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 Post subject: Long overdue for revised LoA Campaign Guide
PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:11 pm 
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As we are long overdue for a review, I'm starting a thread for anyone to post 'issues' or 'wishlist' items to be addressed.

Please clearly flag each separate item in your responses.

Staves, Wands - currently come under the 'crafting' ban, even though Arcane can make their own in FiM.

Inconsistent Volunteer CP. Some adventure have one, some don't and some don't give out campaign-important unique items (Sarishan Steel etc).

Primary Factions: did a stocktake of my Primary PC recently and realised I have ZERO Fame/Reputation with my factions (Coryani Empire, Mother Church, <secret society>). Lots of 'favours' that never get re-used in the campaign, but they aren't Fame...

Spending Fame: related to above, only Milandir has earned significant Fame to spend. (personally, I have earned 4, but lost 2 in a single adventure)

Scene duration spells: this is now significantly inconsistent with the FAQ/Errata. Suggestion if not removed entirely: PCs start their combat clock with the Strain of all pre-cast Duration: Scene spells.

A full, up to date listing of playable adventures in the appendix. My personal list is often updated when I play the game and get the CP!

Amalgamated/Permanent Runes actually turning up (specifically, Fire/Cold Amalgamated should be fairly common).

Rune of Steamblast being updated since Ssethregore Empire book came out. Wasn't added as a Rune in the book, only a spell (with significantly changed statblock).

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