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 Post subject: A letter to the Elorri
PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:54 pm 

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Think back to when the ‘gods’ walked Onara, when The Other walked with Belisarda, back in those great days of peace and comradery between man and Elorri. Think back to the time where you played in your mother’s garden, and your fathers swept back your hair, warmed your hart, cleaned your skin, and gave you strength. Think back to that time. Think back to the glory days, and let the song of Salos ring in your ears. You do remember, don’t you? No? Well don’t remember with your head, or your mind. That has been corrupted over time. Remember deep down in here within your gut.

Feel Osalian’s hand caressing your hair, as you sit on Marok’s lap. The Keleo’s fire warming your skin, as you bath in Bero’s cool, refreshing waters. Where is she? Where is your mother? She is not here. She is hiding. She has escaped to the moon. Then suddenly Osalian’s hand falls still, Marok’s warm embrace turns cold. The fire of Keleo’s is quenched and Bero turns to ice. Screams are heard that ring in your soul. Screams so strong that it as if the universe is crying out to you. You are alone.

Where is your mother? Where is she you cry, but just as surely as your fathers are dead, she is gone. She has left you to join your father’s killer. She’s shed her skin, like a serpent shakes of cloths that no longer suit her. Once more she dances among the stars. Once more she dances with her new lover. He who shall not be named, she whispers in the darkness.

You do remember don’t you. Feel it in your gut, you do remember.

Then there was the next betrayal. The Ardekene have sided with your mother against you. Turned on you they have. They have put every one of your brothers to the sword. Save for their own kind. You remember don’t you? Your last trip thought the Orumor. It was an Ardekene that greeted you at the pool. It was an Ardekene that named you, and took you from your parent’s arms. The same Ardekene that greeted you with her blade so many years ago. Yes you remember. Now don’t you. You remember how the Lifewarden took her thorn and placed it at the back of your skull. This won’t hurt a bit, she said. Just a prick. But with that prick, you forgot.
Never forget, my brethren. Never forget, the great betrayal. The betrayal at the hands of the Ardekene.

Your mother ordered the execution of your fathers, and her kinde ordered yours. Search your gut, you know this is true. The Ardekene have turned you all into their Thralls. You at birth you were commanded to walk the world, as their eyes and ears. You were stripped of your heritage. You were stripped of your mind. You were stripped of your freedom. It is time to be free once more.

We mourn your loss with you. Join us.

Eric Hughes

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