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 Post subject: Steal Capacity & Cants
PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:06 am 
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The spell Steal Capacity allows you to take a spell (or martial technique) from a target and use it yourself.

So as an elorii, can you use Cants you acquire from a human priest of the PoM via this spell? Or because you (almost certainly) lack true faith are you unable to work those Cants?

Eric Gorman

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 Post subject: Re: Steal Capacity & Cants
PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:34 pm 
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The same concept (but perhaps different story mechanism) applies to the val'Mehan Heritage psionic spell Obtain Spell. Rules as written, the spellcaster can choose any one spell of any type that the target has learned and "can now cast this spell utilizing your Arcanum (Meditation) skill as if it was a new Psionic ability." Rules a written, it applies to Cants, which become Psionic spells with the exact same effects. Obtain Spell explains it as now being a psioinic spell, whereas Steal Capacity grants the caster "the knowledge of that ability, allowing you to utilize it as if you had mastered it."

Based on story alone, in a home campaign I would rule that Steal Capacity does not allow the caster to cast spells from a different source than already known except Primal, which anyone can learn. All the other arcanum sources are limited in some way. I would rule that Obtain Spell does work because of its justification of switching to a psionic source as well as its being balanced by being a higher tier spell and being for spells only.

In a shared campaign, though, it seems we should go by the rules as written unless they are overridden anywhere explicitly. Eric's question is a good one.

David Thomas Chappell
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 Post subject: Re: Steal Capacity & Cants
PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:18 pm 

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Steal Capacity specifically states that the spell you still can be cast by you as an Elder spell. As such, you do not need any amount of faith. The raw magic stuff of the universe lets you do it.

Story-wise, I would be prepared to explain to magic-ignorant Elorii how you are casting spells of the human gods. Otherwise, they might think you are just a bit of a heretic.

Matthew Flinn
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