleasure of meeting. But I have heard of your "Little Embassy" in the First City.

Normally I would suggest most men name their swords "Folly" or "Mischief" for all the trouble they cause. In a better world I would delegate any unfortunate violence completely to the Legions. My study of history suggests it's the people who weild armies instead of swords who really get things done. And generally live safer and happier lives. Well, unless assassins get them....

Still, as you sometimes say, it doesn't take a magical third eye to see trouble on the horizon. And you probably don't have an army. So a good sword will probably serve you well.

Perhaps you are meant to be part of the great narrative instead of the man who just summarizes and writes it up after everything has happened. If that is true then you might name your sword "Memoir." You have married into the Golden Court have you not? I fear you will certainly be using sharp objects to write up a corner of our coming history.

I hope everything ends well for you.

-A Concerned Patrician

May we all awaken our inner third eye.
May we all understand, know, and act in accord with our highest ideals.
In the end we must all return to our beginnings.

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 Post subject: Re: Letters from Ambassador Tukufu
PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:24 am 

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"My weapons go unnamed. This is an intentional oversight of a kind because they are the tools I use in Belisarda's service and that service itself should be the basis of any legend. Also none of them have a heritage of even the tenth part of Kellisar's forging.

"That said, 'brevity is the soul wit', right? I suggest Veritas. Or perhaps to meet Larissa head-on: 'Bitter Truth. Tragedy stalks you in particular even as it opens it's arms to us all.

"Barring that consider what your highest virtue is and work from there. My mentor met once an unusual young woman wielding a long blade she'd titled Hope's Edge. As the young woman was formerly one of the Tainted, and with the tale taken at face worth, the connection's direct enough."

"Of course since you will be narrating your legacy you would be a poor author to select a name that's clumsy in prose.

"Your friend, mistress of the dramatically obvious, and above all servant of Belisarda,


"PS: Kio. I was thinking of Kio. Their blades have names that go on and on and on. Don't do that.
Like other sorts of very personal things measured in length the more the bearer has to talk them up the greater the impending disappointment and likely humiliation. I like Kio clothing and Kio cooking more.

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 Post subject: Re: Letters from Ambassador Tukufu
PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:27 am 
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My Most Honored Colleague and Friend,

I urge you to give great consideration to the blade's nature before coining the name. A blade - especially one enchanted with runes or made for a great hero - will exist long after those whom wielded it are gone. To borrow a thought from a Cadican bard I once knew, upon forging an enchanted blade one is also forging the beginning of a legend - your tale shall be but the beginning of the blade's journey, and that journey shall likely stretch on far after you are gone. It may become a family heirloom, or it may become lost to the ages until some unknown hand centuries hence finds it and knows only its name read from the blade's inscription - all other knowledge of its deeds and forging lost.

That is why its name must speak of its character, the purpose for which it was forged, and its origins.

My blade, Ewiger Sturmzorn - The Eternal Storm's Wrath - is a good example of this. It was originally named simply Sturmzorn or Storm's Wrath when I forged it early in my adventuring career before the passage of time dulled my own ability to smith. I forged it whilst my heart was heavy with the thought of avenging the deaths of my family at the hands of the Swords of Nier, defending all people from the oppression of Tyrants, and visiting Hurrian's Wrath upon all whom commit evil. I crafted it from Ignium, a metal holy to Nier, and enchanted it with Hurrian’s temperance that it represented a union of the two brothers of battle. I inscribed upon the blade the words “Deliver me from battle, and if blood be on my hands let an innocent be saved by the spilling”

The purpose of Sturmzorn was then to help me focus my anger and Wrath in the wake of my loss. Its name would later become even more appropriate when I was affected by The Storm, the death of the Reluctance of Hurrian, and the release of Hurrian's Wrath upon Onara. Sturmzorn accompanied me on every adventure, through every battle, and into every den of villainy throughout my long career until the eve of the final battle of the Coryani Civil War. By then I had invested much of my own essence into the blade's enchantments and runes, but Master Elebac of Solanos Mor looked upon Sturmzorn and found it wanting. He said to me that an eternal protector of the people deserved a better blade to face the final battle with a mad Valinor, but that he did not wish to dishonor Sturmzorn by suggesting I replace it.

With my blessing, Elebac reforged Sturmzorn into a true masterpiece. He renamed it Ewiger Sturmzorn when he completed his labors - to honor that the only wielder it had ever known had been blessed by the Lord of Tombs in order to prosecute her duties beyond her mortal years. It was magnificent, bound to me and invested with a part of my own Intellect from which to draw its power.

I only wielded it in a single battle after its reforging... the final battle of Grand Coryan. There, Ewiger Sturmzorn drew the blood of Manetas, the Pride of Illiir, and I must credit my survival of that confrontation as much to the blade as my own faith or skill at arms. Once Manetas was bound away forever and the war had ended, I found myself without purpose for a time. I dared not draw Ewiger Sturmzorn again until I felt I was again doing the Pantheon's will rather than merely the work of man, so I entrusted the blade to those whom will keep it safely awaiting my return - I shall not write whom or where for obvious reasons.

Writing this, I begin to think perhaps I should return for it one day soon... the strands of prophecy and fate are again pulling taught across Onara as they've done once before in my existence. I think perhaps I shall have need of that masterful blade again before the coming days are through.

The point is, my dear friend, and I apologize for waxing so verbose in getting there, that I had no idea the import of the part Sturmzorn would play in events larger than myself when I first named it in 1026ic. I was a young girl, freshly released into the world from the seminary temple of Hurrian in Moratavia. I thought that I would count myself lucky if I amounted to much more than properly earning my hereditary title of Knight-Protector of Ritterfeld. I could just as easily have been flippant in naming my blade - or worse, not named it at all. How could I have possibly known then that the blade I was naming would one day draw the blood of a mad Valinor or would be all that stood between myself and ultimate failure with so many lives in the balance? Have no doubts, my gentle friend, I am certain that had it not been for Ewiger Sturmzorn I would have fallen and Manetas would have reached the women behind me to interrupt their chants of binding. Had I not named the blade to purpose, the rational mind would argue that it would have been just as worthy of the task to which it was put... but the world and the gods are not always rational. What if it had been a poorly named blade, and Master Elebac had simply replaced it - seeing no need to reforge something I had not named well... and what if that replacement had not been up to the task? Names, my friend, have a power all their own - especially when those names are forever entwined with runes and magic.

Fortunately for me - and perhaps for us all - my younger self was advised by a wise friend that names have power and that every blade must be named to purpose.

I hope that you accept the same advice. We cannot know now what you will face in the years to come. Your story may mirror mine, or it may be vastly different. However, should you find yourself facing an otherworldly power in a battle of grave consequence, I pray to the Pantheon that you shall have more than a mere tool at your side for a blade.

To that end, for your consideration I submit the following name for your blade:
Invitus Lepor - The Reluctant Wit
The purpose of this name is to honor that the blade was crafted for you, a scholarly warrior whose wit is perhaps his greatest weapon, and that it was forged by a smith whose people are dedicated to the Reluctant Warrior, Hurrian - Blessed Be His Name. If you accept this name, it shall represent that violence is the last resort of a man dedicated to peace, knowledge, and wit above the ways of War.

If that name is too long for you, then perhaps simply Lepor, meaning "Wit"

May Hurrian shield you and may the Pantheon offer their blessings in the days ahead, Blessed Be.

- Ever your ally,
Ser Adelheidis Sigrid val'Tensen of Moratavia

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 Post subject: Re: Letters from Ambassador Tukufu
PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:16 am 
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Dear cousins, comrades and all gentle readers,

I write to you in the aftermath of the assault on Seremas by gar armies. Yes. I know...I said gar armies.

If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I’d be tempted to dismiss my own report of disciplined gar forces. In the “Known Lands” the gar live on the fringes of civilization or in the wilds. We know them for half feral tribal creatures. “Our” gar live in extreme material poverty. Some tribes even lack stone tools. That was not what attacked Seremas. Though biologically “gar,” they were otherwise completely different from their northern kin. These gar forged metal arms of armor of high quality based on kit designs, operated in complex formations utilizing specialized kinds of troops, had command of the arcanum, and controlled both powerful war beasts and gigantic troll slaves.

Still, for all that, I report to you that Seremas survived.

When combat started it wasn’t clear how bad things were. On an otherwise normal day, just after lunch, undead started to boil out of the harbor. That was bad, but not necessarily a prelude to war for control of the city. Still, people ran around screaming some version of, “What in Sarish’s Hells is going on?!?”

Well. That might just have been me.

I am told such attacks by undead used to be a regular feature of the city. Especially on nights when Viridis was obscured. But in my lifetime the Bay has been quiet. The undead forces raised by the kurenthe curse had been pacified by the combined power of Calcestus (yes that Calcestus) and Melirios (yes that Melirios). I would only understand later that I was looking at the opening gambit unleashed by Gar shamans.

These days I always have Acuity belted on, but I had left my armor and most of my pistols in a locked chest. … safely back in my room. So like many others I was relatively unprepared. Most civilians beat a hasty retreat. But even with the resistance of the guard and armed “adventures,” we were hard pressed to eliminate undead. This was in large part because the undead only wanted only to spread out and “feed.” Despite our best efforts I estimate that close to two hundred civilians fell. That was bad, but it could have been much worse.

Gar infiltrators used the undead as a distraction to enter the foreign quarter. This created even more confusion. But between the two threats a retreat was in order. One possibility was back through the foreign quarter and towards the gates of the eloran section of the city. Though somewhat damaged in the Night of Screams, its walls were still 30 feet high and 6 feet thick. The other option was escaping toward the Sea Tower that guarded the harbor.

The scrum of defenders I had attached myself to were closer to the Sea Tower. So that is where we set off for, gathering civilians as we went. The Gar showed advanced tactics using bolas to try and immobilize or separate civilians for capture. That scared me a little and drove home that we were not under attack from some barely organized mob or horde. Seremas faced a well conceived and executed attack. Fortunately, in addition to my own talents there were several powerful magi and the gar were largely foiled by conjured walls and captivating melodies.

We made it in relatively good order to the Sea Tower, shepherding thirty to forty civilians. And we weren’t alone. Eight to ten similar groups staggered in. Mostly in good shape. We packed the Sea Tower full to bursting.

The eloran guards there tried to take stock, but I’m sorry to say they weren’t helped by the many ideas being shouted about. I heard voices in at least four languages - from various warriors, priests and magi - about how and where we could counter attack. Disorganized as we were in that moment, we couldn’t agree on any one plan and the opportunity to seize the initiative slipped past us.

Instead a third wave of attackers came by air. Archers on great fire drakes mostly attacked the outer wall. And “man-bats” mostly attacked us at the Sea Tower. While civilians stayed inside we defended the exterior. I don’t think anyone was flung off the Sea Tower to their deaths. But it wasn’t for lack of trying by the man-bats. With the power of psionics at my beck and call, I can heal myself of almost any wound that isn’t immediately fatal. But a 150 foot fall might do for me. I think there was an unspoken agreement among all of us guarding the outside of the Tower to focus our fire on anything that successfully grabbed a defenders. None the less there were several close calls. I know I almost went over once, but was saved by a Stormlord “riding the lightning.”

It was hard fighting on the walls as well. Multiple drakes staffed the defenders with their fiery breath, while howdah mounted archers targeted spell casters. I later learned that Kae’muros was severely injured fighting the drakes. Given his age and power I find this surprising so I suspect he was not fully recovered from the Night of Screams.

When I learned of Kae’muros being wounded I was left feeling deeply ambivalent. As Seremas’ top soldier and general it should come as no surprise that he is deeply infamous in Altheria. And you know, its just hard for me to get emotionally behind someone whose most famous quote is, “Humans are either at your throat or at your feet.” Against that it has to be said that Kae’muros helped defend my birth city of Semar against no less a foe than Magros of the Malfelen Host. And except perhaps for the walls, he was without a doubt the most potent defense to be found in Seremas.

That knowledge came later.

Immediately we had to deal with a second attack on the walls. Several sections had been sufficiently damaged by the fire drakes that they were in danger of being breached. And the Gar had huge war beasts to force an opening. I am hard pressed to describe the shaggy monstrosities they sent. They had legs like tree trunks, a pair of huge curving tusks and a kind of trunk or tentacle on the front of their heads. A few brave souls ran out to try and meet them head on. And except for BEAST they got smashed flat for their bravery.

I was a little too busy to get a really accurate count, but I estimate that the Gar sent around 30 of these horrors in total.

If unopposed they breached weakened sections of walls in as little as 10 to 20 seconds. And they had howdahs filled with gar troops. And they were further supported from behind by gar slingers. I hate attackers that know what they're doing! My section held but only because a pair of Sarishians bogged down the first behemoth with bound infernals that "died" to buy us time while we essentially shot it to death. Then in a crazy maneuver an Ansharan Painbearer absorbed and redirected a ridiculous amount of physical punishment, that left him and a second behemoth half dead on the ground.

We had time to breathe and heal after mopping that up. Most sections of the wall held, though I heard that at least one of the things broke to the north of me and rampaged through a warehouse district. Not sure which troops drew the short straws to mop that up. BEAST would have been a good choice, but rumors flew around that they took off into the wilds after that fight. Its not currently clear to me if they conducted some kind of guerrilla operation, or if they just bugged out leaving Seremas to its fate.

Night fell. We should have felt content given that we had weathered their surprise attacks. Except there was this orange glow on the horizon. The Gar had summoned a lot of elementals to burn the mango groves and forests that surrounded the city. That was going to be a problem the next day. And I first learned that Kae’muros was badly wounded. Thus, like many others, I went to sleep troubled. When I woke just before dawn of the next day, things were much worse.

Kae’muros, Marshal of Seremas, had died in the night.

I will return to complete my report through the second day of battle. Until then I remain your obedient scribe,

Tukufu, Ambassador of Altheria

Eric Gorman

AKA Ambassador Tukufu, man of letters, tomb raider and Master Sword Sage
. . . and Sir Szymon val'Holryn, Order of the Phoenix
Formerly Sir Jaeger val'Holryn. Weilder of the Holy Avenger: Thonanos. Gave his soul to help free King Noen

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