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 Post subject: Re: Understanding a non gold focused economy and 5e.
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:06 pm 
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Most of the 5e items are already listed in ARG, so the only the more unique items will need pricing.

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 Post subject: Re: Understanding a non gold focused economy and 5e.
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:37 pm 

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Southernskies wrote:
Most of the 5e items are already listed in ARG, so the only the more unique items will need pricing.

True but considering that its a home game, and I'm trying to create my own setting. so lots of little things are going to be different. Sense my last post I've created a list of the mundane items, common and uncommon magic items and their new prices. I'm still curious to see the Arcanis items and their prices, as I want to compare.

Some of my bigger issues are trying to create the idea behind the economy of my world.

- In the place the game takes place for the pcs, wood is getting harder to aquire. The local city has leveled a decent forest to create villages farther and farther away from it ( fishing towns and farm villages ) and build up, maintain and repair its own fortifications and any civilian areas that don't need to be made out of stone or other such things all the time.

The forest to the south of the city, is infested with hostile, but normal, wild animals that keep killing the workers. Not to mention its a jungle / swamp. So the wood can be of excellent quality but a lot of it is lost when the workers get killed or run for their lives. Tools are lost, experienced labors are getting hard to hire as the danger is evident.

The Forest to the north west has a large population of Treants and other forest folk, who dont react well to lumber crews, to say the least.

Along the coast line to the east and west, there are small groupings of trees but its not worth going to cut them down and bring them back, yet. The city hasn't expanded very far from the valley it sits in just yet and they know of other forests, but the natives and the settlers dont really get along very well. There has been 2 large skirmishes and 1 war. The war ended with a treaty that has held, but most people think its only a matter of time till the paper crumbles.

Finally the Forest to the north is all Mushrooms.

So I'd like to make wood, timber and other such objects more expensive.

Looking at my notes, what I've done is create different coins in place of the normal. Just names of course, and changed the value of Silver to be 1000 = 1 Gold coin. This increases the social dynamic of normal folk not really having to much beyond silver as their lives fluctuate around in expensive trade goods and other things, that largely cost coppers and silver. Adventuring, being a noble, or other such high society or what have you leads to a life of having electrum, gold and platinum.

I'm allowing some unearthed arcana things, on a case by case basis and I'm looking at this homebrew idea for crafting that looks interesting and more in depth than the 5e rules. ... economics/

The City in my game, called Baron Stone, has 60 foot high walls around the main and castle districts. These walls are made of a special material i haven't figured out yet, lol. It maintains the temperature year round and is physically strong against siege weapons and absorbs magic that makes contact with it to heal itself. This metal isn't craft-able any longer dew to the knowledge having been lost when its original crafters were all slain.

I've got idea for other materials but dont have full work ups of them at this time.

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