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priests changing gods, again
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Author:  PCIHenry [ Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: priests changing gods, again

Hello Eric,

No, I won't do that as I believe these things should be leaned through the campaign or source material.

I will say this about the val'Inares who undergo the change, since this was stated during the LA D20 days - when a val'Inares was about to undergo the "change" they had an urge to travel through an Ansharan Gate that was somehow keyed to activate for someone undergoing said change.

As these val'Inares were killed on the other side, no one had to worry about said crisis of faith.

With the advent of the Abessian Dominion and the rumored survival of some of those who transitioned and survived their journey, you'll have to wait for that to be answered in the campaign or future source material.

Author:  val Holryn [ Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: priests changing gods, again

Thanks for answering so quickly Henry...

...but also, Alas! No information is immediately forthcoming. Still hardly an unexpected response. I'll keep an eye out in case any modules touch on this in the future.

And we'll keep debating here trying to get to the real truth of the underlying the accepted truths.

Author:  acurrier [ Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: priests changing gods, again

Nierite wrote:
1) If you switch Gods, all your previous talents that you will have taken which are specific to them (Including Divine Spell Casting (ta)) are ultimately worthless since they were keyed to that specific God. While many of the cants are the same, you do not know how the other temple has taught it, so you can't simply 'cross it over'. This has been stated by Henry somewhere on the forums, but I cannot find the post at present (mostly because I'm too busy to look it up right now :P)

I don't want to get too heavily into a mechanics discussion seeing as I don't think anyone is arguing that this would be allowed for Heroes at any point, but I'm not entirely sure that there would be a huge amount of loss. If you look at a Holy Champion of Nier (for example), if this character were to suddenly have an epiphany and decide that Saluwe is the god for him, what would he lose? Obviously (as mentioned above) he would lose access to Divine Spell Casting (ta), and possibly Prestidigitation (ta).

I don't really think there is an argument that he would lose any skill ranks, seeing as he wouldn't 'forget' his training in Battle, and it is unlikely that he would suddenly become less Intimidating. Would he lose the ability to Smite Infidel entirely? From a mechanics standpoint he still meets the requirements for the talent. It doesn't make sense that he would forget his Weapon Training in the Flamberge.

This reminds me of the issue with fallen Paladins in the D&D days, basically becoming lesser Fighters.

Nierite wrote:
2) You would need to be allowed entry into the 'secret' knowledge of your new priesthood to learn the talents and cants of this new god, and let's face it: If you were willing to jump ship on your old god, how willing are you to jump ship in your new one, and if there is that threat how much secret information are they willing to share?

This is an interesting one. Onara is large, and it seems to me that if a lay person were to travel from Grand Coryan to Nishanpur, it is unlikely that many people would recognize him/her. I don't see why a person couldn't show up at a random temple with an assumed name and try to become an acolyte without arousing any suspicions.

If we assume that it is true that every deity has an entirely different way of casting every cant (which I'm not convinced of, due to the Pantheonist origins of the modern religions), then obviously your theoretical convert would have to start over again.

I think the big question in my mind is whether there is any theoretical scenario--regardless of time or effort required--in which a divine caster could have a change of faith, renounce their deity and begin the process of joining another faith. Even if that caster only manages to learn to cast Minor Tricks in their new faith and never proceeds further, the answer would be 'yes'.

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