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Prestidigitation after Arcane Spell Casting?
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Author:  Harliquinn [ Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Prestidigitation after Arcane Spell Casting?

wilcoxon wrote:
Harliquinn wrote:
The errata clarified same step in character creation.

Ah. Yep. Same STEP (not just at char creation)...

Change Prestidigitation’s Special to:
Special: If you gain both Prestidigitation and either the Arcane or Divine Casting Talents at the same step in character creation or as combined benefits of a single Path selection, then you learn all Tier 1 Universal spells, not just the Base spells. If, instead, you later acquire either the Arcane Spell Casting or the Divine Spell Casting Talents you must gain the Learn Spell Talent to learn the remaining Universal spells.

It also addresses my original question in the first sentence. the "if, instead," line muddies the waters but it still seems probable that the intent was you would not get non-Base Universal spells gaining ASC before Prestidigitation (only if they are gained at the same time).

Taking ASC first without Prestidigitation means you lose out on ALL Universal Spells until you take Prestidigitation, as those are explicitly given by Prestidigitation. You'd have to later acquire Prestidigitation to get the Base Universal Spells. I think that's what you meant but wanted to clarify.


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