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 Post subject: Fixing the Martial Archtype
PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:05 pm 

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On and off there has been discussions about how to "fix" the marshal archetype to make it more attractive and bring it in line with Divine, and Expert in perceived power. I was thinking on this afternoon, and I realized -why- it seems the other three archetypes are more powerful, and subsequently more attractive. Then it hit me. The reason Arcane and Divine are perceived as more powerful, is -spell casting-. I know not a big realization. But why is spell casting so powerful? It is because, for Arcane/Divine spell casting talent, you get a buy one get five discount.

The marshal character must buy each of his abilities on a one-talent, one technique basis. But spell casters pay one talent and get five spells. If you think about it.... That is huge!

I argue that the 'simple fix' for the marshal archtype is to the marshal character the same talent-ability economy that Divine and Arcane casters have with a single new talent.


Marshal Mastery (Limited - Marshal Archetype only, Tiered)

You learn five marshal techniques of your choice, each of which are of your current tier or lower. You must meet the prerequisites of each marshal technique so chosen.


Compared to the spellcasting talents this provides the same talent-ability economy without substantially changing the nature of any of the archetype's. As with "Learn Spell" you can buy still more martial techniques with "Learn Martial Technique". Also, experts, divine, and arcane can still 'dabble' in combat methods under current rules as there is no special access for LMT.

Thoughts? Comments?

Eric Hughes

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 Post subject: Re: Fixing the Martial Archtype
PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:17 pm