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Mounted Combat and Martial Techniques
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Author:  Harliquinn [ Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mounted Combat and Martial Techniques

Weapon Tricks (Main Book / Codex of Heroes)
Bring them Down
Bypass the Shield
Crippling Shot
Crushing Blow
Darken the Sky
Dismount Opponent
Edge of the Shield
Entangle Opponent
From Earth to Sky
Grasp the Blade
Grasping Strike
Juggernauts' Hammer
Long Strike
Mighty Swing
Mighty throw
Neck Snapper
Palm Throw
Pin them Down
Pinning Shot
Point Blank Shot
Pommel Strike
Quick Reload
Quick Set
Ranged Disarm
Rapid Strike
Render Shield Worthless
Shield Defense
Shield Formation
Shield Slam
Shield Throw
Slashing Disarm
Snatch Object
Steel Rain
Stinging Shot
Stunning Strike
Throw the Blade
Twin Arrows
Twin Throw

Martial Techniques (Main Book / Codex of Heroes)
Arcane Strike [Limited]
Between the Seams
Blinding Strike
Blood and Steel
Careful Aim
Concentrated Rage [Limited]
Cunning Feint
Deadeye shot
Devastating Blow
Disarm Foe
Disengaging Strike
Distracting Blow
Double Stab
Flowing Sand
Force the Opening
Guarded Charge
Make them Bleed
Moment of Prescience
Passing Strike
Penetrate Guard
Pounce [Limited]
Powerful Thrust
Precise Aim
Pressing Attack
Punto Riverso
Rapid Shot
Reckless Swings
Shattering Shot
Shield Charge
Snap Shot
Spinning Strikes
Splitting Hairs
Stab & Bash
Strike Without Thought
Sweeping Strike
Take Down [Limited]
Trail of Bodies
Trap & Cut
Trip Foe
Two-Handed Throw
Unbalancing Attack
Vital Strike
Wall of Steel
Wicked Snap

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